Just like I promised. I’m back.
This is officially day 8


Still there? Still hanging in there with me?
This is today’s post

Its not a very long one. Its not even a very deep one. It’s really very simple actually. Probably too simple but here it is anyway. 

I find that too many women live for others. We rarely have the time or energy to love ourselves or live for ourselves

I’m not saying this in the selfish sense of the word. I’m saying this because if we really did love our selves there would be fewer ladies bleaching, fewer committing suicide, developing mental problems, fewer women eating themselves to obesity either because someone who didn’t deserve them in the first place broke up with them for someone who can’t hold a candle to them.

The real problem is once we are born we live to please mummy and daddy, then we live to please a young man so he can marry us then we settle down and we think we need to earn our children’s love and respect then we need to be sweet grandma. By the time we realise that it’s too draining to live like that we die.

My post today is advice I’m giving myself too

Love yourself because no one else will. If you do, everyone else will fall in line

So what to do? Grab your mirror


and take a good look at yourself and say
” mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?”.


Before your mirror can answer shout at the top of your lungs. ” I am! I am! God loves me…and His is the only opinion that counts ” then blow yourself a kiss…..and relax. stop trying to prove to the world that you deserve to be loved.
Good night guys

Dilemma tuesday tomorrow
Love you

17 thoughts on “LOVE YOURSELF

  1. God loves me, yes he really does. With all these posts every day, this is my BEST December yet. Thank you Mama

  2. Yayyyyyyy, GOD first…

    And then me, me, me…

    Loving this your 30 days blogging consistency…

    The LORD is your strength…it ain’t easy but you can, you will.


  3. Go mama go mama….nice post when you love yourself you add value to yourself,people see that value and treat you the way you want to be treated.

  4. i love me and i am the fairest of them ALLLLLLLL….. any other one is a fake, counterfeit as innn doesnt even exist sef.. *shinesteeth* as you were.

  5. Before d mirror says snow white is d fairest of dem all. ….lol. Lollllllzzzzzzz. D mirror had betr behave cos I have my punch arnd d corner like in shrek 2….lol. wit dis marathon blogging im sure everyones mirror will say “PM is d fairest of em all”. Cos with her inner beauty she makes all feel strong and beautiful. . Ok, ok…I wont punch my mirror for that.
    Wen d all round stress levels hit the roof, I just take a breather by thinking ” hey girl, u need dis body n soul for you o”. Wit dat tot, everything else just becomes secondary n I enjoy it while it last. Even if its in utopia for 10 mins only.

  6. I remember some years ago, a BRO in my campus fellowship asked me If I knew how pretty I was (those SU days without make-up o) and I said yes…I have a mirror in my room 🙂 The point is (to everyone reading this blog post) you’re the BEST there is. Love God, Love Life, Live it!

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