62 thoughts on “#USseries 9: DAVID in pictures

      1. How mama? Tz just in my face. We just thank God say Pk is a handsome papa.
        I am just here wondering how my momsie will shake her head again as she did with Davida and say ‘nke a yiri the Okonkwos ooooo’

        Here’s praying one of your godchildren/grandchildren (in the faith) look like you…
        Or better still if Jesus tarries, your grandchildren true true
        Hugs mama…

  1. congrats ma.God be praised.I have been trusting the Lord for another child,in reading your story I am determined to continue holding unto God until my testimony comes.

  2. I can’t just thank God enof. Him alone deserves our praises. Welcome Prince David….. Congrat MAMA.

  3. This our God is too Good oooo, I pray he would grow in status, wisdom and favour before God and before all men in jesus name. Amen
    Very Cute Boy …..Congrats Ma

  4. Awwwh, Mildred…GOD is good!!! singing and shouting and celebrating it…Unto GOD be all the glory for the beautiful miracles in your life…
    David’s name says it all…IFECHUKWUKUKOME…check out all his poses…picture perfect…indeed eyes have not seen nor ears heard….all that the LORD has in store for those who wait on and trust in and obey him..

    Nne ehn, onu’m juru n’ekele…my mouth is full of praise for you and Pk.
    Many many many congratulations and best wishes.

    GOD bless your family more abundantly

  5. Remember I told u about this hair something And the looks…. Hehehe seems like we nailed it again, two nations in our corner… We are thankful.. What does his name mean???

      1. *bats eyelashes innocently*
        Praying you strength and a multiplication of resources in all ramifications to raise David in the way (God has purposed) he should go.
        Bless you mama.

  6. The 4th and last picture…that is an epic pose…already calculating the souls he will win for the kingdom. ☺

      1. Halleluyahhhhhhhhhh.Welcome son. To think that a man that calls himself a doctor once told j years ago that u may never be pregnant n God embsrrased them all with this hot sweet hairy booboo. Hehehehe. Am laffing in spanish at d devil cos we jst gv him 2-0. Congrats Pastor M aka Hadassah. God bless u. Congrats Pk an xcellent man of faith.

  7. Congratulations ma. Am so glad that david here that the assurance that my david is on his way. Am still think about the kind of chops david will take for now. lol

  8. Congratulations Ma. This is another slap God has given the doctors… You#re an inspiration that indeed God is the ‘Uzu na-akpu nwa’ He’s so adorable!

  9. Mama, am soooo happy for the Lord’s doings in your life. Congratulations. you are a living proof that our God is still in the business of answering prayers, if only one can wait for the appointed time.
    your faith rocks, even in the face of the storm you still held God by His words, am encouraged.

    You are a rare woman of virtue.

    I pray that David IfeChukwukome will fulfil his glorious destiny in Jesus name, amen.

    i must confess …. i dey jealous his hairs (lol).

  10. God is ever faithful and he is never late. Always on time, Congratulations ma. we rejoice with you.

  11. Congratulations Mildred. May the Good Lord keep him now and always in Jesus name. Amen. He is so adorable!!!! Kisses and Hugs

    1. Yes dear it’s been ages. I am in Lagos and kehinde is in London. So happy for you and your husband (pastor Kingsley). God bless and keep you all in Jesus name. Amen. X0x0

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