Drive Defensively

Yaaaaay!!! Day 29


I honestly cannot believe I did this! I actually survived this….

Another lesson: if you can think it, you can do it. If you can dream it you can achieve it! Hmmmm….imagine the kind of things I’m dreaming up now.

I’m actually doing this post at the airport enroute Naija. Honestly can’t wait to be home. I’m the only one I know who goes on a vacation and needs a vacation just to recover from the vacation. I never understand how people rest on a vacation. I end up being even more stressed ‘cos I’m either shopping or cooking or working….Lord have mercy

Okay so right now I’m badly in need of a full body aromatherapy massage. The kind that you sleep for at least 2 hours after on the massage table. Oh! Wishes…horses….

Anyway, i’ll soon be boarding so let me quickly share my thought God today and tomorrow we get to do a dilemma post…who knows since its the last day of the challenge maybe I just might throw in an extra post….but just maybe…

So I had an interesting day today. After all the drama of last minute shopping, packing and checking in. We decided to grab a bite and headed to Dubai mall for Assia in Wok’s Nasi Goreng (amazing with extra chili)


. We finished eating and on our way back to the apartment, the taxi we got into had a collision with a coaster bus. Interestingly this kind of accident would have never happened in Nigeria and i’ll tell you why.

Outside the country everyone drives like just because I won’t break traffic rules, the person beside me too won’t. Typical case in point, our taxi accident. So you know how if you are driving and you want to make a turn, it means you should be on the very last land closest to the turn right? Well for some funny reason the guy in the coaster wanted to turn and stayed in the middle lane. Our taxi driver saw him turning from that lane and just kept driving straight as if to say this guy can’t honestly be doing anything that stupid and instead of dodging him, he just stayed put and allowed a collision.
This is why I say it won’t happen here in Nigeria because one of the first lessons you learn once you start driving in Nigeria is to drive defensively meaning drive like everyone else is crazy and you are the only sane one. No one in their right Naija mind will see a coaster bus running into their car and say he’s not on a turning lane. Hahaha haha
You know what I got from the drama?

This Message: in 2015 drive defensively. Don’t allow terrible things happen to you under your watch. Don’t assume the other driver is watching you.


Once you see satan and his tricks heading toward You, abeg dodge. The truth is he’s not that original, if you look closely enough you will see that the sin is still the same even if the temptation style now differs. The end result is still the same even if the means may differ.


Guard your 2015 like a hawk. Keep satan, frenemies, excuses, Bad relationships,  procrastination, etc away from entering your lane. Horn loudly if you have to. 

I’m already excited about 2015….it just has a good feeling.


Okay guys post challenge finale when I land. 


Love you 

5 thoughts on “Drive Defensively

  1. Mama let’s just enter 31st na…

    Whoop whoop
    Don’t disappear in the NY oooo. We have go’en used to this…

    And ah!!! Thank you so much for the baby shopping. Sooooo excited.

    And ah!!! Vacay after vacay… Mehn!!! Goodluck getting that 🙂



  2. I am almost afraid for day 30 o, can we rewind small?? “Shaking it off” nothing jare, I have this good feeling that in 2015 you will blog as in over blog go just dey do you and I won’t miss reading your write ups, because you will always be there, I just have faith *straightface* . Ehen defensive things, chai I am feeling you on this one and I agree, e get as 2015 just dey smell, it smells good *wink* #excitedmuch. For one brief minute I was wondering how we were supposed to crossover without papa, as in e for no funny o, glad your are back (well on your way). All road leads to home, I need me the word for 2015.


  3. this post got me laughing in stitches..tempting eve with a different style but same results. i so love the graphics. even though I should be eager about 2015,i’m seriously not looking forward to the end of this month as the 30(or 31) day commitment is coming to an end.. Mama’s blogging a continua next year ???? if no consistent blogging, mama remember many spirits willl be crushed, millions of hearts broken, …i’m trying soooo hard to get the best words for a proper blackmail(lolzz)….many tears will drop( i hope its working), many of us will have no refreshing relief afta a looooong day at work (oh nooo)…i need more blackmailing words(now i feel like i’m crucifying Jesus all over again).PM commited jeje on her own o, and now Judas is making non-blogging feel like a sin. the long and short is , Mama , we need this blog actively active. More than you can ever imagine.


  4. Beautiful post, I got laughing out loud with this line, ”Once you see satan and his tricks heading toward You, abeg dodge.” he he he

    Yes o, we got to watch and pray…drive defensively indeed.

    Bless you dear +


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