Four Things…

Hey people
Happy New Year. Yep! I know it’s almost the end of the first month but as they say “your morning begins whenever you wake up” Lol!

So even though it’s already the 26th of January, I say Happy New Year.

God has been so good.

So anyway here I am guys against all odds. I’ve had to take it easy quite a lot for health and ministry reasons but hey that’s story for another day.

So at DCC in 2016 our word for the year is


Yep! No matter how they turn it this year, God will over turn it till its your turn…
Your turn to get married
Your turn to have a baby
Your turn for a job…nay a great job
Your turn for a promotion
Your turn to own your house
Your turn to start hearing God clearly

Honey, it’s your turn as it is mine


So I’m here to give you four things you need to pay attention to, so you can ensure that it’s your turn.

This year prayer will have to be your lifestyle. You can’t afford for it to be a spare tire. It’s got to be the steering wheel And you will need to ask yourself consistently through the year


You will need to be in constant communion with God. Not necessarily the eloquent plenty scriptures kind of prayer but the conversations with God through out the day kind. Where you don’t care whether you speak Igbo or pidgin as far as God hears you and answers.

Just keep praying. No matter what you face this year.



What ever you do PRAY. Why?


It changes the situation but more importantly it changes you.

In prayer you will hear clearly heavens plan for your year and how to achieve it. Simply put how to make it your year.


Don’t play with your health this  year. Honestly in Nigeria we take too many things for granted and that’s funny since we don’t have such a great medical system. Most of our hospitals are death traps. Most of the doctors don’t know what to do and even those who do, the system cripples them. You cannot afford to play with your body this year.

Eat  clean.


Don’t put junk in your body. Eat more fruits and veggies. Eat balanced meals. Avoid fad diets.

Drink clean.


Drink WATER!!!  Stop putting sugar and fizzy drinks in your body. Sodas, packet fruit juices with concentrate is a No! No!!



Move your body. Walk, jog, run, skip, hop, whatever you can do just move. Don’t get out of bed, get into your car, drive to work, use the lift, sit at your desk, eat all you can, get into your car, eat junk you bought in traffic all the way home. Get home jump into bed again then jump on the carousel again tomorrow. That’s dangerous. Sometimes just walk or take the stairs or just get up and jump.

Confess the word.


Your life  was created by God’s spirit. You need God’s word to sustain you.


It is medicine for your body, mind and more importantly your spirit and it’s your spirit that sustains the rest of you.

This is the year to Pay attention to the people in your life or the people God will send your way.


Don’t take relationships for granted this year. It will be a major major mistake. If anything,  be deliberate in choosing And making friends this year.

Trust God to cure you of people blindness so that you see men as men and not as trees. Actually see people as human beings this year. All my greatest blessings have come from the people God has sent my way or surrounded me with. Some of them didn’t look like it at the time but after investing in the relationships with them my life has been outstandingly impacted.

Hunting for more of such relationships in 2016.



Preserve your soul this year. Your mind and your emotions. Fight to keep a clear head. Stay away from unnecessary drama  this year.


Keep your soul pure. Don’t let anyone draw you into beef or malice. Keep your soul pure. Manage your emotions.


Pay attention to your mind. Look out for intelligent conversation. Things that stimulate your mind.


I found this really amusing. Even zombies (not that they exist though) get it.


Educate your mind intentionally


Read. Bury your nose in brain stimulating materials


When was the last time you read a book?

Exercise your mind. Do brain teasers.


The number of brain cells dying on social media is outstanding. Do something more with your mind this year. Puzzles are amazing. Just do something that challenges your mind.

Okay guys gotta go. have an  amazing 2016. By the way how   are those resolutions going? hmmmm?

Love you

12 thoughts on “Four Things…

  1. The resolutions errrr……. ermmmm… we are not giving up yet. It’s our year, our turn and this post just put a smile on my face on a dull morning. May my blog (still clearing webs and all) bless, enlighten and brighten someone’s day the way your blog does. Glad that you put this up today… #learning love you more and tell papa happy birthday in advance for me.. kisses to my babies

  2. inspiring and motivating.
    God bless you ma’am your words and preaching have really change my mindset and behaviour. Thank you so much.

  3. Awwwww……. just stumbled on this blog And it makes so much sense 2 me. I’m going through some issues presently And this has really blessed me. Hope 2 relate more with u ma even beyond this blog. God bless you all the more Pastor Mildred. I love you already

  4. I especially love the focus on building great relationships.
    I have been blessed with quite a few good ones and last year I noticed I kinda became a Team #NoNewFriends unconsciously tho.
    This year I am a lot more intentional about building new relationships too so I always pray daily that I am led and that I know no man after the flesh and don’t estimate people from a purely human point of view.
    And then drama!!! Phew who doesn’t need a few good drama in their lives lol. Like the kind Sister Chris and Aunty Shirer bring haha. But that pointless drama, especially on SM? phew. Last year I unfollowed a lot then this year i learnt to use the ‘mute’ button for people who bring the drama to bbm especially if I don’t exactly wanna delete them for good reason.
    That mute/silence option is the best thing to happen to BBM lol.
    You sorta ‘forget’ them till they reach out to you haha

    Absolutely delightful to read a new blog post here.
    More more more!!! On both blogs ma.

    1. love ur blog ma. it kept my sanity when i was about losing it…… I really thank God for your life. am going through some delays right now …….. which i no i shall also sing a new song . will like to get in touch with you ma. thanks. Mary from Abeokuta.

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