Unanswered Prayers

Day 28


I’ll keep it brief guys

I’m in one of those pensive moods


where I’m meditating on the goodness of God. I just read a post now on http://www.msgiddy.wordpress.com and it got me thinking…

I’m thankful to God for mistakes I ALMOST made, for people who left my life, for every  single prayer unanswered …or should I say that seemed unanswered.


I’m thankful for those who broke my heart and all the hearts I broke. I’m thankful for the ones who almost got me to the altar…but for God. I imagine how different my life would have been.


I wonder if I would have ever felt fulfilled with anyone else
At the time I prayed, cried, fasted and consistently asked God “why?!” today I have a tiny glimpse of why.


My point? Don’t question God. You may have the pieces of the puzzle but God holds the cover box and the cover box holds the picture. So just trust  him. It may not make sense but trust  him enough to be truly grateful for every “unanswered” prayer


Good night guys or should I say good morning even though I’m off to bed now 😀

Love u
Talk to u later

5 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayers

  1. The story of my life right now…Spoken like you saw the content of my heart Mama. Been following religiously but I just had to comment today…Our God is indeed faithful and He works in mysterious ways! Love you Mama.

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  2. My blog got a feature (running around in my anniversary suit) hahaha!!!

    Thank you plenty because I needed to read this and I know someday all of it would just be tales and another reason to thank God. thank you, big kisses.


  3. GOD is indeed all knowing and HE does move in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

    Truly we cannot question GOD and we don’t give Him deadlines or conditions…yes we have faith and proclaim Good positives but ultimately we should surrender to His divine perfect will…..and there we have peace, contentment, joy and gratitude for all things even the seemingly unanswered prayers.

    Thanks for sharing dear…

    GOD bless you big +


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