God’s Rug

When I decided to obey God by counting my blessings, I felt yes it would be a good thing to do but I never really realized how much healing and faith it would bring to my life. It totally helped me take my eyes off the things that were painful for me at the time; the things that “seemed” not to be working and focus on the things that are.

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure: the things that are working are REALLY working and it’s all because of Jesus. And that’s proof that the things I’m believing for now will eventually materialize and when they do

So I’m becoming more like King David and I’m celebrating the blessings God Has brought my way so far. I’m living scripture out.Β There are definitely benefits to serving God my dear. There’s nothing more true than.

One my biggest blessings, one of my major benefits from the Lord whom I celebrate always

This man right here… My Pk.

I’m thankful for my Pk and everything he is. Today as I sat thinking and thanking God I remembered something that happened to me two years before I met my Pk. I was in a relationship at the time and now I forget exactly what it was but the guy had just called it off and he didn’t have the decency to do it face to face he sent me an email. I got it at work. So I’m sure you can imagine how the rest of my day went. A mix of confusion and tears. More so because I didn’t see it coming. But you know as they say “the show must go on” so I had to go out to see some of our clients. I got to a particular clients office and the guy noticed I wasn’t myself. After much prodding I finally opened up and only because I knew he was a mature christian. After telling him what had happened. He said something I will never forget. He said: “When man takes away his carpet, God places his rug.”

It was comforting at the time and I thought it was a nice quote but now I realize it was much more than that it was a prophecy.

I had no idea how much of a prophecy till I met and married my Pk. He is definitely God’s rug. Compensation in all ramifications.

I thank God for how real he is. He’s a man given to the word and a man of the spirit but he’s not spooky. I thank God that he loves people. Just by being around him my love walk is much stronger. I thank God that he’s a man of prayer, a worshipper and a man of deep faith – nothing fazes him. Always looking for new mountains to conquer. I thank God that he works for God but more importantly that he walks with God.

I thank God for him. I love the way he looks into the future with a half smile.
I thank God that he’s a wonderful Dad. That’s a whole post on its own.Β 

If the first eleven years have been this good then I’m already excited about the rest of our lives together.

He’s been a strength in trying times. A push in difficult uninspiring times and an absolute joy in times that should be serious. He plays too much sha! Lol

I could go on and on but today I’m just going to stop here. I love my husband. I absolutely adore him. He’s so good to me. He’s my joy bringer. Definitely an upgrade to all the man made carpets either in my life or hovering around me in the past. I’m thankful that he makes marriage such a joy. So beautiful. He gets me. He gets me on every level. I love that he loves me. I love that he knows how to love me.

So today I’m thankful for my baby, my bae, my boo, my friend, my lover, my boss, my baby daddy, my pally, my angel, my king, my soulmate, my faith partner, my travel buddy, my mainest, my more honorable man …

I’m thankful for God’s rug

Okay people. Two posts in one day. After preaching midweek. I’m on a roll o! I’m thankful for that. Back tomorrow.

26 thoughts on “God’s Rug

  1. Of course I had to be awake for this post!!! “God’s rug” – another one I’ve learnt today. This sounds like where I’ve been, so the story is still being written and can’t end here. 😊😊😊

    Still on this thanksgiving spree, yesterday, an old secondary school picture showing me, some schoolmates and our late principal resurfaced on Facebook and as expected all shades of hilarious comments poured in. Amidst all these, all I could see was a physical evidence that “the glory of the latter house shall exceed the former”. So in #MyThanksgivingDiary today, I’m so glad that I have a Father who unravels beauty from the least expected places; another reason I know that God’s rug would be soooo worth the wait.

    Love you Mama!!! 😘😘😘😘😘


  2. Awwww… like really awwwwww…. I thank God specially for those men who have removed their carpet because it only means I get to get God’s rug. … hallelujah jor! !!! Thank God for my PK, the coolest Papa anywhere and everywhere, I could come up with a list of words but you know now. slept off again in the middle of another post, I think God is telling me to rest more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and yes you are badder than them all, today i agree you have a cape and Its red with a big bold S on it…. And I am going totally vegan on you πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…


    1. Lol! Disemi this is the second day u are sleeping off on a post. Maybe u need to go to the ant – a little sleep, a little slumber eh? Lol

      Lol! At vegan.
      And yes Pk is every single shade of cool.


  3. Wow! God bless u my Pastor M. Am thankful for my Pastor K married well. Am thankful for I am blessed to have u as a Mother, Mentor and a Pastor. We are indeed blessed to have u in Dcc. Totally thankful.


  4. When man takes away the carpet, God places his rug.
    I am also thankful for PK..my Papa. He has been a great blessing to me. I have learned faith and confidence in God from PK..Thankful he answered the call.

    Today I am thankful to God for his unconditional LOVE for me..thank you my Lord.


  5. awwww ..am glad to have a father and pastor like pastor k…always wanting to bring out the best in everyone that comes his way ….I will never forget when I came to church for the first time …I can not remember what he preached, I just remember that I laughed a lot and I said to my self hmm this pastor is funny …I clearly remember when I heard that little say Kemi this is home …I am thankful for having him as my pastor and father …love u plenty Papa ..love u mama …


  6. Mama you sha know how to write catchy headlines! @God’s rug.
    I don’t know if I told you this, I ve been born again for a while but didn’t really know how to get God’s word on matters that concern me. You taught me that, sitting at your feet (hair and nail days..I ve missed them oo) learning and hearing you share your story about how God told you about PK and other things made me go back to the scriptures for myself! I have known for a fact that God connected me to you. So today I am thankful to God for ordering my steps to you, my papa and DCC!


    1. Awww PA of life n for life 😘😘😘 I miss those days too but two babies in your arms leaves little room for anyone else let alone for trivial things like hair and nailsπŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
      God bless u love.


  7. Awwnnnn, I am helping Pastor K to blush oooo.Today, I am thankful that I met you, Aunty E’ and Heather Lindsey. You are God’s gifts to me.
    P.S. David is soo cute


  8. This is really inspiring,I am going through similar experience but I have decided to cling unto Jesus. My ex decided to call it off based on what a pastor told him even after we fasted and pray. I sincerely would say that man will surely disappoint you but God will not. I am enjoying each day as it passes by cos God is healing me of the heart break.


  9. β€œWhen man takes away his carpet, God places his rug.”
    so true. Am thanking God for using my past to transform me to who i am today. its something am happy about.


  10. Waw. Mama. Hmmm…. I’m short of words to really express how I’m feeling now. I was eager to come read this “Gods Rug” after sharing what I was passing through after yesterdays prayer service.

    I just lost a Relationship, But now! My Spirit is SO lifted fa,I am now consciously expecting God’s Rug. Seeing your own Rug @Mama.. I know my own won’t carry last.

    Indeed God’s Rug is beyond our wildest imaginations πŸ‘Œ

    Mum. Thank you for this. I’m glad to be a proud Son of the family πŸ‘ͺ”Dcc” I Bless God for the day I stepped into Dcc, indeed this is home 🏠. AND also having a personal encounter “at your personal fitness trainer” you are really a Mother to All fa.. 😊


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