Am I A Christian Blogger?

Hey people

I had this beautiful post about my Pk. Before I could put it up my phone packed up on me. All my iPhone chargers gone bad at the same time.

OK so I know the enemy is involved I’m not ignorant of his devices but he’s in trouble ’cause that means you get 2 posts today.


And Guess what?! I found a post I thought I had lost. I did it last year November  in my old phone. Just found that media card and voila! Here we are. See why you should never totally get rid of your old phones or media card? Lol!


I just found it and I feel the post is still relevant so let’s go with this.

So please note. This is me 7 or 8 months ago. Lol!

Something interesting happened to me this morning. Before that let me backtrack a bit. I’ve been working on a post that for some reason I just feel hasn’t yet gotten the final tee crossed or “I” dotted so I’m still cooking it.

So a few days ago Eziaha sends a message on Twitter tagging a few of us “I miss your blogs so much please blog” and it’s wierd that I saw that because I’m hardly ever on Twitter so I said to her “the voice of God” and started searching my heart for what to blog about.

This morning though another tweet popped into my phone and I was tagged again. This time it was from another young lady and it said “For Christian writers/bloggers: lay aside the weight of distraction” and it was linked to her blog. So with My sleep deprived self and David still latched on I decided to read. By the time I was done I was literally shaking my head and laughing.


I was going to respond until I saw Dr N’s reply to the blog post and she put it so aptly. “come back and read this in two years and you will laugh” Lol! My sentiments exactly. I just love you Dr N.

Okay so I reasoned the time it will take me to respond I might as well blog the response on my “blog that seems DEAD” forgive me darling but I couldn’t get past that line in your blog post I practically laughed out loud.

Now here’s the thing. I’m doing this post because incidentally I’ve been meaning to address this issue for a while now.

It’s funny but I’ve actually heard quite a bit of this lately. How every one makes it seem like if you are what they call “a Christian blogger” and you are not blogging at least once every week you have somehow broken the eleventh commandment


But I wonder could it just be that  maybe when we hold hammers and don’t see everyone else hitting nails we feel they have failed in their calling?

Maybe if we took a closer look we would see that they carry a full tool box….screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, etc

I’d hate to think of life (having babies, getting married, raising children, pastoring real actual physical people with issues like losing loved ones, having miscarriages, battling infirmities, hunger or joblessness) as a distraction .

If anything I see it as the way God teaches me about him then I have something to blog about.

It’s easy to write. It’s living that’s the hard part….

I don’t write because I’m on anyone’s time line. I would love to blog everyday of the year but I’m aware that’s not possible FOR ME besides  the letter kills it is the spirit that gives life.

If I dance every time music is played. It’s only a matter of time before I  burn out. I dance to only one tune…. My master’s :JESUS. The same one that said through Apostle Paul “…In the same way, a woman who is no longer married or has never been married can be devoted to the Lord and holy in body and in spirit. But a married woman has to think about her earthly responsibilities and how to please her husband.”


So makes me ask myself this morning “who am I?” not who do men say that I am but who am I? Because I can see that I have been successfully tagged a Christian Blogger and that almost makes it feel like if I blog about anything not remotely fully rooted in some scriptural principle I have failed.

Correction: I am not a “Christian Blogger”. I am a Christian who blogs. What’s the difference? The difference is. I do not delude myself into thinking that I am some sort of replacement for your personal revelation of God.

Which means that I live MY life based on the principles of the word of God but I do not in anyway imply that MY instructions from God on MY personal assignment at a particular phase in MY life are to be taken literally as everyone else’s assignment or instruction (hammers and screwdrivers guys *hint hint *)”

I don’t pretend to know what you were asked to do with your tools just because I was told what to do with mine.

It means that sometimes I will be in the mood to post beautiful pictures of my kids on my blog and I will not be trying to teach you anything. It will just be me celebrating God’s goodness in my life and perhaps  the beautiful photographers that surround me lol!

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunty and a friend not everything I do will revolve around my blog. This may offend some religious people but truth be told I’m unapologetic about it.

I’m a pastor some will say a woman of God but a woman none the less. I refuse to be stereotyped. I will sometimes go for prayer meetings and other times sit through a drama rehearsal (by the way remind me to tell you about that later) .

I will preach in church on Sunday morning



but I will gladly throw on a tee and a pair of jeans and carry the gospel in a gift hamper to someone who’s hungry and has nothing to eat for Christmas. I’m not going to replace your study time but I will bless you with mine if and only if that’s what God wants me to do.

I don’t think that makes me any less authentic in my call or assignment. I really laughed this morning because it reminded me of something God has been teaching me in recent times. We can often  go around being John the Baptist when God has called us to be Jesus.

Let me explain. We can have it in our heads that because God is dealing with us a certain way that he’s doing the same with others. John came as a voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Jesus came to show us love. Jesus was touched by the feelings of our infirmity. He walked in our shoes. He worked. He prayed. He partied. He ate. He even pulled out a pillow and just slept some times. He ate bread and fish…. Jesus LIVED and he came that we may live.


If someone is not blogging for a bit. I assume it’s because they are living and probably doing ministry some other way besides writing. Maybe they just put down the hammer and picked up a duster. Who knows? I wasn’t there when they were sent. I don’t know the blueprint of their assignment.

Besides I’m tired of people making it seem like in the words of Eugene Peterson “…that God’s interest and care for us waxes and wanes according to our spiritual temperature” God loves me whether I blog or not. He’s pleased with me based on what Jesus did on the cross for me not how many blog posts I do in a year.

That sets me free…


And I will stand firmly in that liberty.


Now, don’t get me wrong I love blogging and I love blessing my readers with the lessons I have learned or am learning but I’m not in competition with what we consider secular blogs who NEED to blog everyday because there’s gist everyday.

The beauty in what I blog about is that it has eternal value. So if we who have “christian blogs” actually blog about timeless biblical principles then our blogs should be more about relevance than how often we do blog especially if our “absenteeism” is legitimate and not trivialised or made out to be that we are distracted or simply lazy.

I hope people can go back and read whatever I have written in the past and be blessed or know which post to look up when in a certain situation to find inspiration or encouragement and not just wait for the newest blog post like it’s a gossip or entertainment blog which is based on the newest biggest thing.

What I hope my blog does is not make dependents of my readers but actually sends them back to where I get my inspiration – THE BIBLE.


So, In conclusion, the question is, Am I A Christian Blogger?

The answer: I’m a Christian who blogs about the one thing that’s most important to me: Christ and His love for me. #NoPressure

Hopefully I will be back soon guys but if not please be patient and pray for me as we all do life together.

Meanwhile help me praise God. David turns 3 months tomorrow. (Remember this was 7 months ago)
OK people gotta go. This post took me 3 days to do…I can’t believe it. Between answering my dassah’s many questions, trying to figure out my vida’s quick expanding vocabulary and attending to David’s every whim. Responding to many emails, BBMs and ministry, I did it!!!! I’m thankful.

Today I’m thankful for my blog and how it has changed me but more importantly I’m thankful for all the amazing people I have been privileged to meet, touch, inspire and perhaps annoy Lol! (just joking)

I’m thankful that God trusts me with this blog and inspires me so I have something to say. I’m thankful that you even take the time to read it and follow me. I will never take that for granted. Never!!!

I’m thankful for my cheerleaders.


See you later. I’m sorting out my phones or doing my Pk’s blog post all over again but see you later today either way.

36 thoughts on “Am I A Christian Blogger?

  1. Pastor M, I love this! God bless you ma. Permission to share on my blog??? You didn’t reply my mail o, sent since last year…but I understand, when you have the time. Kisses!

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  2. Was awake last night waiting for an email notification of the blog post. This post just made my day. Jesus came to give me a rich and satisfying life.. Wow

    Truly a lot of people think Christians must be spooky and stereotyped. I used to be like this before I joined DCC.

    I am thankful for the liberty I have as a Christian and the truth of the word that set me free from people bondage.

    Thank you mama.. 30days is for real ✌

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  3. Yes a Christian who likes to blog about life, trials, lessons, God and everything inbetween …. awww sweet sweet sweet. Always a blessing mama, always a blessing. Aren’t you a super woman. .. two posts one day, I am in blog heaven. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙


  4. 7 months ago, one year ago, yesterday, whenever, mama your posts are always relevant cos its real. I’m thankful that we serve a God that never owes. Who has integrity and ability and is Faithful!

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  5. Mamilo of laiif !!!…..Tans so mush for addressing deez sturf. ( you can tell now that I am one of Falz’s latest disciple). I had to personally address this “Christian Blogger” ish too and it was easy for me to do when I realized and understood that I am Christian first !……. before being a blogger or a banker or a husband etc. As a result, you will not always see “spiri-koko” posts and contents on my blog. I have blogged about politics ( hey I have a degree in Political Science), I have blogged about the environment, social behaviour , secular events and yes….church and churchy things. Mama you talked about avoiding being labelled a sterotype. Me too. Infact at some point people told me, ” Johnson na so so church u dey put for your blog”. I didn’t like this cos that wasn’t what I had in mind when I started my blog……….though am about to launch a new online platform to focus on that.
    Once again Mama, Tans so mush


    1. Lol! Isn’t falz infecting us all?
      Jesus also fought against stereotypes. Know who God has called you to be and be the best at it. I’m definitely a christian first…. Then all other things follow. Enjoy your life. Have a rich and fulfilling life


  6. Mama your one in a million pastor’s wife, it’s not about how many times you blog but how it affects and changes your readers life, which is what matters. your blog has been a blessing to me, i have introduced a lot of ladies to it and i believe it blesses them as well. Make us hungry for it so that when you finally blog we appreciate it the more… Love you Mama. Cheer-leading all the way. God bless you


  7. Oh goodness gracious.
    I did a series of tweets on this last month.
    We really dont always need a NEW POST. Personally i find a ton of wisdom in old posts from some of my faves eg Heather and Shirer.
    I don’t even answer any pressure. And recently, i actually STOPPED Asking my fave bloggers to blog more often. Cos i NOW HATE it when people harangue me to blog. I’m like “please go back and read old posts’. Now some are loving and all sha but some just have ‘itchy ears’ for the ‘next thing’
    I am happy to blog AS LED whenever and however. Even tho i admit laziness sometimes🙈🙈🙈🙈 of which i am super aware.
    And interestingly, even Paul mentioned somewhere that he ain’t writing nothing new to ’em… and frankly even i hve noticed PK is preaching some of his old msgs and if we listened then, we for don change levels pass this one.

    Oh this post is EVERYTHING.
    That said,it is time to resume blogging again for this CHRISTIAN BLOGGER (Lol i LOVE calling myself that. Maybe in 2years i will change haha)


    1. Lol! I love that you call yourself that. And the fact that you understand why you do but it’s when people put a cross Jesus has already carried on my back that I resist. I’m called to be much more than a christian blogger. I’m called to be a christian wife, mother, pastor, daughter, writer, Aunty, administrator, etc so if I don’t blog everyday especially if I’m praying for my husband, cooking for him or even having sex with him I haven’t failed. If I’m preparing my message because I have four services to preach. If I’m breastfeeding my son or wiping my daughter down cos she has a fever. I haven’t failed. I’m just satisfying other people who need me also. I have a much larger assignment. That I think is what we should

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  8. It’s easy to write. It’s living that’s the hard part….

    My best line. Reason i even started blogging less. Cos God will just tell me ‘no babe, check yourself first before you BLOG (or tweet) that…

    Now that’s a post i am internalising before i share.

    This post is really LIT.


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  9. Fav part “What I hope my blog does is not make dependents of my readers but actually sends them back to where I get my inspiration – THE BIBLE.”

    This post is it!!! Thank you Mama.

    In #MyThanksGivingDairy today, I’m grateful to have worked with and continue to work with the amazing people. When I hear of what people go through on the job, I’m just amazed and humbled again cos I don’t have such issues. And even when some madness starts somewhere, once put it in God’s hands, it’s as if the problem will, by itself and on its own o, just decide to go and sleep. So for amiable colleagues and peaceful working environments, I’m totally grateful Lord!

    Satan is a liar; sooo cheering you on, Mama. 😘😘😘😘😘


  10. Amazing post mama. By the way you do all the other Pastor, wife, sister, daughter, aunty etc tinz amazingly well too. Love u to the moon and back. I may not comment often but I am definitely cheering u on. Thankful that I have you in my life and that u have a very big tool box which u use freely…. Mwaaah


  11. Why am I just seeing this? I even get a mention! Mama I made it
    Love u too PM and hugs and kisses
    And I totally agree
    Lemme go ballistic like Eziaha and send this to all my friends…hehehe


  12. It’s easy to write…. Living is the hard part. That’s the best line for me. I have had someone call me lazy just cos I don’t blog every other day. This post is a blessing and it is freeing. I will blog when I’m led to. God bless you ma, still cheering you on🎉🎉👏👏


  13. Whao. I can imagine the pressure from followers for you to blog more often but as it is, you are a real person with a real life.
    I actually saw the notification of this post and about 3 or 4 others but didn’t read it because I had exams……that is living life as well.
    I am thankful for the efficacy of God’s word. Imagine how fresh and timely a 7month old post is.
    what am I even saying sef, the Bible was written years ago and that is still where we get rhema from.
    Thanks ma for being a Christian who blogs.
    Cheerleading you all the way.


    1. Thanks Bola dear. I’m sure the exams were a breeze. Well I expect nothing but victory seeing as u have the mind of Christ and we all know Jesus would never fail an exam


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