What’s Your Excuse?

Hey people we are on a roll…

It’s day 6


How’s your own consistency challenge going? I really hope you can find some positive habit and work on being consistent at it. It changes you. It gives you a glimpse into God’s nature.
God is faithful = consistency
He never changes =consistency
He never leaves or forsakes us =consistency.
He is consistent at everything He does. It’s just his nature. I think that’s why He loves us to be consistent because it makes us like Him. It teaches us not to live by feelings.

Today trust me was one of those days when “the feeling” with which I said I would blog everyday for 30 days had passed 😀
It was such a busy weekend, Friday was so hectic that I eventually slept off at 2am on Saturday morning and by 4am I was up….no my fitness instructor didn’t come (thankfully) I had a leaders meeting by 5.30am, then “the journey” our bible training arm in church by 7am, then EXCELLERATE by 9am, then had to go with my PK somewhere to minister at 12am by the time I got home through the unbelievable traffic (which by the way believe it or not I is still at a standstill this night), my body was practically shaking. I had been operating on 2 hours sleep. I eventually got Dassah and Vida to go bug someone else so I could sleep so trust me consistency in sleep was all I could think of today….but since I had put it out there I Knew I just had to wake up and blog so here I am

I’ve come to realise that if something is important to you, you will find a way if not you will find an excuse. And the bad thing about excuses is that they shut down your mind. Once you find an excuse you can’t find a way anymore. Everything just shuts down. Your mind closes up, your body relaxes and your spirit goes to sleep. If you keep making excuses long enough, you actually start to give up. It’s a bad state to be in…it paralyses.
You don’t believe me? Ask the cripple at the pool for 38 years. Which cripple? Let me help you.

Follow me to the book of John chapter 5 verses 1-9
“Afterwards Jesus returned to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish religious holidays.

2 Inside the city, near the Sheep Gate, was Bethesda Pool, with five covered platforms or porches surrounding it.

3 Crowds of sick folks—lame, blind, or with paralyzed limbs—lay on the platforms (waiting for a certain movement of the water,

4 for an angel of the Lord came from time to time and disturbed the water, and the first person to step down into it afterwards was healed).[a]

5 One of the men lying there had been sick for thirty-eight years.

6 When Jesus saw him and knew how long he had been ill, he asked him, “Would you like to get well?”

7 “I can’t,” the sick man said, “for I have no one to help me into the pool at the movement of the water. While I am trying to get there, someone else always gets in ahead of me.”

8 Jesus told him, “Stand up, roll up your sleeping mat and go on home!”

9 Instantly, the man was healed! He rolled up the mat and began walking!
But it was on the Sabbath when this miracle was done.”

Okay so basically from what you’ve read I’m sure you can see the result of a life built on excuses. This man had been at the pool for 38 years so I’m guessing he’s much older than 38 years because I don’t believe he’s been at the pool since he was born. But isn’t 38 years long enough to get desperate for a healing? Now Jesus appears to him in the flesh not that someone sent him a bible verse. No! For him the Word was made flesh.


Jesus came in person and said “do you want to be well?”

please o! My people is there another answer to tha question? I thought the man would roll his eyes at Jesus and go “duh! I’m crippled men! What else would j want”….er, if that wasn’t so rude but you get the point right? I thought He would scream a big YES! I mean that’s a no brainer. Why would Jesus even ask. If you’ve been sick for 38 days would you even think about it talk less of 38 years.

But his answer showed he had given up. He said “I can’t!” that’s what excuses do to you. They make you eventually give up. This man had literally given up and He showed us why. He gave a long speech about how he had no one, no connections, he had lots of excuses.

What about you? What’s the excuse that’s keeping you from moving forward? You have no one? You have no way? World people?! People are wicked? Always trying to get ahead of you? Plotting against you?

Sweetie stop telling yourself those lies. Many people have made it without knowing anyone or having anything so your excuse doesn’t hold water.


Thank God Jesus didn’t leave it up to him, He simply said, my friend will you carry your bed and move out of here now! …
Okay maybe not in those exact words but he did get him healed and moving.
So I’m here to tell you the same thing tonight. Stop! Stop with the excuses and get up and move!


***please excuse the curse word. For lack of a better expression….

Your life won’t change till you stop making excuses. I’ve made up my mind excuses are a thing of the past. As I always say “there’s always a way.”…all I have to do is find it


Okay guys gotta go. I need to go put finishing touches to my message for tomorrow. Take this as an invitation to LDM. I’m teaching on 7 mistakes single ladies make


Catch you guys tomorrow. Thanks to all cheering me on.
Love you guys

16 thoughts on “What’s Your Excuse?

  1. God bless you PM, Keep it up … I pray God grants us all the grace to drop our excuses and get moving in Jesus name, Amen!

  2. Thanks for d sacrificial blogging instead of consistency in sleep. ..lol..no more excuses for me in any area of my life. we hope day 30 will evolve into day 365. Bring it on mama, We’ve got our Pon pons n cheer leading mini dresses on.

  3. Well done my proverbs 31 woman; a great mentor, motivator & a God representative on earth. God will continue to move you to the next level IJN

  4. Funny how I was telling myself same recently
    If I truly truly want to, I will find a way

    Otherwise, I become a manufacturer FT of excuses.
    Shebi it was during the success secrets series by PK we had that divorce ceremony…
    Choi. So help ME God

  5. Thank you Pastor M.Happy to see that you are back and its going to be consistent.
    I sure would also work at no excuse and to be consistent.
    So help me God(amen)

  6. What do I want to say now oooo? *thinking* Let me just cheer you on as this is also my challenge…GO! GO! GO! ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ! 🙂

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