#USseries 6: GOD BLESSES

Hey people

Back again! Actually feels kinda good to blog so often. Really wish it was something I could do more often but I guess sometimes life gets in the way. Well, I guess I will enjoy it as often as I can till lil’ man shows up and starts dictating the pace.

Okay so today is one of those my looking back over my life days. I had another post planned (more for the men in your lives ladies ) But for some reason I don’t feel it’s quite ready yet. But it will be….soon.

So anyway it’s a very good day for me today. Guess who turns 2 in a few hours


It still feels surreal. I don’t believe it’s been 2 years already since she showed up and proved that God answers prayers. August 22nd 2013 still feels like yesterday.


In fact the title for this post came to me one evening while I was just sitting by myself in the room missing my pk and in one of my boarding house moods when she tiptoes in (yes o! Madam is definitely a ballerina. Still walks on her toes) and walks over to me, bends over till we are face to face then she gives me the biggest smile you ever saw,


hugs me for absolutely no reason then runs off to play. The next words out of my mouth came straight from my spirit as it totally hit me …GOD BLESSES O!

My precious gift from God


My testimony in the flesh.


My answer to prayer


My sweet tooth


When did you even become such a big girl?


Last time I remember you were taking a 3 month picture with aunty  Faith of Faith wilkie pictures


Then you had a bottle in your hand or there was no rest for mummy


It seems just like yesterday we were blowing out the candle for the big ONE


GOD BLESSES O! You can’t convince me otherwise. He does. He blesses. It’s in the simple things o! Not necessarily in the flashy cars, big houses, designer clothes, expensive human hair. It’s in many things- the first positive pregnancy test, the first flutter in your womb that makes you know there’s life inside of you, it’s in the first cry you hear from her as she pushes out into the world. It’s in the first time she smiles at you, sits up, spits up, crawls, walks, runs, and the moment when she says “mummy”. God blesses my sisters …he does.

There are too many things to be thankful for if you will look closely. If you will count your blessings not your problems. A good man who doesn’t cheat on you or hit you and provides for you and the kids even if he’s not the vision of romance. A job that pays your bills even if you think you work crappy hours. A network of friends whom you can call if things get really tough even if they don’t in your opinion keep in touch very often but you know when the chips are down they’ve got your back. A church where you hear the undiluted word of God even if you think the choir could be better. Lol!

You are alive. You are well. It’s because God has blessed you o! Whatever supposed  short coming in your life could have been worse but for God.

There’s this music group I absolutely looooooooove funny enough I’m surprised I’ve never blogged about them. I still remember when I heard one of their songs live! I was in Benin to see my dear friend who incidentally is vida’s godmother Pastor Laurie Idahosa


oh by the way she just started blogging so please drop by and show some love on her blog

so anyhow these guys were on stage. first they were hilarious then they started singing they had such stage presence i couldn’t believe it and they were anointed. You could just tell they believed what they were singing.
I felt oh! Nice but then they started singing a song they said was their new single and I just couldn’t keep back the tears. Here’s the video guys…it’s BNG singing MANY THINGS   http://youtu.be/yYTjDc_hojQ

Even today it still has the same effect on me. It just speaks my heart on how blessed I feel whenever I look at my vida. I don’t understand half the lyrics lol! Isn’t Bini like the hardest language ever but when they say Hey o! Hey o! Papa o! My heart just bursts into praise:

“You de answer prayers
You de answer prayers
You de answer prayers…..”
Just goes on and on in my head.

God answers prayers o! As I held my vida in my arms I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God answers.
So when I got pregnant again I played this song over and over again until a few days ago when Nosa sends me a link to their new song and Oh my God! I just got a song for my David. It’s called ALL EYES


Enjoy! “ALL EYES”


AUDIO:: https://soundcloud.com/officialbng/all-eyes

I’ve been singing it since. Yes o! I’m sure that everything God promised me will be fulfilled. I’m coming back home with my second nation. My beautiful baby boy – David. And all eyes go see am o!

“I will stand and testify.
My mouth go talk am o!
And all eyes go see am o! That almighty father na only you be God. ”

Thank you guys for giving my heart words that I could only groan in the place of prayer.

I’m so sensing a JUGN Worship concert with you guys soon. Abi after listening to this song what say ye ladies?

For more just go visit http://officialbng.com/bng-music/

In fact concert too far o! Dedication of David….abi Daro n Nosa wetin una talk o! Lol!

See you later guys need to go find someone a birthday present. Any ideas? Hope she likes it.


21 thoughts on “#USseries 6: GOD BLESSES

  1. Indeed God blesses! May we alwaiz count the blessings and not our problems.
    Happy birthday to ‘Vida. She’ll shine and excel on the earth! She no get choice!


  2. A story that never gets old, a word in season every season, word that has shamed the devil, the testimony of a prophecy, a testimony we can’t stop being thankful for, we wouldn’t even trade the days before you for anything because it makes the story that much sweeter, proof that God can do and undo, that he really owns the world, the people in it and their knowledge, proof that even if it doesn’t seem like it, He hears our prayers and when we least expect them, our blessings come, proof that if you wait on God, He will always blow your mind… Ahhhhh God is great, He is the Almighty that keeps on giving, yes He does bless, if we will just take time out, look around, feel your pulse… story still makes me cry jare… I remember the first time I thought you were pregnant and u confirmed it, amazing and then you tell me David is coming, if u had seen me that day, that David’s dance had nothing on me….. God blesses!!! Even if I have no proof, Vida helps me believe…

    really mama, the only gift I think she will like, is me wrapped in a box, there and now, even vida will testify after she sees me, just try it, truth it will be the best gift ever..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aunty disemi what size will the box be na? N can she carry you around? Will you light up? Will you sing to her? Let her brush your hair teeth and clothes? Hmmmm… Didn’t think so. I think I will stick to something that I can pick up at toys r us. lol

      But God blesses though and Vida is proof


      1. Haven’t you heard of life size boxes ehn, instead of you to try it first, 😦 I can follow her everywhere, yes she can come my hair, I even come with my hair products, I light up when I hear music and I sing the best version of everything has changed and even Onos can testify… But you don’t believe me… Ok, toys r us it is


  3. Hmmm, God truly blesses. Now all I can do is Smile and say OLUWALOSEYI, which means “Na God do dis one” and OLUWASEUN, which means Thank you Lord. Mama am rehearsing my welcome smile for David already coz I know he will have a charming smile too. Will tell you his yoruba name later. ☺ love you ma💖


  4. If testimonies are rated like books, yours will be a Best-Seller that many generations will read like Scripture and be blessed.
    A prophecy come true …. He said and confirms “Okwu Eme !”

    Indeed God blesses

    Happy Birthday ‘Vida
    In all your ‘buyings’ Ma’ don’t deny her extra Chocolate.


  5. Awesome testimony Ma, like i will always say God never fails just trust Him. Thank God for Vida and David. Happy Birthday Vida, the world is waiting.
    God Blesses ooooo


  6. Many more glorious and fulfilling yrs to Vida darlyn…God is truly amazing;am a witness after waiting on Him for yrs He blessed me dis year with a beautiful baby girl and am soooo grateful…Many more blessings and mind blowing testimonies to u ma.


  7. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Darling Vida (I love the sound of Vida *winking*). She is blessed! and will do great things for God! She is indeed a testimony and a prophesy to us that believe BabaG loves us and Blesses O!

    Xxx Adaobi N I.


  8. Happy birthday Vida,may you continue to grow in the grace,knowledge and statue of the Lord.Pst M your story is really inspiring.everytime I read your story my faith is renewed.it took me sometime after marriage to have my first child.He was born about a year and 9 months ago.I have been trusting God for another child,every time I read your story my hope and strength is renewed.Thank you for giving to the Lord and for being so open.


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