#USseries 11: SACO

Hey people

Today’s been kind of hard. For some odd reason but I guess any race is usually hardest when you are closest to the end.

I’m really really in a sad boarding house mood and it’s worse cause I guess I can’t get pk to talk to me since he’s worn himself out yesterday and I really just want him to sleep and that means turning off his phones most of today. for my pk that’s a huge deal. Because he never does. He’s always reachable. But I guess rest he must.

Anyhow I won’t bore you with my love woes lol! But truth is I could do with one of those my pk special warm hugs. I was telling him earlier today if I could just get a hug, I’d hold on for exactly one hour and soak up enough to last the remaining weeks I still have here but alas if only wishes were horses….

Okay so to keep my mind off this whole issue let me share something with you and I hope that at the end it will cheer us both up.

I’d like to tell you about a remarkable young man I met a couple of years ago but first enjoy these videos and I’ll be right back.

I’m not even going to bore you with the details of how we met but I do remember that my pk went to minister at a church where he hosted and he left such a lasting impression on me.

An impression that even today seven years later I haven’t been able to shake. Anyone that knows me knows that when there’s an event and you ask me who your compère should be my first response will always be “call SACO na”

and I will tell you why :
The bible asks in Proverbs 22:29 – “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will work for kings not unimportant people”

So this is my reason, Sunday Ayodele Chukwukamadu Okundalaiye aka SACO has honed his skills.

I’ve been at an event where SACO compèred and he told a joke that he had told a million and one times and the people were still in stitches. It wasn’t so much what he said but how he said it.

My pk turns to me and says it so aptly : “SACO knows his craft sha”

That’s just it. SACO has been diligent in developing himself consistently over the years. He’s become more confident in his gift.

I’ve met many comedians over the years some possibly even funnier but they’ve remained the same – crude, uncultured and funny only at certain events.

I know him personally and he’s simply a great guy. Funny
Sometimes too funny it gets him in trouble

, friendly,
Speaks good English without all the fake foné (phonetics) so you don’t have to worry about him murdering your parents friends’ names at the event. But if you like he can throw in a few “inits” with his best British accent. He’s also very very respectful – single ladies here’s expo o! Need someone to manage situations and still make the parents feel like they are in control at your wedding? Well, SACO is the guy. Your parents will love him.

And he has a plus he speaks both ibo and yoruba if it’s an inter-tribal marriage then you are covered. See marketing chai SACO at this rate I should take 10% managers fee.

As i was saying I know him personally and somehow he and his beautiful

and possibly even more hilarious and very animated wife

are like family to me.

I was actually their marriage counsellor and I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy our counselling sessions got. I wed them

and over the years I’ve seen them grow stronger and stronger in their love for each other

. Then of course theres my IMELA baby Ireoluwa



born as a result of WWW2013 against every doctors negative  report. Just look at the angel doctors said we should evacuate.

Anyhow so I hear he’s celebrating 10 years on stage and I think that’s great.
I got this from him
This is to officially invite you to The Spirit of Saco,

an event to celebrate my 10 years on stage as a Stand-up Comedian and Compere

slated to hold for 4pm on the 4th of October, 2015, at Sheba Centre, Plot 20 Mobolaji Bank Anthony way, Ikeja Lagos. Acts include Senator, Laffup, EmmaOhMyGod, MC Abbey, Damola, Forever, Notindome, MC Prince, MC Shem, Nosa, Pita, Henrisoul, Kore, Pst. Bims, TomiStone,Big b and many more.

There would also be special appearances by Ali Baba


and Holy Mallam.

Tickets are available for sale. For more enquiries on tickets/ table bookings, please call 08183350302. God bless you!

He’s getting ready to give you a great night of wholesome entertainment

I will definitely be there….David in tow. So people don’t fall my hand o! Come out and have a great time and support my person. See, it will help you o! All this problems and as they say not everytime squeeze face…


It will be wholesome comedy and if you would like a sneak peak of David


just stop by and say hi at the event 😉
Okay guys gotta run.
Let’s catch up later.

I hear there’s a way to get free tickets. See, I’m always looking out for you. Oya let me hook you up. Simply follow. @sacocomedian on twitter and @sacoevents on instagram. Then repost any of the spirit of Saco fliers. Hash tag #spiritofsaco and tag @sacocomedian @sacoevents then get your friends to like. The person with the most likes gets a free ticket.

My hand sef is paining me with all this plenty typing. Follow him and get all the details
Bye guys

5 thoughts on “#USseries 11: SACO

  1. Chai!!! Very cool guy, I remember when I first saw him, I had this very stupid school girl crush on him, then thankfully I spied the woman he was going to marry and I got delivered (quick way to get over a crush) So now when I see him, I actually just admire his craft not the man o,just the craft and I admit he is good, real good. Ok saco big ups, you will celebrate many more great years… and mama as per that 10% fee be nice enough to split it with ur baby….


  2. SACO I decree in the name Jesus that dis will not be ur last on earth u will do more n continue to prosper in area in ur life. No more going bk forward ever backward never in Jesus name. From glory to glory. No one stop Joseph, Esther, Daniel to beome what God wnt to be so shall it be for u n ur family.


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