Needing No Aid …

The funniest thing happened to me this morning and got me thinking ….and thanking.

Two of my nephews are on mid-term break so they are on holiday at my house. I noticed yesterday that the younger one had a fever and no matter what I gave him it just did not budge and I know better than to self medicate so early this morning I bundled him off to the hospital. As soon as the nurse triaged him and saw how high his temperature was they quickly medicated him even before the doctor came in.

So we sat in the exam room waiting for the doctor. A knock on the door and in comes our doctor with a face mask

I was first taken aback like they haven’t even tested him how do they know he has something contagious.

The doctor comes in, washes his hands, sanitizes them then sits down.

“Good morning mummy, good morning little Man. I’m sorry about the face mask. I’m battling a cold and  a sore throat so in order not to pass it to the children I need to wear the mask while examining him.”

I smiled and nodded because I understood but that’s not the only reason I smiled. It kind of took me back to a time ….

A time when I was frantic, fretful, fearful and infertile. A time when I was still running from pillar to post.

“There’s a doctor here…”

“There’s a doctor there…”

“Miracle doctor…”

“Specialist doctor…”

was desperate to change my situation and I was ready to do whatever I had to do or see whoever I  had to see medically. So when a friend of mine told me there was this miracle doctor who was a specialist and a christian I knew this was it. So with a heart full of faith in this doctor I went with my friend. He examined me. Gave me some tests to run, and asked me to bring my husband for some tests. Of course if you’ve been following this blog or if you were at WWW2013 IMELA you would have heard my husbands response : the famous …

Abraham’s body now dead…


But that’s story for another day or for my book actually …#mildredgototheant

The real gist here is that after I spoke to the doctor I was really hopeful. I felt this was it. He was a fertility specialist and a christian doctor if anyone was going to help me achieve my twins David and Davida (that’s what I was confessing at the time) it had to be this doctor…

Just thinking about it now. I’m laughing so hard. I can’t believe it.

My darlings this is why I’m laughing so hard…

I was still busy trying to convince my Pk to come with me to do all the tests he was required to do that this doctor was different. He knows what he’s doing. Blah blah blah!!! You know all the convincing drama we women can get down to. So anyhow it wasn’t really working but I was hoping that with persistence I would wear him out.

So anyhow I went to visit this friend who had recommended the doctor to me and met this lady and we got talking and became friendly. I saw her business card Davida ventures or something like that and I gushed about how I loved the name and she said oh! That’s my daughter’s name. My twin babies David and Davida a boy and a girl.

I said “oh! My God twins? I really need to sow into your life.” and rushed off but I noticed my friend looked at me funny. So when she walked me to the car. I said “so you have fertile ground for me sow since you come de hoard am? David and Davida? Twins? Same name? Ah! This is too much accuracy”

“My sister ” she said calming me down before I got even more excited. “Don’t you know that lady? ”

I said “No”

“Hmmm that’s your doctors wife and she speaking by faith. They are still believing God for children”

I literally heard the Holy Spirit laugh out loud. Or was it my guardian angels?

See me oh! Where I put all my faith. They too were looking for the exact same thing: twins. Boy and girl. David and Davida.

Of course my Pk laughed at me till I almost cried. That was one of the many ways God used to get my attention about not going the medical route but the real lesson or should I say message in all this is what I’m thankful for today.

Aren’t you glad that we serve a God who cannot be stranded. Who needs no help from anyone. Who cannot be sick (like my dear doctor today ) if the one who I run to for healing needs healing too am I not in trouble?

I’m thankful that I serve a God who needs no aid or support. That’s enough to make me smile

okay people another day done.

Love you

Thanks to all my cheerleaders

36 thoughts on “Needing No Aid …

  1. Without Faith no man can please d Lord!
    One tin dat keeps me going is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving secures our blessings!


  2. Hmmmn, nice piece. God Bless you ma. Indeed our God cannot be stranded. I am thanking God for a believing husband, who knows God has done it and all we are waiting for is the physical manifestation Daniel and Daniella.

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  3. Oh my days ! This is what is called ‘last card …checkup !’ Talk about a wake up call ! Our God is too faithful to fail…Bless you Pastor M. Love u muchos.


  4. Hoihoihoi I can imagine my papa laughing that day! I’m thankful we can look back and laugh so hard at the experience cos David & Davida are here! I love you my mama!


  5. God bless you PM, your blog inspires. #i Testify# I came across your blog through a friend some years ago. It was a divine encounter! I was encouraged-#The faith walk #how Davida came # and I chose to continue the walk of faith and My precious gift from God is here (Joanna -my 8months old princess rolling over me here lol) glory to God. #God did it not a Doc # .He has done it for lot of people, He is doing it and will do much more.


    1. 💃💃💃💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😄😄 what a way to wake up. I’m so happy to hear this there are tears in my eyes. Satan always loses. Always…. Congratulations darling.


  6. “…Aren’t you glad that we serve a God who cannot be stranded. Who needs no help from anyone. Who cannot be sick (like my dear doctor today ) if the one who I run to for healing needs healing too am I not in trouble?

    I’m thankful that I serve a God who needs no aid or support. That’s enough to make me smile” My heart leaped for joy over these words. I am glad indeed I am glad. I am also glad for having you as my Mama – always stiring my heart for more. God bless you real good Ma


  7. Urghhhh…!!! 😭😭😭 My dear E’ did not comment first; and I was rooting for her o, so that we can share that

    In #MyThanksgivingDiary today, I’m grateful for the privilege to belong to this God who remains faithful, irrespective of our shortcomings; the One who doesn’t need us but yet fervently seeks us to love us beyond our mind’s capacity…Imagine!!!


    1. Haha. I wasn’t eveb rooting for myself. Anyways my comment actually disappeared. I laughed sooooo hard so maybe the emoticons annoyed wordpress…


  8. Faith surely works.
    Day 4: I am thankful to God for planting me in DCC under my great Pastors: PK and PM. To me they are expressions of Faith and love..

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  9. Wonderful piece mama, our God cannot be stranded
    Me am greatful for divine health dt av nt had cause to take any kind of drug for almost 5yrs nw (hmmm except for that monthly panadol, which should stop now sef)


  10. This post made me remember a very funny incident. Well it happened my aunt (my daddy’s brother’s wife) knew a prophet she so much believed in and wanted me to tag along (which i did at least to make her happy), The prophet started seeing vision upon vision. Now the story line is that prophet is now married to my aunt who let here husband for this very young prophet. Look at the man i believed God will use to lead me to Mr right has taken another man’s wife, i just wonder the kind of man he would see for me. God bless you for this post Mama. My God is never stranded indeed.

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    1. 😂😂😂😂 oh! My God I’m laughing and crying at the same time. It is well o! All this prophet matter no wa. Can’t we all just be patient and hear from God?


  11. Mama you’re already laughing so hard, if you’ve heard the full gist you will laugh and at the same time feel like flogging me with a cane. But sincerely now am asking myself ‘na you fall that kind mugu’. But thank God for Jesus who even in our desperation still shows us mercy and bring us out. It wasn’t funny then at all.


  12. I literally was in tears reading this piece.

    I am so keying into confessions of my twin boys(Ifechukwude and Ifechukwunyedichie).

    How it will happen, i ain’t got no idea. 32, no boyfriend or fiance but God doesn’t need my aid.

    When it happens, you will be among the first to hear this testimony. I judge God faithful!

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