When It Really Matters…

This is why I’m doing this post today. One of the best things about God is the fact that HE is…

Have you ever been stranded and you got help when it really mattered? Then you would understand and appreciate this scripture even more.

I remember when my Pk and I first got married. We used to do a lot of night waka. We would go out and maybe go see a movie or just do dinner or ice cream and drive home really late since the roads would be free. I’m talking 1am or 2am  kind of waka.

So one of those nights we were coming back home. Pk was driving and a car passed us on the other side of the road. I’m not sure exactly why he was so excited about the car of what he was trying to show me but the next thing I heard was a loud bang!!! We had landed into a big horrendous pot hole which had ripped out tyre. We managed to move the car to the side of the very lonely road. Right up on Apongbo bridge. You know that place where “area boys” sit.

First of all it was almost 2am every where was deserted. No one anywhere. We had a flat tyre and the wheel cover needed a certain kind of wrench to remove the lock on the cover. It was dark because in Nigeria, street lights are a luxury. It occurred to me that

Because truly there seemed no way to get out of this one. We couldn’t leave the car there and we couldn’t drive it out of there. We couldn’t get a cab or bus out of there because there was none and even if there was we had just exhausted all the cash we had. No ATM around. No über to call. Boy, did we have problems.

Guess what?!

As we stood by the car trying to figure out what to do. A car drove by and parked right in front of ours. The guy got out. Asked us what the problem was. We told him. He looked at the wheel cover and walked back to his car. Honestly I thought the guy was going to drive off because he wasn’t driving the kind of car we were so I felt he wouldn’t have that special wrench needed. It was actually more like a screw key. But surprise surprise after about 3 minutes he was back with the exact key. What are the odds? He asked if we had a torch of course not! So he went back to his car and voila torchlight in hand. He hands it over to my Pk and next thing I know he rolls up his sleeves and proceeds to change the tyre. Once he’s done he takes his screw key and torch light says goodnight, runs to his car. I mean literally sprints. Jumps into his car and speeds off.

What Just happened??!!

Till today we can’t explain it. I’ve tried but it doesn’t make sense. I think he was an angel (because he was also dressed in white- but hey! What are the odds right?)

All I know is he was help when we really needed it… When it really mattered.

Today I’m thankful that I have a God who is faithful and will never leave us or forsake us. A God who is a very present help… When we really need it… When it really matters.

I pray in this month of June that you will experience that kind of help in Jesus name.

Today I’m thankful for two amazing people cos it’s their birthdays.

My one and only baby sister who I absolutely adore but never get enough opportunities to spoil as much as I want. Dentist turned writer (she’s so good her first movie got an AMVCA nomination -don’t worry Tope I see you but just cos it’s diches birthday leys keep it simple 😉 )yea, I’m proud of my sister. Brag about yours on your blog if e easy lol!

Then my sweet sweet Wendy. The way this girl loves me ehn! It is well o! Lol! I love you too sugar and I wish you so much joy and blessings.

God bless you

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16 thoughts on “When It Really Matters…

  1. AMEN mama. Thank you for reminding me of the assurance that God is my ever present help therefore I refuse to be afraid or worried.

    Today I am thankful to God for a new source of income..

  2. EVER PRESENT HELP… literally always there. So I cannot/should not/must not /will not be afraid or worried or anxious. Thank you for the reminder mama. I’m thankful for the grace of God made available to us. Your message yesterday was too on point. You r just amazing. Love you mama

  3. like you said yesterday , God is always right on time …he is never late ….thanks for reminding us that God never leaves us nor forsake us ….love u always ….just don’t know how to express it …..

  4. Mama you just remind about something that happened to me while i was in school last year june/july and i cried bitterly about it. i had to lock my self inside my room (God na me and you today) and was crying,praying and praising God but while i was praying and crying out to GOD why it happened i stumbled on a scripture i havent seen before in my life. it just opened and i read it ISAIAH 41:10 and it was as if some one was just there talking to me directly and wiping my tears off, consoling me., i felt peace inside me immediately and i was happy onces again. Just as the scripture said it that was what happened through out that period of time. those where sure words of prophecy and i believed it,and i worked with it through out 2015. God did more than i could imagine that people started asking me how did i do it. Am still counting my blessing, they are just too many.
    whenever am reading anything written by you, i just feel like you are talking to me one on one cos have attended some services where you preached and to me it just feels as if we are gisting.
    Thanks Mama i love you.

    1. God always does more than we can imagine… Thankfully.
      Lol! That’s such a blessing to hear cos I don’t want people to feel preached at but talked to. 😘😘

  5. Jehovah El-Nick-of-time. I saw Him show up like that many times for me in the University; just when your roommate is taunting you that this your faith in God would kill you with hunger; out of the blue, He sends someone to bless you with a meal that is really a feast, so much so your roommates become jealously-green and a little more humble when next you tell them that you’re trusting God for something bigger.

    Thank you for doing this Mama. Didn’t think #MyThanksgivingDiary would survive 7 days non-stop; but here I am on Day 9. Your blog encourages me and many people I share it with on Facebook so much.

    Still cheering…😘

    1. Thank u dear. That’s our God when he does it not only is our mouth filled with laughter but doubters begin to testify that the lord has done great things for us.

  6. HA Mama am humbled Thank you soooo much for blessing me and still celebrating me on your blog God bless you you made my day, and i sincerely love you.

  7. Yayyyy!!! I’m on the blog! I’m on the blog! *dancing a jig* Hehehehe. Thanks mama… Love you too much. He is ever present, always on time. Thankful that I can’t count how many times He has shown up right when I needed it.

  8. Indeed Ever Present: #Amaghimo. I’m thankful for the way He shows up at work and gives me wisdom to deliver and exceed expectations

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