Start First

Okay guys I promised I would be back….here I am.

Day 27 guys. 3 more to go. I can’t believe it. It actually felt like from the very beginning when I put up that I would do a 30 day challenge that I was automatically setting myself up for failure. A whole 30 days?

I came up with all the reasons why it was a crazy idea and it would never work but look how good God is. I’m almost done and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself that it actually feels odd not to blog everyday. Hmmmm…is it possible that this may continue in the new year? hmmm…you’ll have to just wait and see…lol! 

I’m just very thrilled. You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you set a goal and it actually looks like not only is it achievable but you are actually so close to it that you can almost touch it.

I honestly had no clue I could do this especially with a vacation somewhere in between, two babies, parents and husband in tow, etc, etc

So my biggest lesson yet besides the 3D I shared before is START FIRST. Before you start coming up with all the excuses you can muster, just do it. Take that bold step and just start. Don’t do it quietly, be like Joseph the dreamer. …announce your dreams. let everyone that matters and can keep you accountable know about it.
If I had kept my consistency challenge to myself, I would have long given up. but knowing that o had so many cheerleaders who were all waving pompoms I knew I couldn’t give up. At least they wouldn’t let me.

So whatever you are planning to take on In the new year…..just start!
Once you start, it gets easier

Okay guys eyes practically closing.
HBD to my dear dear son, my pita of life.


You are a gift. Love you.


HBD to my lovely niece Kosi. Love you so much


HWA to two of my favourite couples : my baby sister Diche and Dubem Enunwa and wole and shade Fayomi.


Love you guys

Good night

One thought on “Start First

  1. PM for the win!!
    This consistency can go into the new year with you sha..maybe not everyday but a schedule that will work..once a week maybe?
    Would love to see more of you like I did this December(blog wise).
    But for now, i’m glaaad at this! Consistency!
    #just start! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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