#USseries 8: I TESTIFY…

I testify….
I serve a living God!
I am in awe of the God that sees the end of a thing before its very beginning.

I testify…
I serve a faithful God!
I am in awe of the God that cannot lie. Once He says it, it must be done.

I testify that this God has been good to me and if you will only believe, he will be good to you too.

This is the God I serve….
DAVID IFECHUKWUKUKOME OKONKWO is here. Exactly 2 years after Davida.

….and this is why:


Faithful God.
Pictures later but like I said before….
All eyes go see am.

51 thoughts on “#USseries 8: I TESTIFY…

  1. Hallelujah!!!!!!!! To our God be All the glory, Awesome God, What He says He does, much more than we can imagine, Maama your testimony always brings me to tears, Awesome Jesus, we thank You. Congrats Pastor K and Pastor M and to Us.

  2. You are wonderful,You are marvelous,Awesome is your Name Jesus……..All the Glory belongs to You, it belongs to you o God.You are the Miracle-working God,Your Name is Yaweh.I am short of words so allow me sing.Great are You Lord/countless times.
    Thanks be to God
    Praise be to God
    He has done all things well
    He made all things beautiful in His own time
    He has done all things well

  3. Welcome baby David, God is a perfect arranger, awesome indeed, congrats my sweet mama, tiz obviously a great day to be born whoop! whoop!! whoop!!!

  4. Hahahah!!!! You wanted twins remember, you wanted two at once and now they share the same birthday, wow, wow wow wow!!!! God is God alone, all by Himself, miracle working wonder!!!! Yayyy Yayyy!!!!!!! Yaweh!!

  5. He has done what He alone can do!!!!! Haaaaaleluyaaaaah!!!! Hearty Congrats Pastors Mildred and David!!!

  6. I never see this kind God before!
    Wonder (4x)
    I never see this kind God before!
    Wonder (4x)

    This God na wa oo (4x)

    Am all kinds of happy!! Now let me go and buy a body shield cos chairs will fly in church 2mo after the announcement!!!

    Congrats my mama & papa!

  7. Yaaaay, a very big congratulations oooooooooo, to HIM alone be glory and praise forever and ever – Amen! Yes! Truly, it is the Lord who has done this!

  8. ☺☺☺Faithful is our God. ☺☺😀 welcome Prince David, n happy birthday Vida. Dis is not a coincidence. God is totally good and His words are totally true. Congrats my Pastor M and my Pastor K. Congrats to my DCC family, and congrats to the world 😀😁☺.

  9. And the silent behind the curtain reader of yours comments, because God has done something after His Name. Pst Mildred Okonkwo, you should have known by now that you are a mother of Many nations. Speechless is the exact word for me right now. I screamed out from a salon dryer when I saw this email notification, something told me, this is it. God bless our Lil King and happybornday to his Lil “big sister” Davida. Your Joy will always be full. Shalom

  10. Yaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Congrats Mama tried calling but just rang out. God is so good and indeed all eyes 👀 don see am. There is no doubting His Blessing..

  11. Hallelluya ! ! !

    The Lord is good
    Awesome are

    *singing with hands lifted up*

    You are the great and mighty God
    So faithful to be praised
    Beautiful for all situation
    Your the Joy of the whole world/universe
    ****Joe Praise

  12. praise God, He has done it again & I can’t keep it to myself as I must sing of the goodness of God. I keep laughing & crying (tears of joy) bcos He has done what doctors said could not be done. welcome Baby David.

  13. God be praised Pastor M.I am so happy God be praised.I Tap into your testimony.It took me a couple of years after marriage to have my first child .He was born about a year and nine months ago.I have been trusting the Lord for another child but after reading this post today my trust,faith and hope in God is strengthened.you are a living miracle that the word of God never fails.I will continue to.hold unto God until my.second child comes.Congratulations Pst M.welcome baby David.

  14. I’m super elated! God de do m people de see m ooo💃💃💃Ekwueme our perfect arranger! He does His things in Style He sure is SWAG itself. This has shown me again that God is BEAUTIFUL o my! Welcome David your arrival is with a touch of class we love you. Our God is indeed a Perfect God!

  15. *Singing* this God, u too good o, this God u too good o I will worship u forever, love u forever bcos this God u too good o! Congrats PM! God is too awesome beyond human understanding! The 2nd testimony born exactly 2yrs after d 1st! AAAAAMAYYYZING! welcome David!

  16. Truly He makes all things beautiful in His time…wowww am so excited. God has done what He said He will do. Congrats Pastor M and welcome baby David

  17. WOW! My God, our God is too…. Much ooo. Ekwuome1, My God of Special Effect. Congrats Ma. Welcome the King himself.

  18. Wowww…This God is faithful.I celebrate with you and your family woman of God.Your life is really a testimony.Welcome baby David and happy birthday Davida.God bless you.

  19. Congratulations Pastor M… Indeed God’s words do to not go back to him void, they must surely come to pass. Welcome David.

  20. God is ever faithful, he words are ever true,He never fail me yet and He will not fail me.Arrangi Baba o!

  21. Our God is Awesome. He do great and might things. Smooth operator. Am in awe of God’s greatness. Thank God for this testimony. The testimony of one is the prophecy of another. This is my prophecy. It’s happening already. Welcome David. Happy birthday Diva Vida. Congratulations mama.

  22. The distinction between story and testimony is what I have been witnessing. Even the dead would tremble at the wonders of God. I can’t witness these testimonies and keep quiet … I will exhaust the letters and words celebrating and testifying of THESE GOOD THINGS! This year many many good things ahan! Congrats PK and PM!

  23. God is truly amazing. He’s so detailed. Exactly two years after Davida. Congratulations Pastor M. Your story has indeed touched so many people even non – DCC-ites. We love you and await your arrival with the handsome David. Such a buff fine boy.

  24. Forever faithful!!! Never fails, never disappoints , always on time. Master strategist. Confirms His word just as He has said it!
    I stand in awe of you Lord!
    Congratulations PM & PK

  25. Indeed God is faithful, if he says it he will do it IFECHUKWUKUKOME……….yes oooo. Congratulations ma.

  26. Every praise be to our God!!! He is indeed awesome and faithful to His word. He has once again shown us that His word shall never return to Him void. What he says he will do he will surely do.

    Congratulations PK and PM. Welcome Baby David. God’s favor is already upon your life.

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