3 D lessons

It’s 23 days into December


and 23 days of consistently blogging and these are the three biggest lessonS  I have learned in these 23 days.

So,because I have like 7 more days to go,


I will say these are the lessons i’ve learnt so far because 7 days is a long time and anything can happen…

Lesson number 1




Once you have made up your mind to do something. You need to stick to it. Look past opposition and see the end.


Jesus gave us the secret….for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. just keep seeing the end it will fuel that decision. I decided to blog consistently and I kept mentally counting down. it’s funny but my workload didn’t necessarily reduce, my kids didn’t somehow disappear…I still had mummy, wife and pastor duty on a daily basis but I had made up my mind I was going to do this.


Once you really want to, you will find a way if not, you will find an excuse

Lesson number 2




Simply put….DONT GIVE UP…no matter what! Make that goal a priority. Let every other thing take a back burner until you achieve that goal…so feeling sleepy? Get up and jog a few laps first. Hungry? Quickly blog first. Need to buy those amazing emerald green heels? Pay your tithe first. I learnt this one from my pk. Once we have made a vow in church, nothing else is done and I mean absolutely nothing else until our vow is paid. It’s really helped me stay dedicated and true to what I set out to achieve

Lesson number 3




Hmmm….this one, contrary to what people believe doesn’t come natural to anyone. I agree some people are more disciplined than others maybe because of their temperament types but I believe even the best of us have our weak moments and its just the ability to move your head from left to right while walking away that separates the boys from the men. A lot of people say I’m disciplined and I simply laugh because I want to just as badly as you do, I’ve just learnt how to talk down my weaknesses. I’m tired and I can’t do another abdominal crunch, I just tell myself one more, just one more and I somehow do one more till I’ve packed in my 1000th.

These three things will help you achieve any goal. Whether it is blogging for 30 days, losing weight, learning a new skill or starting a new business. These are three major ingredients you will need. Roll it up with a mad and absolute selfless love for God and excellence and voila you’ve hit gold.
More tips towards the end of the week but for now hold on to those 3.

Now On a lighter note,
It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t gotten any gifts.


Didn’t you guys learn anything from the three wise men?


Lol! I’m just joking o!

All I want above all Else is please don’t send me any over-recycled Christmas broadcasts. I can’t handle it please


and I’m not in the mood to switch off my phones. I’m asking nicely now….dont let me go all out on you guys lol!


Don’t worry whether or not you send me that broadcast I will have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I promise.

Okay guys taataa


Gotta run
See you tomorrow

2 thoughts on “3 D lessons

  1. Getting my over used, highly recycled broadcast msg ready and just in case you turn off your phone, i shall send it tomorrow, before the networks get crazy and all. Gosh I have been trying to learn all of this the whole year and I still feel like I am struggling. I have had loads of things to blog about but I have a 1000 excuses every time it pops up in my head. So I have written it down and will read it every day until it takes root plus do it too, without works I have no case. I love this piece and u more. Have a beautiful Christmas celebration, kisses to the girls and loads of love to papa.

    Liked by 1 person

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