Hi guys.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails, text messages and BBMs all asking about 3 NIGHTS IN THE SECRET PLACE.


I promised I would address them so here I am. Was working in another blogpost but this seems more urgent, so I will be back with that later.

For now, here’s what you need to know about 3 NIGHTS IN THE SECRET PLACE #3NITSP.

1. It is a 3 day event as the name implies. So it will be running from Friday June 19th to Sunday June 21st. As the name implies, all evening meetings.

2. Friday evening June 19th will be When Women Pray. This is the only night we will be praying. We will be holding on to the horns of the altar and making intercession. It will be a night of prayer and worship. Come with all your prayer requests, everything that has been heavy on your heart and under that corporate anointing I believe there will be definite answers. Please note that will be the only day we will be taking out time to really pray. The meeting will start at 6.30pm to give people who have to be at work ample time to make it back in time for the meeting. #lagostraffic

Dress code: jeans (skirts of pants. Anything is fine)  There will be JUGN tee shirts for sale for those interested in identifying with the event. It’s also a great way to give to the event. Here’s what they will look like.


If interested please call 08077714411 or 08037770384 to book yours. It’s N2000 only.
Babs carpenter


2. Saturday evening June 20th will be WHEN WOMEN PRAISE. A night of testimonies and praise. We will have some special testimonies from people who have been blessed from past meetings. Please if you have a testimony to share. Please send me an email on dccpastorm@yahoo.com we won’t have enough time to take so many so we will pick only a few. That night is also your chance to dance and praise God for answered prayers of WWPray. We will commence at 4.30pm and it would be advisable to come early as the meeting will close early as well to enable ladies get home on time. #lagossecurityissues

Dress code: African. So it’s totally up to you. A simple ankara dress, ankara pants, adire blazer, George, lace, brocade, chiffon iro and buba, silk boubou. Anything. As far as you can praise God in it comfortably.
Ibitayo jeje


Minister Ighosa


4. Sunday Evening June 21st : The Grand Finale – WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP. This is probably the night most of us are familiar with. It’s a night of total surrender, a love affair with Jesus, total self abandonment, a night of rededication. A night of miracles. Trust me When Women Worship….anything can happen. I can’t even begin to explain what to expect. Just come with a heart hungry for God.

Dress code: shades of green. Anything green. Why? Green represents life and hope, it represents freshness, it is a sign of fruitfulness and growth. As opposed to red, green signifies safety. It is the color of free passage in traffic. Green is a statement of a wealth and prosperity. So we are using it as a symbol. A sign that we anticipate after #WWW2015, that there will be revival in our lives,fresh blessings, fruitfulness and growth. It is our declaration that we expect a free passage of good things.
If none of these work, then wear it cos it’s pretty 😉




And Wale Adenuga.

Oh! And I will be there too. Big tummy and all lol!

Please do not miss these three nights for anything.
You know how we do, lots of freebies ladies.
Spread the word. Invite a sister.
More information  on the ministers later.
Take care guys. We will talk soon…

Oops I forgot
Venue is still the same

16 thoughts on “#3NITSP

  1. Yayyyyyy!!! I’m so excited Mama. I remember posting abt JUGN2015 on my IG pages a few weeks back. It was a great time of worship in God’s presence last year at the JUGN programme. Ladies if u missed the programme last year, pleaseeee don’t miss it at all. I mean all 3 days.


  2. I love this program so much, because it’s a special time to celebrate my birthday which is 20th and I’m so excited that such a program is coming up. Thou I’m not a full member but I must be there. Pst MK KEEP THE FLAG FLYING. YOU ARE BLESSED. And I tap into your big tummy ministry, that God will give me a special birthday Baby gift. Cheers


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