Because you gave…

Hey guys

Okay so i missed yesterday day 19


so you get two posts today you know the drill na…

Yesterday I got into holiday mood so I slept off and the time difference isn’t helping much :D…it’s lazy me time…

So yesterday started off really good. Woke up late 8am that’s 5am Nigerian time. Tried to find something I could eat, what with all the Asian cuisine…at the end of the day settled for honeyed chicken wings and cornflakes. then off to church – God’s pavilion….and guess what? my pastor rev Femi was preaching. I had a reaaaaaaaally good time Hearing Rev and PK. Father and son


Oh! It was sooooo refreshing to hear my papa preach. Rev just has a way sha. You gotta love him. He turned the whole place upside down and down side up.



Then released the blessing of rest on every side. 2014 is not over. I still have some Last Minute Miracles to collect in this 2014.

Then I did a movie with pk but of course I regretted the movie. I was sooooooooooooo angry with the end of the movie. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you. It’s called ESCOBAR Paradise Lost


… FYI Pk totally loved it …I on the other hand kept wondering what I was doing there 😀

Got in and slept soundly. Woke up and realised I had double work 😦
But it didn’t spoil my morning sha.

Today was #christmas1000timesbetter and oh! My God! I hear it was amazing. I don’t have the full gist yet but I believe that will be the part 2 of today’s blog

I just have a few pictures



And one particular testimony that touched me:

One of the groups said they entered one of the houses and met an old man who was shaking he said he hadn’t eaten since yesterday. That man now has food because you gave.
Thanks guys

God bless you.

See you later with full gist And pictures.

3 thoughts on “Because you gave…

  1. Sipping my beef-erade
    Who gets to listen to Rev and Pk in one sitting? Yes mama I am still beefing.

    Mehn!!! Not eaten since yesterday?
    We should be grateful!!!! Very very grateful.


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