I’ve worn glasses for about twenty five years of my life and it has always been because I was short-sighted. It just suddenly became harder to see things that were not up close. I had no idea what the problem was, in fact I had no idea that I couldn’t see that well until the optometrist tested my eyes and fitted me with a pair of trial glasses. I was shocked at how clear the whole world suddenly became. I could see colours in all their splendour, blurred letters became visible words, ants passed by and I noticed. Butterflies became distinct from moths. Finally I could distinguish between deadly Mosquitoes and harmless flies.  I now saw men as men and no longer as trees. I could see….

My glasses soon became my best friend. They showed me the beauty of the world in all its splendour and need I say…..clarity. I went no where without them, read nothing, did nothing of great importance without them. I was often known to fall asleep with them perched firmly on my nose. They were good to me and I decided to return the favour. My glasses deserved a makeover and so I traded in my nerd glasses (who was to know that they would one day be the rave) for what I considered more stylish. I invested in designer frames, packed on the colours and had as many pairs as I could find space for.

Then one day…..

It only takes those three words to turn around a situation or to change a story. These three words changed mine.

 That one faithful day I went in to see my optometrist and on his shelf was something I considered the most profound invention ever made. It was a tiny little thing that promised to do the same thing my ever faithful and reliable glasses were doing without the discomfort of weight on my nose or people knowing I couldn’t see. The amazing thing was I could finally be blue-eyed or flutter hazel eyes depending on my mood. It was unbelievable…. contact lenses.


And so began my love affair with contacts and before I knew it my glasses were a distant memory.

Not only did I become so committed to contacts I literally became a raving fan. I would tell anyone who cared to listen how wearing glasses was so last season. It was practically unthinkable to me that someone would have the option of contact lenses and still pick glasses. I tossed my glasses aside and forgot them especially when I discovered dailies which meant no fuss with cleaning solutions. Just wear one and toss aside. Oh! The convenience…. amazing. Don’t forget I got to pick my eye colour too *pure heaven*

So I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this? Be patient. Almost there.

Everything was going fine,
Then one day….

It was a Sunday morning I got ready for church. Picked a clear pair of contacts. Put on some makeup and off I went to church. As I was walking into church, a small breeze blew past my face and disaster of all disasters….at least to a contact lens wearer…..I got dust in my eye. My right eye to be specific. Horrors!!! All the alarm bells went off in my head. My eyes felt like someone had thrown a bomb in it. It immediately turned red. Everyone around me could tell I was in distress. I immediately got them out and unfortunately my eye was already too irritated and painful to put another pair in.

So there I was in church. Thinking I’m going to miss the whole service because I won’t be able to see anything. So I wouldn’t really enjoy the service. Then I remembered….

I remembered I had a pair of glasses that I didn’t really like but it would have to do. It took a few minutes to find….

Once I did. I remembered again why I was so in love with them in the first place. Sure it kept people from seeing my eye makeup but it also kept the dust out of my eyes. It protected me.

Getting into a relationship with God for the first time can be like getting fitted for your first pair of glasses. Everything becomes clearer to you. Suddenly you can see. Protection guaranteed and you feel like you can’t possibly live without Him….then life happens. ….

You get a new job, a new car, a husband, children. Good things but they distract you…all you need is one disaster….one speck of dust. you lose your job, an accident, a divorce, infertility….it could be any speck of dust but it kind of gets into your way then reminds you that you have something or in this case someone you should not have let go of in the first place.

You suddenly remember your glasses: your relationship with God. Thankfully with God there are always second chances.


He will patiently wait till you get back to him and he will go right back to helping you….see.

Today, even if I wear contacts I always have a pair of glasses on me. I’m not letting go ever again….and I don’t think you should either 😉

Don’t ever throw your relationship with God to the background. No matter how carried away you get. Don’t let a disaster be the reminder you need. Let this blog post be a gentle warning breeze this morning.

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there


especially those still waiting to carry their bundles of joy. It’s only a matter of time but I know like I know my name that you too will share the same glow I carry now


. God bless you all.

9 thoughts on “DUST IN MY EYES

  1. Ghen ghen!!! True true my mama is blogging, yayyy!! Sweet subtle reminder, I won’t leave my glasses behind, through all the good things that come my way… God bless you too. Mwahhhh


  2. The thought of inserting something else into my eyes scares the life out of me. My ‘old mama reading’ glasses is just fine.


  3. You re a Blessing!!! Just seeing you glowing with that pregnancy is a Prophecy to me…! God is a MIGHTY God.
    The EBUBE DIKE that makes diviners mad!!!


  4. I can definitely relate. I’ve worn glasses since JSS1 and was so excited about contacts till the day I chopped some pepper, washed my hands and decided to wear my contacts. My eye was literally on fire. I still wear contacts but I’m soooooo careful now!
    Great reminder not to stray from the Blesser of the blessings…Something that’s so apt for me right now…
    Plus, PM, would you please get preggers every year…It looks so great on you!!!! 😀


    1. I know….pepper and glasses don’t go together at all. I still wear contacts too but I have a deeper respect for my glasses.

      Lol! At getting preggers. I’m sure you will look even better so I’m rooting for you to do it every year when the time comes. #waitingtopassonthebaton


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