Ready or not, here I come!!!

I know you are supposed to count to ten but have you ever played a really exciting game of hide and go seek? Especially if the house you are hiding in is one you are not familiar with? Count to ten ke?! That would mean giving the person hiding more time to hide and that would make finding him or her more difficult.

Funny enough that’s the only time I remember hiding being fun. Every other time I hear the word hide it immediately conjures the image of something  fear related. Wait! Just take a moment to think about it. Why do you hide razor blades when you have children in the house? Why do you hide your favourite shoes from your younger sister who wears the same size as you anytime she visits? Why do you hide your money if you just found out your maid has sticky fingers? Why do you keep checking your husband’s phone when you find out his new colleague is not as ordinary looking as you hoped? No need to answer, I will tell you why in exactly one word: FEAR.

Fear makes us hide. Fear that our kids will hurt themselves, fear that your sister will borrow and misuse of worse still, never return. Fear that your maid will not only help you but help herself. Fear that your husband will cheat on you. It’s all FEAR.

Ask Adam, he was the first to ever experience fear and what did he do? He hid.


“When the cool evening breezes were blowing, the man and his wife heard the Lord God walking about in the garden. So they hid from the Lord God among the trees.”.       – Genesis 3:8 (NLT)

Adam hid because he was afraid.
He replied, “I heard you walking in the garden, so I hid. I was afraid because I was naked.” – Genesis 3:10 (NLT)

He hid because he was afraid. Why was he afraid?  Because he just discovered he was naked: exposed and vulnerable before God.

No one likes to be that exposed or vulnerable before anyone. I’ve counselled couples who hide things from each other and wonder why they end up having issues. Hide salaries, phones, extra incomes, passwords….just name it. All because they don’t want to be vulnerable before the other person. Why? Because they are afraid….of being hurt, disrespected, betrayed…I can come up with a million reasons but the bottom line is fear drives us into hiding.

I remember a few months back my husband and I went house hunting. The realtor took us to a house he considered a major find. The house looked normal by all standards till we walked into the master bedroom. In that room was a secret place. You see, the wardrobe had a false wall that led into a secret room where you could lock many things and hide. I’m guessing from armed robbers and hired assassins. But for me, it felt more like a prison than a safe place.

We all have secret places. We all have hiding places. We have them because we are afraid. They are not necessarily physical locations but they are just as real. And exist nonetheless. A lot of times its a hidden place in our heart where we don’t allow people into especially if you have been hurt before.

Interestingly God has a secret place

but the beauty of it is its not just a secret place it’s a safe place. It’s the only place where we are encouraged to hide in. Why? Because when we hide there it’s not because we are afraid, it’s because we know we are safe. You don’t feel like a prisoner, you feel safe and free.

It’s not a physical location. It’s a state of the heart. It’s the one place I love to be. It’s the very heart of God. It’s a place of intimacy. A place of worship.
So now, let me officially invite you to When Women Worship 2015 #WWW2015


This year we are doing things just a bit differently. You know how I love being extravagant with God? So instead of one day…Be honest is one day ever enough? We are making it a 3 day event. I’m excited are you? 

I’ll be back with more details soon. Love you guys so much.

6 thoughts on “WHERE ARE YOU HIDING?

  1. The era of fear is gone, if we must do the hiding game,

    It MUST be under the Secret Place of the Most High God…….
    So excited ! !
    JUGN loading…………


  2. Yayyyy…..itchy for details. Meanwhile “we” ask for Nathaniel Bassey to be the main one – for a 4hrs event, 3hrs for Nath to lead, 1 hour for others 🙈


    1. You were on the spirit love. Nathaniel was billed for the event but unfortunately he won’t be in town. However I can guarantee you that the ministers this year will blow your mind. Get ready!!!


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