Hey people,

I’m back again.
You will get a couple of blog posts back to back because….well, you will find out soon enough 🙂


So this post today I had been playing with a lot in my head but I had never really ever gotten round to doing anything about it until recently.

Many people suffer from headaches. If anything it is one of the most common ailments that plague human beings. I’ve heard more people complain about headaches than about any other infirmity. It’s so common that you never really go to the doctors because you have a head ache you just grab an aspirin or if you are in Naija the first thing you do is ask “how much is panadol? abeg help me buy.”

However I find it totally amusing when someone has a headache and another person is helping them drink the panadol. How? Let me explain.
With the emergence of social media, in my opinion the world hasn’t really gotten smaller. People have just become more nosey. Everyone has an opinion about everything and they don’t hesitate to air it. Seriously I think we should all just relax. This social media thing is not that serious


In fact I find that the meaner the opinion, the funnier people find it and the more likes you get….and isn’t it always about likes and follows


So people who have no business in your business, make it their business to make your business everyone’s business….phew! What a mouthful but I think I got that pat down.

So even little children who just graduated like 20years after you did will be giving advice which in their childlike mind or because they have read articles on the Internet now makes them an authority on your life and how you should live it.

To make matters worse they will be buying truck loads of panadol on your matter.
Some people are genuinely just airing their views and honestly I respect that. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions but some people are simply just haters spreading beef.

So someone puts a picture of HERself on HER instagram page wearing HER new outfit which she bought with HER money and she likes the way she looks but you don’t like it? Well too bad! If you don’t like it, it’s fine. It’s when you start drinking panadol for another person’s headache I have a problem with. If you don’t like it, then unfollow, unfriend or whatever it is you need to do but please don’t be negative about somebody else’s life.

Besides I’ve discovered that when people are not busy then they tend to make other people’s lives their job.


If you are one of those, honey go get a life. You should be living not sitting in front of a computer or your phone talking about other people who are actually doing something worthwhile with their lives. You sit around criticising them on social media but at least they are living and in the process you forget that there’s a massive log in your eye and you are concerned about the infinitesimal speck in their eyes.


I just wonder why you even think your opinion counts I mean…


This always reminds me of the story of the woman with the alabaster box (luke 7:36-50) I know we focus more on the fact that she gave her all in worship but I believe there’s another lesson to be learnt there. She wasn’t exactly a perfect person in fact the bible calls her a sinful woman or a sinner woman depending on your version of the bible.

The pharisees and the saducees all judged her and Jesus I might add saying
…she shouldn’t be here
….if Jesus was truly a man of God he would know what kind of woman is touching him.

Funny enough we have too many pharisees and saducees in the church today. Hypocrites that are either too far-to-see or too sad-to-see what God is really doing. Too caught up in their self righteousness to actually see or be a part of what God is doing. Too focused on how people are not like them or how thankfully they are holy and possibly holier than the Holy spirit. Forgetting that if they were that holy we wouldn’t have needed Jesus to come die. You holy na im God no use your blood save us?


The last time I checked ALL have sinned…not some. I actually feel sorry for people who are like this.


Social media is full of them. The if Jesus was truly a man of God he would know the kind of pastor serving him… maybe not in those exact words but that’s the spirit behind their judgement of pastors and Christians. Especially pastors as if they should be held to a different standard.

My sister, we will all stand before God at the judgement on first name basis and the only name that will count will be the name of Jesus.


Last week I finally decided to drop by on Facebook and I realised I hadn’t been there for so long so I decided to change my profile picture to this.


And this


I did it and logged out thinking oh! Well maybe in another six months I may drop by again. Not too long after someone sends me a bbm message “pastor M there’s someone making nasty comments on your page you need to delete” so I grudgingly logged back in and to my surprise some clown had started a Facebook campaign posting my picture on different Facebook groups saying see popular lagos pastor’s wife posted this picture up on Facebook and her church members are busy liking it. What is this world coming to? She should be ashamed of herself and blah blah blah.

If it wasn’t so sad it would have been hilarious. I was really sad for him


. I didn’t even bother responding, I  simply unfriended him and deleted his comments on my page and the comments of all my voltrons ….lol! Defending my universe 😉 . Sadly I don’t even know who he is. Just some sad little boy (he may be old in age) with a combination of a pharisee and saducee spirit looking for some cheap popularity. I saw a child in need of prayer. A child with such an impure soul isn’t that what Titus 1:15 says?


because as a man thinks in his heart so is he.


This is the picture. Just a headshot


…and this is the full picture.



A picture celebrating God’s victory over satan. Eight months pregnant for the second time when the enemy determined it wouldn’t happen.


That’s why you don’t judge


You can’t jump to conclusions.


Anyway, fly on the wall. Next issue…

This post is not really about me and my new Facebook friend lol . It’s more about the fact that you need to learn to live for Jesus alone and deal with approval addiction


Thankfully he’s not a man of God or a prophet, He is GOD! So we are safe. He will never judge you even though he alone has the right to or….


So live your life to please Him and if you do make mistakes, quickly repent, adjust and move on. Don’t spend your time feeling sorry for yourself or waiting to get approvals or likes on social media


. Set yourself free.


I thank God that by his stripes I was healed a long time ago so I don’t get headaches anymore


but if you want to sit there and drink Panadol for a headache you think I should be having? By all means please be my guest…..while I live for an audience of one.


My aim in writing this post is to remind you that only one thing is needful. Don’t let people that don’t matter put you in a box or under pressure to be a certain way.


You need to be strong and realise that once you get approval from Jesus, you will be fine.

Go out there and live your best life guided by the principles in the Word not the conversations on instagram, Facebook and the likes. Don’t let the world change you- who you are or who you live for.


29 thoughts on “#USseries 5: HOW MUCH IS PANADOL?

  1. I’m always first to read(well, maybe almost) without commenting, but today, I must. Wowza! This is so apt, Maama nobody could have said it better. I should remember this always and bookmark this post. Honestly, I’m always thrilled by your ability to subtly rise above negative and naysayers. Inshort lemme meditate more on this. Praying for you…..

  2. God bless you PM, this post came as a word in season and also as a reminder to constantly live for an audience of one and while at it consciously try not to get entangled with the yoke of ‘approval addiction’ and ‘people bondage’.
    You are glowing mama. Xoxo.

  3. Oh I had this comedian then on fb many years ago harangue me on writing so glowingly about Pastor Bimbo. Oh gosh I was soooooo pained cos I really LOVE her. And he said soooo many stupid things I could slap his brain. But of course I ignored him and let the voltrons handle him. Cos he was getting even more stupid, I blocked him.
    Then recently, I had another comic character make noise about my pregnancy photo. Apparently, I shoulda been hiding under the bed praying night and day so that evuu pipu won’t remove the pregnancy that they didn’t put.
    I laughed. Sooooooo hard. How do you hear a joke and not laugh.
    Talk about S T U P I D
    Oh there was a beautiful debate on the post but guess who ‘unlooked’ and went to sleep?
    Nonsense and ingredients….

    When things like this happen, I just imagine how tough it gets for celebs who have all these people constantly all up in their business. All day, every day.
    God’s grace to them 🙂

    Social media sure does give people mouth. Who otherwise can’t even hold a candle to someone’s shadow. You handled it well mama. Silence…
    Biko baby david, we are ready, thank you.

    Hugs and kisses mama


    1. Lol! There are so many of them. More at Pk than me though. He’s the one that gets all the talk. I just never bother replying. I don’t even let my voltrons bother because that’s what they really want. I think it’s hardest for them when they are ignored. Cos I guess it’s the attention they crave.

      Anyway the real issue for me is people who let it get them down and I hope they are the ones I encouraged through this post.

      Don’t let social media destroy your life period. Like u said most of these can’t hold a candle to your shadow.

      N yep David is ready too.

  4. And funny the picture that wants to make somebody lose bladder control is my fave.
    The one where you are frowning.

    Oh I should change my facebook picture to same and see how much panadol will be sold by whatever coys make panadol.


    1. D, I Don dey arrange to frame dat mama pix. For sale. No time. Nne da ibo geh. No time to vex. Jealous Ones Still Envy. JOSE. Some gonna “wun” ( in my thick ibo accent). I will finance the guys panadol tho. N3m clean lending, no collateral required . Onyeoma na panadol extra.

  5. Mama looking dolled up and glowing !
    In matters like these, people talk down on you when they are ENVIOUS/JEALOUS of your TESTIMONIES/VICTORIES.

    Those carrying our matter/testimony for head (in bad light) like Gala hawkers in Lagos traffic ….. How market ? ? ?

    Aaaah foolish Galatians *If am permitted to used that phrase here* !
    “I wonder what consumed their mind set”! ! !

    Smooth Ride and Finishing Grace to you Ma’

  6. Awwww chai, if I weren’t too tired I would have left a long epistle for the sorry little individual but since we are busy with our lives and struggling to finish a letter I started years ago, so I can finally catch the mailman I will ignore him and well pick up on the beautiful lessons… the problems social media brings even with all the fun.. RME!!!
    If I don’t remember anything about this post after now, I will definitely remember that I live for an audience of one, the Almighty one, Alagbara Himself… I really did need that reminder.. wet sloppy mushy sticky long noisy kisses… I love u plenty

  7. Another nice one mama. You live for an audience of one! Yeah! And as for the voltrons just like bishop oyedepo would say No attack No defence just focus and keeping doing what God has asked you to do!
    God bless you!!!

  8. Young man, if you’re reading this, I pray for you this morning, that the Lord will cause you to channel all that free time and energy you have to the mission field where souls are perishing.

      1. My Pastor M, I laugh in tongues when I see people seeking for unnecessary attention. How can people see Grace at work and totally choose to ignore it? How??? Hmmmm, it is well oooo. My mama how are u jare, am so loving you the more joor. For us that see Grace at work n choose to tap into it, may God continue to make it happen for us. Amen! The Lord is your strength ma. We thank God for the good news in advance. Love you plenty ma.

      2. Lol! Funmi. U are the only one that will laugh in tongues. Lol! Love u too dear. Grace will continue to work in ur life. In Jesus name.

  9. I’m not a follower of this blog, though I’ve heard the name “Pastor M” a coupla times from different people, (still don’t know what church she pastors).
    I’m also not a big fan of pentecostal churches and all that comes with it,
    BUT this particular article is not only an eye opener to what I’ve been missing, it’s also a wake up call for me.
    So Christian women can be this open minded, free, opinionated, matter of fact, bold and on top of it all… Love God for real?
    This is exhilarating! Nice one Pastor M.

    1. Lol Nkoli. I’m not even sure what to say but my darling if exhibiting the freedom Jesus died to give us is all these things then I’m totally all these things and more lol!

      One thing I do know is I love God and anyone who loves him is family.

      I do get what you mean by not being a fan of Pentecostal churches. The truth is In the words of Donnie Mcclurkin…. Jesus is a great guy the problem is he has bad PR guys … All denominations have their issues but if you keep your eyes on Jesus we will all be fine 😀

      let’s leave him to judge his servants n his staff 😉

      Hope u drop by again soon.
      Tnx love. I’m really glad you commented.

      I almost forgot. I pastor with my husband pastor Kingsley okonkwo at David’s Christian Centre. You can visit http://www.davidschristiancentre.org
      Instagram: @dcclagos and @dccisland

  10. PM your my dream pastor’s wife…. for your type i doint mind being a pastor’s wife someday lol.

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