#USseries 1: My journey so far…

Hey people

Finally I’m here. Yes, I know you’ve been looking for me. It’s okay you don’t have to act like you haven’t been checking to see if I’ve blogged or not. Lol! I know you have. So here I am…

It’s definitely been one roller coaster since #3NITSP. I know I owe you pictures. I put a few up on my instagram page @pastormildred but I will put up more on the blog or @justusgirlsnaija instagram page later once I get my system sorted out.

Barely had the time as I left almost immediately after and this America Ehn! It takes a bit to settle down.
Well, now that I’m all settled in and finally stopped sulking like a teenager who’s been sent off to boarding school. I can actually start blogging again. I can promise I will try not to complain about being here but I can’t promise not to whine about being away from my pk. I really really hate being apart from him and away from home but as he says “what’s the option?” so here I am for better care. That’s thanksgiving story for another day.

So where do i start from today? In this year’s US series? Maybe I should just share this testimony of how I got to this place again and believe that you will find YOUR word somewhere in there.

So if you’ve been following i’m sure by now you know my journey to motherhood so far. How after many doctors reports and being the most unlikely candidate for a miracle child God decides as always to use the foolish things to confound the wise and in my case gave me two beautiful daughters but you know our God now, he likes to always go the extra mile so even though I had only been pregnant once my home was filled with the laughter and joy that can only come from two Adorable angels – Hadassah and Davida


That should have been enough right? It should have been enough that God proved to the world and to the enemy that His word cannot return to him without producing result. It should have been enough that he showed us all that He is a dependable God; a reliable God who never goes back on a promise. The fact that my Life is full of pink bows, frilly dresses with belly laughs that can only come from little girls should have been enough compensation for those eight years. It really should be enough that my house is no longer ever tidy or quiet or that my life is so much fuller…busier and that my eyes are no longer ever closed even when I’m sleeping at night. All these should be enough proof that I serve a living God who always keeps his Word- NONE SHALL BE BARREN…none (including me) But you know our God na. Sometimes he just decides to flex and he just chooses whoever he likes to show his power.

Now, for you to understand the next bit of my testimony I need to give you some background information. You see, I’m married to a wonderful man


who if I never gave him a child would still love me the same. He proved it to me all these years because even when I hadn’t entered my rest by handling this in faith, anytime I would cry or worry after another exceptionally bad case of bleeding, or another doctor’s report, would calmly tell me ” I didn’t marry you for children. I married you because I love you” then gently kiss me on the forehead and walk away.

From time to time he would affirm to me you will have my children. Then I decided crying will get me no where and I finally decided to do what my pk had done which was to go back to the word. God spoke loud and clear like he had been waiting for me to finally get it and settle down.

Promises barraged promises. Back to back He kept speaking. Once I was ready to listen my teacher appeared.

“There are two nations in your womb. Two kinds of people shall be separated from your body. One will be physically stronger than the other (one will be male and the other female) ”

“For your shame I will give you double…you are having more than the child-bearing women”

“You cannot be barren. You can not have a miscarriage and I will fulfill the number of your days (all your babies will be carried to fill term”

“Your children will be known all over the world as the ones Jehovah has blessed ”

In the midst of all these I remember one morning after a particularly terrible incident, (trust me very long story you dont want to hear it) God’s word to me

“Don’t worry a stranger will not be your heir but a son from your husband’s loins”

l considered it an outrageous word. 5 years into marriage I was content with a son or daughter I didnt care. All I wanted was a child. My husband and I had always planned to adopt after having our kids so he asked me “does it really matter if we adopt before or after? Makes no difference to me.”

So we started the process and trust me it’s just as hard as trusting God to get pregnant. Anyway finally God blessed me with my first miracle baby. My precious and beautiful Hadassah (my ever green tree) fresh, vibrant, vivacious, full of strength, life and laughter.






My very own…Hadassah Onyeshielibe Okonkwo….with her, I experienced love on a different level but above all she was my lesson in grace.

Today I bless God for my ‘dassah. My constant symbol of God’s grace. God knows I didn’t deserve you. He knows I could never have earned you but He saw my heart yearned to hold you and yours longed for a home.

Our destinies intertwined and with just one look at you I was changed. I became MOTHER…..nay mummy.


My free gift child…


Today all grown up and beautiful.


Could I ever ask for more?
My pk was so satisfied. Every day he was blown away by how special and gifted she was.


Then before we knew it. Still basking in the miracle of one child. The Holy spirit announced go and do a test. Out of the blues? Test I did and…for the first time in my life….MY WOMB WAS NOT EMPTY.

I was in shock and it was like a dream. My mouth was filled with laughter and my heart with praise. I like Elizabeth hid myself and kept asking “is this how the Lord has chosen to deal with me?”

I didn’t feel pregnant. I didn’t throw up, I didn’t spit, I didn’t swell, no aches and pains, nothing. All I had was a scan and a big tummy. But believe it or not another miracle baby popped out one month before I was ready.


She was a different kind of miracle. With this one I had battle scars. I had physical proof that once again We had overcome and the victory was won.

Davida Ifechukwunyediche okonkwo.





Gentle yet brave. Silent yet very strong. She was proof that resilience in God’s word would always produce.

She gave thanksgiving a whole new meaning. She gave hope to many and resulted in a lot of birth stories.

People could once again believe because they saw proof that it was impossible for God to lie.

My pk was more than content. Two beautiful, smart and healthy daughters who adored him?



What else could a man want? “Baby I’m fine o! Wetin you de find?” he would tease.

“E still remain one was always my answer” I had a baby boy box packed for almost 9 years what was I to do with that? I had promises of a son. What was I to do with that? Besides my pk always taught us that it is pride to refuse to accept what God is offering us.


Abi DCC people no be so?

So I just kept thanking God for my son and once again while joking around with some people I took a pregnancy test as a laugh and shock of my life I was pregnant. No clue whatsoever. So I started shopping. Buying blues and greens and yellows.

Pk decides to tease me “this one you are buying boy things you don do scan?” “Ehn? Rough play o! Abeg stop am! It can’t be anything else o!”

Anyhow I knew what God had said and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…. a son from my husband’s loins…
So I relaxed and out of gratitude began to glow….



I had an amazing team that refused to let me escape another baby shoot. A few pictures enjoy….








Thank you my amazing stylist Victoria Eruogho aka lady stylista of Lsc designs. @lstylista

Oh! My beautiful and totally gifted make up artist Dupe Bote. I looooooove you. You know abi? @duprinahsmakeover

The incredibly gifted photographers Charles @Cwestfotography and Amine @aminesimageries

Love you guys.
You are an incredible team.

David will have preggy pictures that he can boast about any day. He deserves it. He made mummy so fine. Lol!

So I’m in the US waiting out this birth. Hence the #USseries. Now that this is out of the way…real blogging coming up soon.

In all, I’m just grateful and I hope I’ve encouraged someone out there to hold on. I mean look at me…they said I may never have children….but look… my children surround my table.



Okay guys. I really should be sleeping. Doctors appointment tomorrow.

145 thoughts on “#USseries 1: My journey so far…

  1. Words fail me. I could only comment now because I have being showing everyone that knows me and I have told about PM and her birth story this post. Those that have being trying to conceive, I forced them to read the post. This came as a smoothing balm to me. I got some words from this post that I will hold onto till my testimony manifest. Our God Is awesome. Too faithful to fail. Lovely pictures, great testimony. You look so so beautiful and your daughters can pose. Good things are happening indeed.

  2. …….and that’s how i almost passed my bus stop,reading this post,*tearing*….hmm….Mama,truly,you are graced,its a blessing having you as my spiritual mum,thank you ma for sharing,i’m encouraged.
    # i pray to look this beautiful when i get married and get preggy*yayyyyy*grinning#

  3. Am the tough kinda girl, seen plenty drama and am hardly ever moved. But, anytime I hear/read ur testimony Mama’M , am moved to tears, nose starts doing somehow, eyes too, and goose bumps all over. And the word in my spirit is ” the Word was made flesh”. Am especially grateful that you didn’t try to help God ma (with medical procedures), not saying they are bad o! But mehn, when u hear me preaching it to my colleagues who are waiting for their babies….Ok na! ##BBOD= Bring back our David… We waiting, albeit impatiently…. and anty Eky do me “tospy” yday….

  4. Hmmm! I am touched. I am still believing God for a daughter. After I had my son 8years ago I was told I cannot have children naturally again unless through IVF. I had pressure from inlaws unlike u that had a supportive family. I was disdaned. I held strongly to God. I had an IVF which failed. The following year I took in naturally without knowing I was pregnant. I went for a scan and I was told I was carrying twins but the enemy rose it’s ugly head and I lost them both. I am still holding unto God for his promises. I have been told that I cannot get pregnant again because am over 40 but one thing I know is that God does not take His words back. I tap into your blessings, anointing and testimony. I will be fruitful.

    1. My dear I can’t say if there were pressure from inlaws or not. My husband shielded me well but my dear I had my fair share of back talk, hate mail, attitude and terrible pressure from the most unexpected sources. The key is not to give them power by acknowledging them.

      I hear what u have been told but I can give u 100 women who have gotten pregnant after 40 with kids. A lot of them American musicians n actresses who I don’t even think have the kind of relationship u have with God. Or was Mariah Carey 20 when she had twins? Jlo? Celine Dion? Halle berry? People can just talk rubbish. God is not bound by time. If u want to u can be pregnant again. Don’t mind them.

      U will not be fruitful. U ARE already fruitful awaiting ur testimony

  5. Awesome testimony, mind blowing pictures (Mama and her angels on fire)!
    Came home from work with a heavy heart,read this article and got rejuvenated!
    I can’t stop thanking God for giving me a symbol of the disposition of a woman after his heart. May God continually preserve you and your household for me. Big congrats Mamalove

  6. Ma,your testimony fills me with hope and reassures me that truly God is too faithful to fail. He will surely show up. I’m still in God’s waiting room and trust me,it isn’t easy. but I know that what God has done for one, He will do for all. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I cried as I read this post, I’m crying as I type this comment. From following Eziaha’s blog and yours over the years, I know this story. Yet it seemed like I was reading about it for the first time. I have PCOS too and I’ve recently found myself thinking of never getting married and putting myself through the agony of looking for a child or being with a husband during the heavy bleeding episodes, the last one was in June and it lasted for fifteen days before I cut it off through drugs.
    Yesterday during my quiet time, God told me he’d strengthen me, all I needed to do was obey him. I wondered why that word came, I didn’t think I needed special strength. Now I see it, he knew I was afraid of marriage even though I didn’t know it and with this post that was written days before, he’s shown his loving kindness.
    Thank you for sharing this testimony, our God is too faithful to fail.
    My regards to David, tell him I said hi… babies in the womb can hear, you know

    1. Oh! My darling. Don’t let the enemy do this to you love. Don’t let him in by living in fear I always say that mine was a case of the thing I feared the most but for Gods loving kindness….

      Please be in faith that u will marry a man that will love u thought it all and i mean through it all. Bleeding and all and trust me it can be scary. I remember one time I stubbornly refused to take meds. I bled almost 3 months bcos the silly thing will just continue n only reduce if u are low on blood until my brother who is a doctor almost killed me himself instead of waiting for me to bleed to death. His exact threat words lol!

      I’m here to tell u there is hope. U will marry an amazing man and have all the kids u want. Trust me I know 😊

      David says hi right back. At least I think it was his arm that he raised and poked me. Well if it’s his leg …. Just accept it as a hi back there’s not much room for him to move too much anymore. Lol

      Take care darling. I really am waiting to hear ur testimonies too.

  8. …………..and the one whom the world called barren is now the most prolific. drop…tear drops in the new meaning of thanksgiving. we await the new one.

  9. Thank you so much ma for sharing your testimony. I am blessed and encouraged.cant stop the tears and the smile. Our God is ever faithful. I have testimonies as well but I realise God’s goodness will always make us wonder. Got married 2011 and will be having my miracle son next month putting to shame the devil and terrible doctor’s report.
    Our God is indeed faithful and able to exceed our expectations.Enjoy your blessings and your pictures are beauriiiiiifuuulllllllll.

  10. my comment might be lost in the sea of others but i just have to say that you are glowing ma…your girls, sooo beautiful..God so awesome!
    God is sooo awesome!

  11. U look stunning! D definition of pregnancy glow. I just came across ur story in Eziaha’s blog. Ur testimonies r so inspiring. Can’t wait to draw more inspiration from ur next testimony. I know wat u mean abt battle scars. I had a difficult delivery in March and recently learned I have to have surgery to repair some complications dat followed. I’ve bawled my eyes out since then. But ur words have given me courage. D scars r just physical proof dat we hv overcome and r victorious, my little princess in evidence of dat. Now I know d surgery will be a walk in d park. Thank God for u, I can’t wait to see ur lil prince. Keep glowing

    1. My dear it always ends as a bigger testimony. Whatever the devil meant for evil God turns around for good. We have definitely over come. Thank you dear. Lil prince coming up soon.

  12. Wow! I had such a heavy heart before reading this. God out does himself everytime. I am grateful for you, for Dasah,Davida and David. I am grateful that God’s words speaks and bears fruit. I am grateful that this story has caused my heart to leap. The devil has nothing on us!

  13. Lol! Don’t know why this post came in as a new one in my mailbox but i am glad it did.

    read it and it seems fresh with one constant word resonating ‘the faithfulness of God’

    PM, like you i would testify. I would have my children: Ifechukwude, Ifechukwunyediche and Ifeanyinachukwu.

    No husband, boyfriend at 32 but i judge him faithful.#IjudgeHimFaithful!

    1. Incidentally my mum named Davida Ifechukwude and David ifeanyinachukwu so the three names are my children’s names. If God did for me. He will do for you. He’s no respecter of persons

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