The Bleeding WILL Stop…

I hear there’s a saying amongst doctors


“All Bleeding must stop!”

And basically what that means is that there must be an end to every problem. So either the bleeding stops because the cause has been dealt with or the heart is no longer pumping blood either way the bleeding must eventually stop.

I think it is one of the most profound ways to look at any situation that we find ourselves. I believe we Christians have a saying similar to this also:

I know we say it a lot especially when comforting others but when faced with personal challenges or tragedy it seems the farthest thing on our minds.

I see so much pain and heartache around me these days from people with unanswered prayers. It’s the continuous “when lord when?!” Or the “pastor M why doesn’t he just answer?” It makes it harder because you know this thing is not hard for God and I personally have had experience on how frustrating waiting can be. Sometimes you just want to pull out your hair

at other times you just feel sorry for yourself wondering why it feels like you are not loved by God. Every one else is getting answers but you. Every one has testimonies     just not you. Everyone is getting jobs, changing jobs, getting married, having babies…. Just not you. And we all scream “it’s my turn!!!” In church  maybe you even louder. So of course it’s tempting to just cry and throw that party for one

Sweetie I honestly wish I had all the answers. To be honest some of the most amazing gals I know are still unmarried. If it was up to me everyone would have twins and triplets and the babies would be extra cute for good measure…. But it’s not up to me sadly and I know there is a waiting period and it’s not easy but this one thing I promise you

It won’t always be like this… The lord will perfect all concerning you and sooner rather than later it will turn in your favour.

Just hold on honey. The suffering is for a LITTLE WHILE… Then he will restore.

And you too will testify. I declare that it’s still your year for all good things. It’s your turn to testify. Just hold on… The little while is almost over.

Just hold on because it won’t last forever and God always ALWAYS shows up because we serve a faithful God…

That’s what I’m actually thankful for today that we don’t Serve a God that is afar off. No!!! We have a God who is involved. He’s always right there.

It’s funny but it’s even in the midst of pain that we tend to see God clearer if we will look.

I’m thankful today that no problem has a permanent position in my life 

Take this from someone who knows… After waiting for almost 8 years see what God has done

 That’s why I say AMAGHIMO

Trust me very soon you too will be full of praise and no idea of how to praise Him.

Just hold on this too shall pass

If you won’t take it from “pastor M” then take it from “doctor M”


Now go to rest … Doctor’s orders. See you tomorrow

Love you

38 thoughts on “The Bleeding WILL Stop…

  1. Doctor M sounds amazing
    Oh didn’t know doctors said that. Yet my bestie is one. Haha. Anyways just look at joyce’s life. I dunno about others but that woman basically flushes my entire system with HOPE… Same God mehn. Same God! !!



  2. Amen mama. It is surely my TURN. Love you more.
    I am thankful for my house help.. Yes my house help.
    She is hard working and obedient. She has been with me for 6 months now and no record of theft or bad behavior. For this I am grateful.


  3. Thank you ma for ds word today. It’s just very timely and ds really struck me ‘ No problem has a permanent position in my life’. For ds I am grateful and I believe I would share my testimony soonest.


  4. Doctor M i agree with you 100% and like you prescribe am going to rest. Love u MAMA for this wonderful piece. 28 more days to go we can do it. Ya!!!


  5. Yes it will SURELY come to pass.
    Day 3. I am thankful for unanswered prayers.
    Because if all my prayers were answered the way I wanted, when I wanted, I will be in deep mess
    and may not appreciate God as I do. That is why my miracles sacred and I guard them jealously.
    God might not be early in our circumstances ( I stand to be corrected ) but he is never late.
    Cos when he shows up, we will be in awe. Ebezina chukwu nonso
    Still Cheerleading you mama………..


  6. (For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd), I am grateful for every morning I wake up with no hassles, for my husband to be who is God’s precious gift to me (and a reminder of my very bright & beautiful tomorrows) and for you mama, you make it all look possible (and easy). I’m looking forward to 28 more posts! Pompom in my hands 💃💃💃


  7. I don’t even get alerts anymore, meanwhile some people want to chance me…. E’ take your time o….. hello Dr M, yes all bleeding must stop but in our case it won’t be because the heart has stopped but because the solution has been found. We are thankful because whatever it is, this too shall pass. Whoop whoop!!!! Mama is in buisness …. #cheeringandblogging


  8. Doctors and their many sayings sha, e.g. “An apple a day keeps the cold away”. But ehn, I don’t think the cold they meant in that saying was the village-harmattan-type of cold, cos that cold is no respecter of an apple, mbok, not even 10, lol.
    Yet we have a sure word of prophecy that keeps all illness away; including mental illness. I’ve heard comedians say “many are mad, but few are roaming”. Neither mad, depressed, roaming nor in need of pills to fall sleep…? That’s something money cannot buy. So in #MyThanksgivingDiary today, I’m thankful for a sound mind; a sane mind that continually grows in wisdom even after the body stops growing in stature, a mind that connects with people and also engages life’s canvas supernaturally, the kind of mind that could only have been a gift from an ever-loving Father. Yes, He’s given us a sound mind!!! (Cheer-leading pom-pom-3)


  9. Tanks mama, this is so encouraging .I am so grateful for today .surprisingly Grandma who has not been walking for a week, started moving her legs today and she walked. I said devil ntoi as u always say. I know God is always on the side of his children. This year surely is our turn for miracles…….cheerleading you on this….love you loads..


  10. Wow! This just lifted me.. Though I’m not a lady but we all go through challenges in life…. Thank you ma!


  11. Yay! Cheering you on ‘Doc Coach M’.Thank u ma for this word needed right at this time. Even though things seem dreary, I am thankful for the PEACE in my heart, the kind of peace that passes my understanding.


  12. Grateful for my blessings. Thanks for blogging again – Indeed, Mama, for me, your kids define the things our eyes have seen and our hands have touched.


  13. I am thankful for posts like this that remind me that God is always near and also for P. K’s messages every Sunday that come alive when I face the week. He seems to have a peek into the week and just encourages you for the times ahead. Really grateful for my Pastors and Church. Nice one mama.


  14. Hmmm This too shall pass, so am grateful for that light at d end of the tunnel, for the fact dt I serve a prayer answering God, that after stuggling for two years in an awful job and seeing good things happening all around me, but still holding on with that confidence in 1jn5:14 and now I have a new and awesome Job, it really is my turn


    1. Yay!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 I love testimonies. I love how every time God comes through for us. Congratulations on your new job. Loads of promotion in store


  15. Hello ma, I recently started following your blog and I must say I have been blessed by them. I love this ‘no problem has a permanent position in my life’. I know soon and very soon I shall testify, thank you for the encouragement. God bless you more


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