#USseries 7: vida turns terrific two

Happy Birthday princess. Two already wow! I celebrate you. I celebrate the beauty of your young life. I celebrate the triumph of your birth. I celebrate the beauty of hope that you bring  to many still believing. I celebrate your quiet strength. I celebrate your subtle determination. I celebrate the gift of you. Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo my first miracle baby  God promised me that my … Continue reading #USseries 7: vida turns terrific two


Okay, so I’m sure you guessed my last post wasn’t planned. It actually shouldn’t have been #3 in the #USseries… Actually it shouldn’t have been… period! Was really sad so i had to put this post on hold to send a word of comfort to my dear hurting sisters. However, today I’m more upbeat. I started this post early this morning then my Pk sends … Continue reading #USseries 4: MY HUSBAND’S GIRLFRIEND