#USseries 2: Puzzling isn’t it?

I love puzzles.


Yes, I’m un-apologetically a glasses-wearing nerd when it comes to puzzles. Word searches, cross words, arrow words, jigsaws, just name it.


One of the reasons why I always have a pencil in my bag, you never know when a puzzle may turn up but if they don’t, it’s not uncommon to find one in my bag…i’m ever ready like that. I even buy them in pocket sizes.

Sometimes, If u see me lost in thought with a faraway look in my eyes more often than not I’m not trying to solve a world problem. Believe it or not I’m probably thinking through a puzzle I saw earlier Lol!

And my baby sister (yes even after two kids I still call her that) shares the same passion. So as soon as we arrived we planned to go after some jigsaw puzzles. In retrospect now I really think we were a bit  too ambitious because we didn’t go after the ones with 100 pieces or even 200 pieces. We passed by the 500 pieces and went straight to the big league 1000 pieces.


We are after all puzzle experts…or so we thought. Besides we wanted the mental challenge. Isn’t that what puzzles are all about at the end of it all.

So we got home, opened the box and boy! Was i scared. The pieces were so tiny. Diche immediately said “are you sure this is a good idea” Okay so here I need to do a quick disclaimer because I’m not even sure whose idea it was to do 1000 pieces. Anyway we both decided we could do this and with vida and dassah in the room poured it all out. First mistake….

Everyone wanted a part of the puzzle. Dassah wanted to pick the ones that had a certain colour. Vida just wanted to pick as much as her little hands could handle and throw them up in the air. By the time she was done it was raining puzzle pieces.


  So we decided to pack up and try again after putting them to bed. Eventually we got around to trying again and fortunately  Diche had started putting some pieces together but lo and behold she was piecing them together on the puzzle box cover. So after being stuck for so long I asked “where is the picture to this puzzle sef?” that’s when we realised we had been piecing them together on the box meaning we couldn’t see and therefore had no idea what we were doing.


I mean how do you put together 1000 pieces of a puzzle when you have no idea what goes where. You need to constantly be looking at the picture for clues. We even stood a chance. Imagine someone who had never even seen what the picture looked like and just collected the pieces of the puzzle from me….1000 pieces!


Hmmm…obviously that person is used to self inflicted punishment.

But isn’t that what we are like though? Always trying to fix a jigsaw puzzle of like a million pieces without even knowing what the picture on the box is like? Now when put in this perspective it sounds crazy but the truth is we worry about things we can’t handle; we fear things we have no clue about and we cry when the pieces we are handed at the time don’t fit.

We forget that the pieces of our lives are in millions and the picture on everyone’s box cover is different. No wonder the bible says


Honestly if you really think about it, we would be less miserable if we just stopped comparing our lives with others.


We don’t all have the same box cover guys!!!!

In my picture marriage may fit first and then children may be no where in sight till much later, someone else may have children fixed first. Another box cover has a great job all splashed out but no husband in near sight. My point being in the end, if we let the one holding the box cover in on the puzzle, it all turns out picture perfect.


Now, remember I told you we made the mistake of letting the kids in on the puzzle? Well, I believe that’s another mistake we make. Allowing people that have no business in on our puzzle. People who don’t have the same vision, who have their own agenda or that don’t understand what we are trying to achieve e.g. false prophets, nosy aunties, domineering parents, “frenemies” or even strangers who claim they know it all just because they can piece together big words and sound intelligent.

Honey, only one person knows what’s on the box and he will download it piece by piece to ….wait for it…. drum roll….YOU!!! Yes you!

Thankfully I was redeemed early enough from all the pressure of competition or maybe it’s just not in my nature. We all have our lanes in this race called life. So, no matter how good your life looks now, oga, park well as far as I’m on my lane, I will catch up. If you got married this weekend, my sister stand well as far as I’m on my lane, I will catch up. After all Saturday still remain for 2015. If your baby came exactly 9 months after you got married praise God for you but I’m still on my lane, I’m almost there. If you just got a car, my opinion? First to buy na old model. Lol!

Set yourself free. Don’t worry.


Enjoy the pieces handed to you and trust the one holding the box….He knows what He’s doing.


In other news, heard Bobbi Christina


daughter of Whitney Houston
and Bobby Brown is now dead. I’m not even going to try to figure this out. You don’t want to hear my thoughts on this matter especially if you know how I felt about her mum’s demise. All I will say guys is stay in church. My personal opinion but hey! Cece’s still alive


and so are her kids. #justsaying.  It’s just really sad though First Whitney now her….it is well.

Okay guys I really should be sleeping o! But I guess it’s excitement. You will probably find out why soon. Later people. The #USseries continues…

44 thoughts on “#USseries 2: Puzzling isn’t it?

  1. You know, you must be a mind reader because all of this why is my puzzle not complete has been running round in my head and I have been wondering why things have you know are just not working the way everyone else’ are working… yes I have compared and I have asked why until I heard joyce meyer speak in that her usual no nonsense way and I finally got out of the funk I was in…. I still intend to blog about it… and yes you manage to inspire me like that… So while the us series are going on, I shall try my hands on sleepless in ibadan or something funny like that… don’t stop thinking, you come up with stories that always manage to have great lessons in them and I always learn… thank you… don’t know why the mailman is delaying o but he is all to blame.. love lots..

    1. Lol! Disemi u n ur mailman have changed o! 2 years ago he was always on time. As per things not working…. Honey ur picture on the box is just different. Stay on ur lane love. As far as we are in Gods hands we always come out picture perfect. Waiting to read that blog post

      1. True I should change the mailman..lol!!! Thank you plenty and yes we are in God’s hands and He is not finished yet….

  2. Thank you Mama for the post. I came just in time when I am beginning to feel ungrateful instead of being for the life and the success in my life’s race.

  3. Hahaha….first to buy na old model! true.

    And true words in general. I had been thinking along same lines recently and this blog post just echoes same thoughts.

  4. Inspiring MAMA always with the right message at the right time, God bless you for this piece.

  5. Great Piece!
    Lol @First to buy na old model.
    Mehn! I’m setting myself free
    Why do I feel/think d excitement is about PK *side eyes*

      1. Lmaoo rotflmao excited that Jesus is coming soon or that God loves you, I am excited that He is coming soon too, more than excited sef…. Man matter just makes for easy sweet gossip not like Jesus isn’t sweet o but you get the drift…

  6. When i was younger(secondary school days),i used to think my academic excellence was about pleasing and making my Dad proud.I love my Dad and He is sacrificing so much.But I forgot he has His own degrees and is already making His own mark/achievements.It followed me to the university and after the first semester my grades started to drop.My grades are getting better now that I realised i am not in competition with Him.
    Mama E’ used to be the first or second to comment on your post(motherhood tinz) .Shoutout to you two, my Gorgeous Mamas(the g just had to be G)
    Please,share the surprise with us oooo.Impatiently waiting for the next post.bye

  7. You see life, PM is there sleeplessly blogging and I’m sleeplessly gisting with Mum and sister. Please who gists from 10pm to 7am into a Monday morning??
    So this post is firstly hilarious; and secondly coincidental as part of our gist was how someone controls things from the backend that is inconceivable to the human mind.
    Great post!!
    Omo make I sleep.

  8. Waoh! This message is soooooo timely! Today I really needed to hear this and I believe my daddy got u to write this letter to me.thanks so much ma.i hear!

  9. Just yesterday or rather the early hours of this morning I was puzzled on why my life seems to be stuck! Felt like I’m still waiting for my life to begin. The feeling wasn’t pleasant. Thank you Pastor M for this piece. I’m am so staying and maintaining my lane! He makes all things beautiful in His time. Kisses to the princesses.

  10. This indeed is a wonderful piece to read. I was introduced to the blog by my cousin and it’s been a blessing to me. I wouldn’t ordinarily comment but what I just read ministered to me.
    We all have different lanes and not having something at the moment does not mean I wouldn’t and I so much believe in this.
    Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful way to start my day.

    God bless

  11. Hi mama thank u for this post, this is my first time to make a comment cos I couldn’t hold it , just yesterday I cried cos I felt I was stagnant , front mba , back nothing nd I couldn’t understand , thank God for u nd dis post !

    1. I thank God for u too bcos ur own type of testimony de sweet pass. Expecting to hear it soon. Keep ur head up love. In his time….ALL things will be made beautiful

  12. Thank you so much ma,for sharing this words with us,its an eye openning God bless you ma.

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