The Stage Is Set

Hey guys

I’m just breezing through. Where did today go? Its 2:10am here. Need to sleep cos although it’s Friday it’s church day over here. So I have to be up early.

Just wanted to let you know, we are already packing





and getting set to officially to make #christmas1000timesbetter for 1000 families


And here’s the testimony we actually hit 1000+ so like I prophesied to Diche we will feed 1000 and still have 12 baskets full

Thanks guys. Yay! We did it
Will keep you guys posted. The actual sharing will happen on Saturday 20th of December 2014 bright and early at 7am
So this is officially day 18


See you guys later
Love u

10 thoughts on “The Stage Is Set

  1. Welldone ma’am… may ur pockets and that of other contributors never run dry. God will surely replenish u’all in a million folds/ways. Amen! And cheers 2 a super blogger… more boast 2 ur spirit. #day18 #whoopwhoop

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  2. Yayyyyy!!! We did it.. just seeing the baskets makes my heart burst with joy. Thank God, I shall make all those people who gave me a tough time about it read this and do them ntoi…. 1000 and then some, God always does God.

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  3. God is blessing life daily through dis ministry…PK tank U SIR for obeying God’s word. I ve bin away for sometimes now but coming bac to meet “christmas 1000 times better” was mind blowing. Dcc is actually preaching Christ. Miss u mama,pls come bacc ooooooo. Merry Christmas ma


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