Call me JOSEPHine…

Hello people

Day 17

I’m in one of those my I don’t want to do anything today…or maybe I should say I don’t want to do anything ELSE today mood.

Woke up at 4am…packed…went out to exercise with my ever relentless fitness instructor…ended up doing more than I planned, the abdominal programs were an unbelievable torment by the time I got to 900 I was moving more in my mind than in my body. To be fair to myself I had a very busy physically and emotionally draining previous day so I guess it was carry over fatigue. The good thing is my “mean” instructor Paul didn’t let me give up so I finished my 1000…went in bathed vida…packed some more then put vida to sleep and off to dassah’s school for some more mummy duty.

I had a great time there and it just dawned on me how much dassah has grown. Yes I know you’re like she’s just three na pastor M. It’s not like she’s about to ship off to uni or sending out wedding invites. 
…eeeerr I beg to differ. the dassah i know and live with may be 3 chronologically but she acts like she’s 33 but hey…I get ahead of myself. I was just gushing over how grown she is because now she actually participates in school projects, singing in carols, doing recitals and dancing ballet.


She was no longer the baby dassah lying in my arms downing 300ml of milk in one seating 😀

I saw her eyes light up when she got her part in the recital, I watched her determined frown as she tried to remember her ballet steps,

I saw how much fun she had in her zone, with her friends and how proud she wanted us to be of her….and we were.
After that we rushed to the airport to check in and almost fainted. This airport is sooooooooooooo hot. Why is no one bothered about that? As in the sweat was pouring down my face and body. Went through all the airport madness and all I want to do now is curl up and disappear into a little corner for the next few days…oh! if wishes were horses…

Anyway I’m off with my family for our official family vacation. We are all excited but I’m guessing “happpu” happiness actually (vida’s nanny) is the most excited. It’s her first time on a plane. She was up so early this morning and had finished all her chores extra early. We’ve all been teasing her about this trip and she just smiles but I know it will change her. 

Why am I blogging about this? I’ve actually found out that giving people new experiences, helping them fine tune and interprete their dreams and funding some of those dreams really makes me happy. I love to nurture people.  I think I’m beginning to see that there’s a Joseph in me somewhere.

What do I mean? My Pk was preaching recently about the three Josephs in the bible…do you see why when I invite you for meetings you should come? I invited you for Last Minute Miracles na. Did you come? Ok anyhow let me continue you can always order the CD thank God for technology. 

So the first Joseph (gen41) represents a dream interpreter, a solution provider. Someone who finds a way to make your dream come true and your life better

The second Joseph is the father of Jesus. He’s a nurturer, he will protect your destiny and connect you with people who can help your destiny. He takes responsibility even when he doesn’t have to

The third Joseph is of arimathea. He was a wealthy man. Who saw money as a tool to make things happen.
I believe that there’s a bit of each in me…at least that’s my prayer daily

It just makes me happy to bless others. What makes you happy?

Okay guys battery low
Gotta post n run
Will update with pictures once I land.
Love you guys

10 thoughts on “Call me JOSEPHine…

  1. I just wish I were u right now, going away to just relax with family but I have to work all through the holidays *wailing*… chai, happy for happu, nothing like a great new experience. Have fun for two. But this was not the plan sha, I suppose be ur extra, just a few kilos of ur extra luggage but in the spirit of Christmas and like Joseph forgave his bros, I forgive u. 😉 big kisses. Have fun, love to my Pops.

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  2. Ha ha, call me Josephine…yes ooo…you do have a bit of each Joseph in you…

    GOD bless your ministry…it is a beautiful thing to bless others indeed…



  3. “Happu in a plane”..sounds like “Osuofia in London”. .lol. im happy for happu. Happus experience just explains Gods favour. She never saved for a vacation or earned it by her sweat. Sure it was never part if her dreams. Simply opportuned to b d one taking care of the right baby at the right time. Happu , don’t get carried away with luku luku n forget say Vida na priority o…lolzzz. Have fun mama. As much fun as a wife n mother can have during a vacation….with the whole clan in tow..whew.

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