My life in THREE Junes…

Couldn’t hold back the tears as I read this post this morning. God has truly been faithful

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Hi guys. So I know I am supposed to be posting part 2 of WHY AM I STILL SINGLE but let’s put a pause on that for now, shall we? Thanks.

For the past two Junes, something amazing has featured in my life, asides my birthday of course. But first lemme do small Pastor Mildred gossip hehehe.

With Pastor M at CHAYIL CONFERENCE 2014 With Pastor M at CHAYIL CONFERENCE 2014

It dawned on me this week that two years ago at about the same time this amazing something happens, Pastor M was pregnant and glowing to heavens. Jeez that red gown… untitledWhat made the pregnancy amazingly special was the fact that Doctors had said she would NEVER carry a child but 8years into her marriage, ‘…for the first time, my womb was not empty…

#NoWords #NoWords

(Get the message WHAT TO DO WHILE WAITING by PM for more details on the testimony. Still easily one…

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