#USseries 10: Thank you for 10

Hi people

Let me be honest I had this really amazing post all planned out but between new mummy and old mummy duties (yep, my two daughters still get their share of mummy. Having another one that depends on you for survival is absolutely none of their business. Your decision to have more mummy, deal with it. Lol! ) somehow such grandiose aspirations flew out the window.

Today is my 10th year wedding anniversary

and as always I had planned this, really special blog post but for some reason I don’t even think that’s necessary. Today I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to the two people who have made all the difference in these last 10 years. The two people that have made it all so worth it. That have made it so beautiful…Actually the most beautiful 10 years of my life.

I really need to thank God for first making sure I didn’t mess up my life by marrying the wrong person. He blew down mountains, filled up valleys, opened doors, shut others. He did practically everything till I got it….

The man you are with is not your husband…There is yet another….he is the youngest and He is taking care of the sheep…

Till I saw clearly that the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh was right under my nose but instead of recognising the king he was I had so far only seen the shepherd boy. Until God opened my eyes to see “men as men not as trees”.

And oh! Just look what I would have missed….

Thank you Jesus, I thank God every day I handed you the wheel eleven years ago with one simple prayer :

“Lord by pass my emotions and do what’s best for me”

I thank you that you answered that prayer. I thank God everyday.

Then I want to say thank you to my Pk…

My king, my best friend, my sunshine, the absolute Love of my life.

My greatest passion after God. My number one prayer assignment. 

Thank you for yielding to God. For letting God use you to love me. You are constant proof that God loves me. See the man He gave me.

Honestly, they don’t come better than this.

I love the fact that you love me. I love how you love me. I love the fact that you get me…..that you are my person…..MY person.

I think the biggest trip for me is that you never get tired of showing me you love me.

A few days ago I was talking to someone about doing a post about demystifying my marriage. About how people just think my marriage is a fairy tale but by the time I finished talking to her I realised that maybe I was trying too hard to prove that it wasn’t when to be honest sometimes I feel like I’m in a fairy tale myself. The only difference is my happily Ever After is guaranteed because of the Word of God.

Let me give you a few examples. We arrived America and my Pk just came to drop us off so basically he had a few days to stay just to be sure I and the girls were settled in. Into the last few days of leaving he would get up and go out early and come back later in the day.

I was getting upset. Leaving in a few days and we are missing out on big quality time? So I was getting ready my sulking face and my speech on how this was bad for our marriage as this was one of our strengths…. blah blah blah…

So as he came in that day, “Hon! Honey! Where are you?!”

I didn’t answer with my usual exuberance. “Honey! Come! Come and see!!!”. He dragged a very reluctant pregnant me outside the house and there parked in front of the house was a brand new 2015 SUV (amebo! That’s all the details I’m giving lol!)

I was like “what’s this?”

“Your car. I’ve been going for auctions because I’ve been wondering how you and the girls will cope without a car in America and this was a ridiculous price. Honey it was just favour….”

Isn’t it always though?

With pk it’s always favour.

And that’s a lesson I’ve learnt from him. Anytime he sets in his heart to do something for me, God gives him grace and shows him favour that at the end of the day it’s usually at a much better deal than it would have been normally.

I was mortified… so ashamed of myself. There he was running around to bless me and I was there sulking like a 10 year old sent off to boarding school. Jumping to conclusion like a frog on steroids.

That’s just my pk always looking for ways to surprise me and what made it extra special? It wasn’t in the budget. He bent over backwards for me. He always does. He will put me first even if it doesn’t seem reasonable to the normal average man.

Do you see why I’m so thankful he’s mine?

Yesterday I was speaking to him and he sounded so tired. He landed on Saturday in Nigeria and went straight into meetings. Then on Sunday preached 5 services back to back and for those who know their pastor greeted and spoke to more people than his voice could take really. Then he was back in meetings on Monday then Tuesday preached rush hour fellowship and on Wednesday morning meetings back to back till time for midweek service then he preached.

By the time we did a video call in the night after he got home at about 11pm. I knew he was exhausted but he had a huge smile and lots of kisses for me. Then he told me he had planned to fly out that night after service just so he could be here with me for our wedding anniversary today. Just to surprise me.

Honestly I thank God he didn’t. There’s only so much your body can take. Besides that’s a very expensive happy anniversary. Lol! Ibo girl like me. I quickly calculated the ticket fare just to come and leave again in like 2 days or something because he won’t want to miss a Sunday in church. Abeg bbm call is okay. Lol!

I’m joking o! Honey (in case you are reading this). I miss you. Your being here would have been awesome but like I said to him earlier the fact that after 10 years you still feel the need to keep surprising me just makes me feel so special.

You do everything to keep me happy

You Promised me exciting and you kept your word. It’s been 10 exciting years and I’m still in for the ride.


At exactly 12 midnight Nigerian time my baby put this up.

Why won’t I be grateful for a man who loves me and celebrates me like this?

A man who stood by me despite all odds till our faith produced.

Look! We have 3 kids baby! Three!!!

They told us not to expect even one but look at us.

Thank you Jesus and thank you my pk. You are the reason why this marriage works so well. Two of you make it so easy for me to submit and be all I can be.

10 years ago a scared young girl held both your hands and said I DO!!! But hey look what you have both done…
Given me wings to fly.

I love you both so much.

Finally let me say. If you are one of those people who think my blog is too mushy or I celebrate my pk too much…. I’m just wondering how much is panadol?

Lol! Okay so I’m just kidding but it’s probably because you haven’t felt what it’s like to be loved. Once you do, you can’t keep still

and you can’t stop smiling or talking about it.

Bottom line…

Why has my marriage been heaven this 10 years?

Because I have a husband who is committed to doing the Word and committed to making me happy
And more importantly because we keep Jesus at the centre of it all.

Okay people,  gotta run.

Love you

Happy Wedding Anniversary to two of my favourite people. My amazing son Sammy Smith and my true and trusted daughter and armour bearer Amaka. Many more years of bliss and plenty blessings. I love you guys sooooooooooooo much.

76 thoughts on “#USseries 10: Thank you for 10

  1. I cried reading this. Pst. M, this your ‘Overdose’ of blessings can only but be God. Happy Wedding Anniversary. I thank God for his faithfulness in your lives and i SERIOUSLY tap into these amazing testimonies of yours. You bet that i will tell you. God bless you ma’am…


  2. My eyes are teary upon reading this. So much love n words of affirmation. I quickly prayed that simple prayer you prayed years ago, i pray i have this kind of testimony too. Amen.
    Keep being a blessing Ma to just us girls, you are sweeter than the word itself.


  3. Whewww First time I’m commenting (covers face) I like to just bask on your post, shed tears on God’s faithfulness and drag people to read it when I’m done smiling 😁😁😁
    Sincerely blessed by your post and as usual I learnt something new today… Time to go spread the word🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼
    Happy Anniversary Mama, I love you 😘


  4. You did put up an absolutely amazing post trust me.
    I was just smiling like a fish while I read…
    Cheers mama…to fairytale living, all year, err’single year!!!


      1. Hian! I hear my name ooooo!!! 👏#insider tinz abi? 👀 Let me just stop here and go and drop my comment jeje. I’ll be back.


  5. Ehen. Me again
    Tz like David is bringing out a more expressive-with-words pk. Had to read this thrice.
    Usually he will just write Happy birthday/wedding anniversary baby/my girlfriend. Dat kain tin.
    See Pk waxing romantically lyrical ooo. Pastor K… david we thank you ooo
    Lemme go to BBM… incase he don’t see this.
    Ok bye


    1. Lol! Eziaha I’m not there o! 😄😄 but u have a point o! I actually shed a tear when I saw it. Had to save it on my blog n my IG page. No time for story behind Biko. Pk is more action n less talk but today hmmm…. If u say it’s David then… Lol


  6. Sometimes eh, you want to tell your self that…how true can this be? living in Africa and growing up to see the way our parents lived…sometimes mainly becos of the children,…and it gets worse when you meet people that drink from this same well, “tell you its not possible jare, they are hiding some things, abi we too we are married, its film trick“….1 is tempted not to believe. But when a man loves a woman….singing on….and then the kind of love that God loves us…kai ( unfathomable, how can one explain or understand Gods kind of love?) you gat to believe that it is true and very possible. Mama i tap into this kind of love and commitment…i tap into my miracle babies..(Expecting twins (a boy and a girl or 2 girls) . i Keep saying if mama that was told that she could never have, now has….me nko wen them no tell any thing….but God has said it and i believe totally. Thank you for teaching us well and showing us that it is possible. Happy many beautiful years to come.


    1. I totally understand my dear. That’s why I know this is simply Gods grace.

      And u will definitely have those twins. Just keep believing and keep saying it. Till u see it love.

      Surely u will see


  7. Hmmmmm! OSAKPOLOR# bini# God is big. Yes Jesus is the center, it cldn’t have bn better. I am so happy for U ma. HWA with many blessings.


  8. Happy wedding anniversary dearest mama! This is your best post so far. Am so blessed by it. God will continue to be gracious to you and your family. Love you always.


  9. I really tried to come up with something witty smart or just funny just to outshine this post but I couldn’t.. I am truly happy for you and yes it’s an amazing post, mushy much but who is checking, I am truly happy for you both, I only pray not wish that I get an amazing happy ever after sort of marriage when I eventually cross over to the other side… May your days together age like fine ….love u lots … Err ps did the post man miss your addy


    1. Lol! For once. Ms giddy no words? I can’t believe it. U will love it’s in d covenant.
      Amen dear amen.

      Oh! My did I not reply that wonderful email? I’m so sorry got it while in d hospital thought I did


  10. And I will pretend I didn’t see you giving E my birthright… I am still beefing u but just because it’s ur day and we are all being mushy, I will Forget it.. And yes papa is getting all mushy and soft first with that pic of David and when I saw his ig post my jaws dropped


      1. I have sent it to your bbm, the picture that is. have u seen me lately, na two o, not by choice of cos, now that David is here we can get back on track and loose all that baby weight.. Journey to size zero…


    1. Semi, how do you like ur beef?
      Roasted or fried… I hear roast is healthier sha.
      Haha. I am so happy I scored. U think I have not been seeing and beefing all the loving you and mama be sharing here?
      But seriously ShebI you sef noticed the IG posts? Funny early this morning was my first time of seeing him on IG. And I was thinking ‘is this PK?’ when I saw the pix with David. (though you KNOW tz PK when you see the comment under the Project fame audition video. I almost hurt a rib true true.)
      Then I saw this morning’s own on BBM too and thought WOW so E dey PK body sha… he was just waiting for his lil’ soldier man to turn up to release it. Hahaha.
      Mama looks like you got urself a complimentary romantic man with the David package.
      I for one can deal with an occasionally mushy PK preaching.
      He’s always such a soldier lol.

      Oh but we LOVE our Pastor. Soldier, mushy and ALL!!!

      Ehen Disemi, kilzess… I certainly hope your hubby is on this blog seeing all this oooo. We don’t want story. Hahaha


      1. Lmaoo, I will let u be because since dassah, vida and now David, I realize my heart is huge and I can share E’ so this one is fine with me.. And yes I agree we like the mushy PK at least us girls do, I still can’t believe he is on IG though, or u think someone is managing his account?? Shhh don’t tell mama…lol!!! Kisses to u too sweets and I hope he is too, so I don’t send him for counseling every week or so…


  11. happy wedding anniversary ma.I tap into this grace in my marriage.I tap into my second baby ,a set of twins one boy,one. girl.I celebrate the grace of God upon your life and marriage.


  12. Happy wedding anniversary ma. ………..your life can only get better once Jesus is behind the wheels. I celebrate you and your miracles.


  13. Happy marriage anniversary my beautiful MAMA.God bless your home i know from the deepest part of my heart that i will testify this some day.
    MAMA note never be tried of sharing with us your bliss, it makes me smile and encourages me that a good and fun filled marriage is possible. Love u MAMA.


  14. Many many many congratulations…e no easy…Ten beautiful amazing years together, happy wedding anniversary to you both.

    Such beautiful pictures and a truly wonderful befitting blog post to mark your 10 years as a married couple with Jesus as the centre.

    Many more graceful years to you. Ten hearty Cheers!!!
    Ify (comlag94)


  15. Happy Anniversary ma, always blessed by your post and i tap into the Grace in your marriage. May that Grace never run dry in Jesus name.


  16. “The man you are with is not your husband…There is yet another….he is the youngest and He is taking care of the sheep…”….Meeehhhnnn….that is a deep rhema…that word must have swallowed every doubt…truly..if e no be panadol, e no go fit be like panadol….if its not God, it can’t be like…!!!….CONGRATULATIONS PASTOR M!!!…Every part of me including my pancreas, lungs, kidney and liver celebrates the COVENANT KEEPING GOD for his goodness towards you…I look forward to sharing my testimony of getting it right with you sooonn!!!….I love you pastor M!!!!…HAPPY ANNIVERSARYY!!!!


  17. I just can’t be quiet anymore. I am really happy for you mama. I enjoy reading your blog and I celebrate our David. Happy anniversary mama and seriously, thank you for sharing. Ur posts always encourages me and am glad to be a part of this family. I love you mama.


  18. Happy anniversary MAMA, MY best post ever, i smiled through the post but i shed a tear when i read this line “Lord by pass my emotions and do what’s best for me” and humbly said the same prayer. i tap into your marriage blessings . cant wait to testify .


  19. Mama, Happy wedding anniversary to you and Pastor K.
    Your testimony is a proof of a God ordained marriage (perfect will of God), you never missed it. i use your marriage as a point of contact for others believing God for a spouse that they will never miss their God ordained spouse (s) in Jesus name, amen.

    Your journey of bliss has just begun , you will celebrate many more years and anniversaries of bliss in good health in Jesus name, amen.


  20. BEAUTIFUL’ this is Sooo Sweet’ I was all smiles Reading with My shoulders High and Oga turned like what are u smiling @ this Night’ I frowned and Said Nothing O’ Cos how I wan explain why I dey smile’ He turned Again and I Continued My smiles biko LOL

    HWA Mama! Love U plenty plenty


  21. Maama, I love you more after reading this and Pastor K too. Happy Anniversary to you both, many more testimony filled years, in Jesus Name. Please I beg you, do the write up on the myth behind your marriage, u have no idea how many people need this. Love you plenty


    1. Awwww…. I love u too dear but then again I always have 😄

      Thank u dear. I will try to do that post soon. I’m just realizing how much these blogposts actually are doing. At first it was just a hobby now it’s fully dawned on me its a full fledged ministry.


  22. Mmmmmmm, pk, such a romantic. Very touching. I tap into your anointing. Pray God gives me mine. Or rather, open my eyes to c mine


  23. Congratulations Ma. We’ve never met but you’re my role model. Your blog posts have blessed me immensely and today I pray for you and PK with all of my being that this is just the beginning of your happily ever after. May your marriage get sweeter with each passing day, May your testimonies abound and May you continue to be a beacon of light in this dark world. May your marriage continue to be an example of what God intended marriage to be…May your children continue to be a blessing to not just you but the world…Thank you for answering the call. You’re a walking testimony of God’s goodness and grace


  24. Amazing write up Pst Mil I’m jst going 2 two years in marriage & I seriously tap into this amazing marital bliss. I pray God dt I’ll also share testimonies as dis in yrs 2 come, So help me God. Hwa Pst K & Pst Mil


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