Do you care?

Hi guys

Back like I promised.

It’s officially day 15. 


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today. It’s just one of those days where I’ve been still. No, I’m not sad or moody or anything like that (thankfully I don’t have the luxury of such emotions these days). I’ve not even been particularly quiet. I’m still holding regular conversation just not more than usual. When I say I’ve been still, it’s more of an internal stillness

What triggered this? Well, I spoke to someone today and she was very excited about #christmas1000timesbetter


and I was telling her it would be so much easier to do things like this if we had more people on board and she told me she felt exactly the same way and sadly her experience wasn’t any better than mine as she had to promise her colleague some grilled chicken in exchange, he agreed to pay for a few families

I’m amazed at how untouched we are by other people’s lack. How we will hear things like this and go “it is well”. I’m excited about this whole project because I’m excited to see the faces of these people. I’m also excited because it will change the perspective of those who will go into the field to hand out these food hampers.

It will be life transforming. My sister heads the benevolence team at DCC and truth be told I consider her to be privileged breed – never really encountered hunger or suffering up close. Well, her first assignment was to visit a family where one of the daughter’s had just had a child. I’m not even going to focus on the poverty that hit them but get this. The baby was wrapped in a damask wrapper, no diaper or clothes and the “nursing” mother who was complaining about not lactating when asked what she had eaten at 2pm said she hadnt and her last meal was in the morning the previous day.

Now if you haven’t had a child you may not understand this but I found it really sad because she didn’t eat not because she was on a diet trying to get back her pre pregnancy  body back. No! She had not eaten anything because she couldn’t afford to.
People are suffering out there and we really don’t care because we can afford not to.

I refuse to be that person….not just at Christmas…but Christmas is as good a time as any to show love. Afterall it’s because God gave that we have Christmas (john 3:16)


Besides Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive.


Think about it
See you tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Do you care?

  1. May God help us to see our role as the salt and light of the world, because I honestly think most of us are waiting to see a sign or a post before we even think of acting…Lord help us!
    Its day 15 and counting, you can do this PM. Go PM, Go PM, go!


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