The kick…

Hi people,
Actually I think I should really be saying good morning. Not just because it’s 5.30am in the morning but because as they say, “it’s your morning whenever you wake up.”

So, I got a serious wakeup call this morning. It’s not like anything major like life threatening or earth shattering but it was more like a firm yet soft kick.

Let me back up  a bit so you’ll get a better picture. Okay, so early this year I found out that the Lord had decided to do me a GOOD THING so despite the doctor’s ” there are no guarantees that because it happened before it can happen again naturally…” there I was pregnant…again!

Did I hear you say Praaaaaaise God!!!? You can say that again. Better still just take a minute to help me say a proper thank you prayer


to the God who is never limited by doctors reports or their uncertainties 😉 the one who does it again just to show the world it wasn’t a fluke.


That if He did it before He can and will do it again.

That’s my confidence that He cannot change in your situation. He’s the same God so you are bound to still testify.

Anyhow before y’all awaken the preacher this morning, 😀 I was saying there I was with a beautiful thing. The enemy came up with many challenges but that’s story for another day. However, I suddenly realised that with this pregnancy I had a really unique “morning sickness” no I wasn’t throwing up or anything like that. I was just allergic to being on blog ville.   Hilarious right? But true.

So I kept away but today while I was asleep I felt my baby (all you twins prophets take note of the singular term BABY #nuffsaid) kick. It wasn’t a flutter or any other kind of back flip movement that this baby has been known for. It was a firm and very strong kick…

A kick to say….
Enough is Enough!
Enough is enough?! I thought. Yes! Enough is enough my baby seemed to say. It’s time mummy, get back to work. Get back to life. Stop using me as an excuse not to do what you find so much joy and give so much joy doing. Enough is enough!!!

So here I am guys. Back to work. Back to blogging. I’m back baby….lets do this. #warfaceon

So guys get ready cos I’m going to have to make up for being away for so long. I apologise to all who sent me emails, text messages, BBMs, tweets and those who harassed me in church and anywhere they could catch me.
I will definitely make it up to you guys. And since we really didn’t get to have any Just Us Girls Naija programmes yet, I have a surprise for you get ready….

I will let you in on it tomorrow

Gotta run guys but be sure of this one thing… I’m back and better and bigger (excuse the pun)….

Love you ,
Signing off with one of my “the glow” pictures. Pregnancy fit me sha lie no good. Lol!


45 thoughts on “The kick…

  1. Yayyyyyyy!!!! She’s backkkkkk!! Ghen ghen. Who am I to remind you of all the I am back and better then disappear again moves (running away) That’s how I have been up since 3am trying to finish the assignment you gave me, that is what I call a serious kick, I haven’t recovered. Glad to have u back, let me go dust off my pretty outfit and pumps to cheer u on this joy ride. *mamaglow* hehehe!!!

      1. Mama is it true, do you mean it?? She can’t run after in this state jor, so let me stroll away.. heheh!!

  2. Awwwww…same God, new deals! We celebrate with you ma.
    Ehen, ackshually, you should have signed off with ma picshure na? It’s a new post, on a beautiful Friday morning…my birthday!

  3. Congrats officially mama. Glory be to God whose word never fails. Can’t wait for my baby to kick too. *excited* Keep glowing with pride. Luv u ma

  4. Mama…
    Can’t wait for all the exciting things coming up.
    But I really miss your blog ooo esp how it was when u just started blogging… u had a ton of stories or should I say parables.
    Mama be back biko… 🙂

  5. Am so soooooo super over happy for u Pastor M, God is really great. am glad u are back cos I have really missed u ma. ur testimony gives me comfort & straightens my faith in Christ. keep shining ma. pregnancy looks really good on u.

  6. I couldn’t help smiling when i read the part you were pregnant again. If there’s anything I have learnt about God, He does His things so the whole world can know it’s really Him and no one else. You share a similar story with my mum. All glory to God and you’re definitely glowing.

  7. Yeeaaaaaaa !
    Blossoming Mama
    Only God knows how many times I’ve refreshed this home not just blog
    Amazingly, just at the right time today…….not just an update but a good news
    Opening the link with a smile, then wider one reading to the point,
    ……Lord had decided to do me a GOOD THING…….
    I’m hailing Baba God, that disgraced Doctors reports, once again.
    Just Us Girls Naija programmes…….. Loading ………!

  8. Good things are happening to us indeed. Was in Awe of this God when I read and saw how beautifully pregnant you are. You are my testimony and I will testify too. You look great mama. Welcome back.

  9. Congrats to you Pastor. Yes, pregnancy fits you. Now i know why u have not been blogging. Happy for you. Believing God for my own.

  10. Yaaaaay Pastor M… I am so happy. This our God ehn, He has no comparism at all. Congrats Pastor M and you are glowing.

  11. Congratulations Mama and welcome back ma. I was just telling someone on Friday how I have missed your posts. This is also a wake up call for me. Thank you Mama.

  12. Congratulations ma. Am the lady that posted on how I discovered I was pregnant after akikitan have delivered a baby boy.

  13. congrats Pastor M,am so happy.i have been reading your blog for about a year.i was wondering if i had to walk up to you in church and harass you about your “break”.Thank God

  14. Yipeeeeee.!!!!!!!!!!!! rolll out the red carpet…..pop the wine.heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy. let d celebration begiiiiiiinnnnnnn.
    i dont even know if im celebrating the long awaited post or the baby news or both. but in actual fact ,i was more sure of the baby coming( #na God now, e no dey sleep) sooner than this blogpost. since mama hit us with the 30day marathon posts, my vision saw cobwebs building up again for a while.
    please dont go away again, else mama, we’ll make you write up a baby book , a redefined baby book with d invented morning sickness..blogophobic or bloggy nausea….lol.
    im so elated to be here again. reading, meditating, just being happy, breathing fresh air here men…its fresh oxygen.

    1. Lol! I didn’t plan to disappear o! It just happened. But I’ve learnt my lesson. With all these threats trust me it’s safer to blog o! That book will be major punishment. Lol!

  15. congratulation ma, i cant wait to see this bundles of joy*HUGS*,may God strengthen and give you more courage as u do this work.

  16. Good Morning ma, pls i want to confirm the date for WWW this june so i can schedule it in my calender. Thanks and God bless

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