Float like a butterfly…

It’s no news that yesterday “the greatest” and legendary boxing champion Mohammed Ali just passed on after a long battle with parkinson’s disease.

I began to listen to some of the videos he made from different interviews he granted. The man was very witty. He also knew one very important thing:

He knew how to win his fights first with words. The man was smart. He understood that half the battle is won with what you say

He had some of the most amazing quotes. Well amazing if you are not the butt of his jokes and insults. Me I like to listen to his interviews. One of my favourite quotes has to be
Honestly I’m not even sure it’s some deep deep revelation. It’s just this tiny voice inside my heart that keeps telling me you can fight with elegance. As a woman especially a Christian woman don’t let the devil see you coming. Let him think you are just a girl in Heels with makeup then
You go for the jugular and give him a total knock out. Stupid idiot that he is. He needs to get it….

Take note that the bible tells us to
I don’t think anyone is exempt from fighting whether male or female the important thing is that you fight and kick the devil’s behind while on earth then make heaven for good measure. Oh! How mad he will be.

Today I’m thankful that I’m strong but I don’t look it so the enemy keeps underestimating me. He keeps throwing things my way but I thank God that I have a resilient spirit. I thank God for the covenant of victory he has with me. That makes me untouchable. It makes me a wonder to satan. I confuse him and I like it

My advice to you sweetie is the same as Mohammed Ali’s. Don’t let them see you coming.

Build your strength from within

but don’t skimp on looking fabulous.

Be as pretty and delicate as a butterfly

but carry a deadly sting like the bee.

So when you are done with satan, he won’t know what hit him.
P.s I’m thankful that my darling Nneka and Banky got married today. #NneB2016 Β To show how happy I was I tied gele. Lord knows when that will repeat itself lol!!!

David sha had to enter their picture. Lol!

27 thoughts on “Float like a butterfly…

  1. Grateful for the death and resurrection of Christ. That’s where we have our victory.
    Btw you look great mama and David is so cute.


  2. And you looked spectacular too. I didn’t miss this one, the days seem to be rolling by very fast and thanksgiving sure feels good. Maybe I might have made you tie the gele again but I think we will be doing fascinators instead.. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† #cheeringandblogging


  3. Wow mama u look awesome, you on gele is almost like pk on a tieπŸ˜€
    OK so am thankful for the covenant friends God sent my way, to do life together with me


  4. My gorgeous mama! So amazing! Thankful for you!
    As for the gele, you did promise changing four times on that day *wink


  5. You look gorgeous mama. I would love to see more of this he lookπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ˜Š. Love you loads sweet mama.
    I am thankful for the gift of salvation and the privilege to serve God.



  6. You look amazing Mama, even with the gele. Was surprised to see you rocking one soooo welll!!! As per gele matter, i dont gerrit o, cos I still can’t bear wearing them – it feels like punishment on the head biko… any headgear but gele…lol. If you now add Akwa George to the mix, it’s becomes a “make ground swallow me abeg πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„” moment; heheheeee…
    It truly amazes me how my mum wore them so beautifully and carried them well too…many things about that woman amazes me beyond words; she’s my wonder-woman. Don’t know how she did all she did and can only conclude that she had a God who was ever faithful to her. So in #MyThanksgivingDairy today, I’m eternally grateful for her, for being her daughter and for everything that I am today as a result of that privilege.


  7. Mama u look pretty …..and the gele tying …it’s beautiful ….I hope you will the gele for me too ooh….love you always …just don’t know to express it , sincerely.


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