When He Answers….

Hey people

I’ve been pushing this for days. I’ve just being feeling largely uninspired and my blog police has been harassing me. It’s funny because I have like five unfinished posts. I start and then feel like nope! Not the right time. Or no! Not quite right  so I just let it all be.

However I just got a call now and I write this post with tears literally pouring down my face. I don’t know how I always find my self in this place where I’m speechless, and totally in awe of God.

One would think that by now I would be used to how amazing God is and the fact that he can do anything. In truth that’s actually my prayer; that I will NEVER get used to or become familiar with the things and ways of God. I pray that I will constantly LIVE AMAZED. That’s my ultimate goal to live a life of total awe and surrender to God.

So that phone call put me back in that place of “what kind of God is this?” I’m sure you know by now that I’m one of those people that have seen the mighty hand of God especially in my own life. It’s just the fact that he keeps loading me daily with benefits that I can’t get over. Is there any reason not to serve this God?

Why he loves us I will never know. I now understand why the Angels too question it

I’m just grateful that he loves us. And He loves us so much he refused to leave us here without help. Are you seeing the havoc the devil is wreaking? Everywhere madness. Sickness, poverty, insecurity, just name it, satan has it on lockdown and it would be foolish to take anything for granted.

So about that phone call. Someone very dear to me just suddenly took ill and she was sent to the intensive care unconscious. My first thought was oh! Lord No!!! You must understand two things about the scenario. First, I have very little faith in our medical system in this country and secondly she has just lost her sister last year.  So my head thought all kinds of things so what did I do?

I got angry. I got angry with the fact that the devil thinks he can just be in the mood early in the morning, look out his window and decide today is the day I get to upset one of Gods children. After all as they say if a servant is angry with his master what can he do? He maims his masters favorite pet.

I was just angry with the fact that because he got away with it the first time that he felt he could again. So I refused. I refused to just sit back and cry or worry.

 I got up and went to war with the enemy. I got into the word and asked God his will and my sweet sweet Jesus said four things to me

1. This is not unto death

 2. It won’t happen again

3. Ressurection power is available

4. Long life is our right

With these reminders tucked firmly in my Arsenal I knew I could go to war. I prayed. I prayed because I knew Gods will. That gave me confidence. That God hears and answers. Confidence that prayer works

I simply prayed and started thanking God for life. Every time I thought about her I thanked God for her and moved on. I wasn’t getting much positive response but I believed. God kept encouraging me to believe.

I believe she will rise up and come and visit me and gist me with her bright eyes, infectious smile and amazingly exciting spirit. I believe she will share her testimony at one of our Just Us Girls Naija meetings. I hadn’t heard anything but I knew I had prayed and God was with me on this matter

Then I got a phone call. Pastor M she opened her eyes today. She sat up. She recognized everyone around her.

I still wonder

What Kind of God is this?

 I know God answers prayers but I never cease to marvel at how real this makes him. He’s not a God afar off or one who cannot hear or see. His hand is not too short that it cannot work miracles. Neither is he too busy that he cannot fit us all in. I’m in awe of the God who is interested in even the tiny details of our lives.

I would understand if he only did wondrous things; things that no one can handle or if they were things that would affect the grand scheme of things if not handled but he takes time to show that he cares about the tiny things.

This year I’ve been working on rebranding ideas for Just Us Girls Naija and I recently returned from a trip to the UAE where I saw a brooch that totally worked as a logo. So I decided to buy one for all my leaders. However I discovered that after picking up everything they had I was short of one. I checked the entire rack nothing. I sent 2 ladies to check they came back with nothing so I thought okay maybe a guy would not be distracted by all the other pretty pieces so I sent in a guy and there was nothing there. While we were still deciding who to strike off the list, the Holy Spirit asked me “have you prayed about it?” Just at that time one of my ladies opted to be taken out. I walked away from the counter and back to the rack where the brooches were and said a quick heart felt prayer.

I know it wasn’t a big deal and we would have found a way around it but I was willing to see how far God was planning to take this. As I got back to the rack I felt a nudge in my spirit to check again. Lo and behold!!! (Yep! Still got my KJV English pat down….) there was one more brooch and the amazing thing ? it came in the lady that opted out favourite color. If that isn’t God then tell me what it is.

He just does things like that. Things we try to explain away but can’t. I’m just still in awe of God. I’m so happy my dear dear dear sweetheart is back. I get to do another “Satan ntoi ”

I’m so glad that I serve a God who hears when we pray. If not wouldn’t this last weekend have been A waste

I really can’t get over how real God is and I pray I never do. I want to constantly live amazed

Okay guys gotta run. A few Pictures of warrior in heels on my Instagram page @pastormildred.

Later darlings.

26 thoughts on “When He Answers….

  1. I cannot get over the manner PM uses the memes in every blog post. They tell the whole story and I save them for reference.

    Our sister is healed and will live LONG to tell the story.

    Warrior in Heels was beyond AH-MAZING

    DDK, OMG!!!

  2. She is well. The doctors kept shaking their heads to say no hope, God rearranged their head and gave us a testimony. Our sister is well. He showed up

  3. He is too faithful to fail. I like how I read or hear about such things and my ever speaking mouth finds no words…. HE is God Alone and that’s just who HE is, GOD.

  4. That was just a show of the devil to know if we understand the power that was released at the meeting ‘WARRIOR ON HEEL’. And trust God who knows how to give him a show of shame. This is just the beginning of more testimonies to come. God bless you MAMA.

  5. The biggest lesson here is that when we are angry, we go sit with the Word and WAR…
    Anger is verrrry potent if we know how to ‘use’ it!!!

  6. I am too confident of GOD’S word,it can never fall to d ground without fulfilling its mission
    He has done it for me before and He is still in the business of doing many more to come
    Thank you LORD!

  7. Goosebumps !!!!!!!!.
    Our sovereign God. Jehovah Rapha….I just love testimonies.
    I have come to realise that all that we require in this life are already available to us and all we need do is appropriate the word rightly.
    Glory to God for the healing and he that started the good work will perfect it. Amen.
    and thank you pastor ma for keeping it real.

  8. God is just so awesome. This God keeps amazing His people. I love to love you Lord. This testimony is inspiring.

  9. Hmmmm. I thank God for this testimony. Hallelujah. God is awesome. Faithful is he that has promised and will bring it to pass. I just praise him.

  10. First, I’m going to leave a message without reading your post, then, backtrack to actully read your post.
    I refreshed your blog for over a month and had to stop as I felt you were too busy or just posted as led- but I felt disappointed- almost “let down”, lol.
    So I’m more than happy to check on here and see that there seems to be some posts up so I’ll just sit back and read.
    Please, Plllllleeeeaaaaseeeee, blog more often! There are few blogs I feel I “connect” with and yours is one!
    God bless you!


  11. Mama am also pleading blog often, it helps my spiritual growth, am so connected that when i log in and there is nothing new i just feel low but i help myself by re-reading the past ones. The garce is sufficient for you sweet MAMA.

  12. Awwwww @judy and Wendy I’m so sorry my life has been a roller coaster these past few weeks. I will blog today. I apologize darlings. I receive the grace. Meanwhile Judy I went to your blog and left a very loooong comment but once I tried to upload it deleted I was literally in tears but too tired to start over. But just so u know. I stop by too.

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