Hey people

I know I know…Yesterday’s post? I fell asleep waiting for the pictures for this post.

This is officially day 26 post


Boxing day has always been the major celebration day in my family. In fact for as far back as I can remember, we have always celebrated December 26


over the 25th. I’m sure santa does too


All the major cooking and having guests over was always on the 26th not 25th. We would wake up early to cooking, chopping, cutting, shredding, baking,frying, just name it and eventually end the day with washing plates till late at night and at the end of the day you aren’t even sure you really enjoyed the day never mind all the food around you. And 26th of December was supposed to be a holiday abi?


The reason why the 26th was so special is because my parents got married Saturday 26 December 1970. So you can imagine why that day was always such a big deal.

So this year I got a chance to help them celebrate in style. They came on an all-expense paid trip to Dubai and started off the evening on a Dhow Dinner cruise


and came back to a surprise in their hotel room 😉




*this is the guy that did such a wonderful job in the room



They had fun and I got a kick out of how much fun they had.

Honestly the prayers I have received on this trip. Hmmm….. it’s good to obey God o!


happy anniversary mummy and daddy. It’s been 44 years

and still going strong

Okay guys I will be back with today’s post later today.

6 thoughts on “Honour

  1. Happy marriage anniversary to your parents. Wishing them more blissful years together.
    I’ve been a silent follower of your blog from Warri – stumbled on it early this year. Love your posts – have always found them inspiring and witty. Keep up the good work. Hope after the everyday posts in December we won’t revert to once/twice posts in january.
    Wishing you a merry christmas and may you experience heaven on earth in 2015.


  2. Happy Wonderful 44 years wedding anniversary to your parents Mildred…

    Wow, GOD is good indeed…and such a sweet daughter you are to honour them in this way…

    It is indeed well with you and yours in JESUS name, amen


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