Lions…bears….and Goliaths!

Woke up this morning feeling very overwhelmed. Lord! How did we get here? Bills on every side. Calls reporting problems and reasons why 3 Nights In The Secret Place #3NITSP is a crazy idea. I’m hanging on by a thread…a thread of faith. A thread… Of the assurance that I know I heard God.

Very tempted to just cancel, get on a plane, go and have my baby then return when the buzz has died down. Lol! Now, won’t the enemy just love that? Unfortunately for him, we are not of them that drawback. I have placed my hand to the Plough and no looking back.


In the midst of all of this, my phone beeps and guess what? It’s been 3 years of blogging. We’ve been here three years and we survived…. Because God was with us.

So, it made me smile and it made me think about David the shepherd boy, sitting at the backside of his father’s country home keeping the sheep


then he sees a bear making away with his precious sheep or perhaps it was the other time when he saw a lion with one of the baby lambs. David went after both lion and bear and killed them. Because the Lord delivered him. So, to him Goliath was no different.

Just thinking back at all our past Just Us Girls Naija meetings and how God was with us, all our bills paid, all our needs met, then all the testimonies from those meetings….i fall short of words. How dare I even feel like this? Feel like I’m carrying the weight of these meetings, like I even have a hand in this? I repent Lord and as always I step aside in absolute trust.

It’s funny now I look back I actually should have stayed counting my blessings because even with bills overwhelming cash in hand, I have testimonies that far outweigh the cost of these meetings. I mean how does one quantify the cost of a miracle child? Women who thought they could never have a second chance at love, happily married and settled in with their boaz. I’ve seen God move at our meetings, we’ve been blessed at every turn. Walk down with me to IMELA 2013 or were you AKIKITAN-ized in 2014? Then get ready these 3 NIGHTS IN THE SECRET PLACE will change your whole life.

It’s exactly one week from now guys and some of my favourite music ministers will be there. Some of them are actually like family to me. Don’t miss babz carpenter


Ibitayo jeje


Minister Ighosa






Wale Adenuga


And just to further annoy satan I’m throwing in two more anointed ministers. They are family, My people…u will love them.



out with his new single Osubare re. U get to hear it first at #3NITSP

Then my very energetic Jamie Wonder.


If you have a great memory you will remember him from our JUGN Conference I AM NOT MY HAIR.

Okay guys, I owe u at least one more post before the event starts but please invite people and show up on time so you get good seating.
Please be there….

We’ve slayed lions and bears. I’ve got a really good feeling slaying Goliath will be much better.


Love you

24 thoughts on “Lions…bears….and Goliaths!

  1. Ma,the Devil is a big liar….he can’t rob me of my blessings and testimonies…3 Nights with the King is a done Deal!!!

  2. True that, Mama. We are not of them that draw back, so #3NITSP is here already. Like David, we would not just slay this Goliath; we would raise Giant-Slayers!

  3. Hahahaha… Laughing @ the devil.. We’r the kind that don’t give up or throw in the towel, we go all out!!! Mama, all this “seemingly” obstacles just show how amazing this program will be! Im so excited!!! And the testimonies that will come in afterwards.. Whoop! Whoop!!! So gonna be part of this awesome program.. #lemme go get my dress code in order# #as I would be streaming live 😌😁 #IT peeps should behave o! 😒

  4. I must be there LIVE !
    The testimonies outweigh the whatsoever cost….
    The Lord is your strength Mama !

      1. Hahahaha. I doubt. I have already borrowed momsie for those 3days ooo. Not coming to play esp day 1. No distractions. Maybe day 3. MAYBE

  5. PM, I can’t find the details (date and time) of the event on this post…or maybe I missed it? God bless you ma.

  6. Glory! Wondering if there is provision for live streaming on the internet. God bless you Ma.

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