I anticipate…

I’m thankful for 2015 but I’m excited about 2016.

To be honest I’m always like this at new years….


To think today we write the last page of 2015…


So much to explore…


I anticipate  that I will pray a lot more in this coming year because


But more importantly because


What do you see on the other side? What do you expect? 2016 is knocking what do you see?


I anticipate that I will live a lot like this…


So much to learn, see and do


I anticipate that I will blog a lot more but above all….

I anticipate that it will be an amazing year in fact I’ve decided it will…


See you on the other side

To 2016


May all our dreams become a reality then blow our minds because we have a God who specialises in exceeding expectations.

Love you all

8 thoughts on “I anticipate…

  1. Pray more!!! Daz just all walahi. Because when we pray, God downloads and then we can LIVE…
    Happy new year mama.
    I absolutely love you and I am thankful for the gift that is you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amen and amen and yes I am excited with you…. it will be beyond our imaginations kind of Amazing… Thankful. Happy new year mama, love u loads.

    I am hopeful I will get that spare room and move in for a month and well that wonderful wardrobe u promised me… Hehehe


      1. Hian!!! This is unfair mama. Why does disemi get one on one?
        Anyhoos disemi if this offer is for real, GRAB IT!!!
        Oh goodness!!!
        From Pastor M???
        Pls do


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