7 Mistakes Single Ladies Make

Good morning guys

It’s day 7


It should actually be day 8 but I suddenly became human yesterday πŸ˜‰
Got in from church at 2pm, rushed back to preach at 4pm. Got home at 8pm and said let me catch a quick nap then blog when I get up. When I opened my eyes it was past 12 this morning


I’m truly sorry. So what I will do is blog twice today to cover for day7 and day 8
See what not doing what you should do when you should can cause? You will end up with double the work πŸ˜€

Okay so time for business
My initial plan yesterday was to do a few high points of my message yesterday at LDM here when I got back but as we all know, Mr sleep had other plans * rolling my eyes*

Please note that the term single here refers to the unmarried whether you are in a relationship or not.

This is the most common mistake ladies make. When it seems like time is running out, generally as human beings we tend to get desperate. Unfortunately men can smell a desperate woman miles away and they tend to take advantage of her.Β 
You see the problem with being desperate is that you make poor choices. Ask bros Esau who gave away all his rights as first born for a bowl of asaro (Gen 25:29-33)
Desperate women will stay with a cheating man, a violent man, a lying man all in the hopes of getting married forgetting that you are the one who is actually carrying the blessing he need not the other way round. You carry the favour (proverbs 18:22) you are the king maker (proverbs 12:4) and you are the helper (Gen 2:18)
So relax. Desperation is a sign of a lack of Faith. Afterall if you believe you won’t be desperate (Isaiah 28:16)

This is usually an overflow of being desperate. Most times ladies start out with standards then as the years go by they start to drop those standards.
Some will compromise on everything they want even their values. They even go as far as dating unbelievers because the believers are slacking. They believe they can change him. Only the spirit of God can change anyone. So if he’s a drinker, smoker, womaniser, marrying you won’t change that if anything changes are you will adapt to his ways. To be honest it’s not easier to date an unbeliever. They have expectations in relationships: sex, nude pictures, pornography, etc are all part of the deal because the spirit of the so of disobedience is at work in them (Ephesians 2:2)
Some will practically change who they are just to marry. You know you are very stylish and fashionable. You


know it’s a personal need for you. You know it makes you happy then you want to marry someone who hates makeup, weaves, ladies in trousers, earrings or even perfume. You think you can change who you are and be happy?
Some who don’t ever call their mum will call their mother in law to be three times a day, you know you don’t cook at home but when you go to her house you cook with firewood sef Mscheeew…..
Don’t start what you cannot finish.

This is the most amazing and hilarious of all mistakes. There’s a difference between having standards and drawing up unrealistic lists.
You want a man with the holiness of kumuyi, the faith of Poju Oyemade, the miracles of Chris oyakhilome, the exploits of Oyedepo, the excellence of Paul Adefarasin, be as funny as pastor K and still be tall dark and handsome. Oh! Did I forget he must sing like Donnie McClurkin and have Dangote money?
Only you! And you keep adding to the list every year. Need I say more?
Listen to me there is no such thing as Mr perfect. God will never give you a finished man. Most times what single girl’s are looking for is “a finished ” man and I’m sorry to burst your bubble but a finished man is a married man. The result of another woman’s hard work and prayers.Β 
This is the problem most singles have. The blind man in Mark 8 told Jesus in verse 24 I see men as trees meaning he wasn’t able to recognise them clearly.
Your husband is close to you. Your husband is your friend. The one you talk to about everything yet you say he’s just my friend. You need God to open your eyes. You won’t marry your enemy now will you?

I need you to listen very carefully to the next few words I’m going to write.
If you give a man what he will get if he eats his meal. Why then should he eat the meal. You are a reward. If you give him the benefits of marriage without the responsibility then it would be a case of WHY BUY THE COW WHEN THE MILK IS FREE?
Let him have something to look forward to in marriage. Besides sex before marriage is sin.

When ladies want to get married every one but the guy suddenly becomes the enemy. Your parents, pastors, even friends that will give you good advice.
Hebrews 13:17 is God’s response to this attitude. The people in your life love you and want what’s best for you don’t suddenly start acting like he’s the only one who cares all of a sudden.

Getting married is very important. It’s a blessing but for you as the woman it is NOT A REWARD IT IS AN ASSIGNMENT. The earlier you get this into your head the sooner you will get your head out of the clouds.
The wedding is a romantic experience, to celebrate your love for the benefit of other people and it only lasts one day while the marriage is a lifetime of responsibility to ensure that your love for each other remains intact.
Don’t you think you should focus more on the lifetime relationship rather than the one day event?
Ladies will spend so much on the dress, the cake, the venue, music,food, etc at the wedding and have no clue on what to do in marriage, they can’t cook anything but indomie. I know he takes you out all the time but he will expect you to cook after the wedding in the marriage. Which is just one of the things you will be expected to do.

Titus 2:4 says let the older women mentor the younger wome on what is expected in marriage. So in obedience to that scripture I have something in the oven. It’s called WIFE101 it’s a one week camp for wives to be. Full details next year πŸ˜‰

Okay guys hope I made up for day 7. Will be back later with today’s post. Off to the kitchen to do some of my wifely duties.

See you later.


18 thoughts on “7 Mistakes Single Ladies Make

  1. I’m loving this and look forward to read the blog daily. After reading day one, I decided to start up mine too. Which is working on my weight (which means working out daily and reducing my portions) and ensuring I don’t add any extra kg esp during this festive period.

    I’m loving the WIFE 101 already, PM Pls let’s have d date and details early. I want to fix my leave date for next year during that time cos I don’t want to miss it at all.


    1. Hmmmm…. After u said this. I repent. Im going back to work on my other blog JOURNEY TO SIZE 12. Been consistent with my weight loss regime but not been consistent with blogging about it. Looking forward to reading urs.

      Will definitely let u know on time


  2. hahahhahah!!!! holiness of kumuyi, funny as pk…. heheheh we are asking for too much and adding to that list… no wonder they say married men are the complete package, makes more sense now, but let me just say that mix is not bad sha. did i hear u say camp, chai (my spirit is doing the running man now, from excitment) cant wait. i am slowly getting used to this everyday blogs o, let 30 days not go now then what happened in 1986 will happen again o… lol. i wish i didnt miss this preaching but i am glad u blogged about it. thanks a bunch. kisses. much love


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