Hello ladies

Day 5


How was your day? Mine was awesome. Just got in from Last Minute Miracles. I can’t even start on that one now….let’s just say if you missed it then Meeeeeeeeennnn!!! you missed.

Anyway let’s get down to the business of today….

Have you never wondered why God would choose of all the animals to call himself the LION  of the tribe of Judah? I have…

I’m always fascinated by lions. They represent to me the kind of fearlessness that the average human being should exhibit. The lion cannot run as fast as the gazelles or cheetahs, they lack the endurance of hunting dogs, they are not as big as elephants or polar bears but the most intriguing thing about the Lion is the fact that even though it’s not necessarily the strongest, neither is it the most skillful, and even though it doesn’t have any secret venom like the adder or camouflage tactic like the chameleon or porcupine, the lion is the most fearless of all animals.


A lion will charge blindly into battle simply having faith that she will win. The lion will never turn down a fight irrespective of how big it’s opponent is….the bible tells us that the lion king of animals won’t turn aside or retreat before any (proverbs 30:30)

Too many things seemingly bigger than us charge at us daily as women whether it’s a dangerous godless man that tangles us in a relationship or a barrage of sexual abuse from lecturers to bosses, or a plethora of bad experiences ranging from poverty to sickness and on top of all that, we are faced with a continuous strain on our self esteem. Today I’ve come to announce to you that you are not just permitted to charge right back, you are expected to. You are authorised, enabled and empowered to charge at  and win anything that challenges your life and peace of mind.

God is looking for women who will say enough is enough! I will take back my power and take back everything God promised me and that the devil stole from me. Women who will laugh in the face of danger and like our Lion of the tribe of Judah with boldness, look the devil straight in the eye


and in a loud voice say “Get thee behind me satan, for it is written…”

Enough tears my dear sister take your life in your hands and go out there and win. You have the backing of Most High God. He is your father. You are royalty. Don’t be some weak-willed, lily-livered princess waiting for everyone to do things for her. Stand up Grab your weapon and go take territories.


Grab your tiara put it on and with beauty and strength still roar like the lion that you are for God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness but one of power, love and sound judgement (2 Timothy 1:7) you are FEARLESS.

Go out there and be the best. Take over industries. Be bold enough to say NO! To premarital sex, being unequally yoked or nudity in the name of fashion.  Be fearless in the face of persecution. God is counting on you. Being a woman is not a disadvantage it is an asset. Be bold; be beautiful. Rise above challenges gracefully. Know whose daughter you are and keep that tiara firmly on.


As the year comes to a close. Don’t give up. Don’t you dare stop believing. You still can….

Be female; be fearless.

Awaiting the testimonies.
Love You

I know the female lion is called a lioness. It just sounds better to say lions in tiaras. Lol!

Don’t forget EXCELLERATE tomorrow. See you there


11 thoughts on “LIONS IN TIARAS

  1. Phew!!! I needed to read this tonight…

    Fearless and female…yes ooo…our GOD is perfectly able to give us more than we ask or imagine…no limits…all in HIS good time and in HIS perfect will but…we gotta do our part.

    Enough is enough indeed my sister…

    Thanks for sharing..consistency surely suits you….yayyy…move on, move on, don’t be tired…


  2. THIS!!!

    I wish I could get every lady to read this and then go out and BE!!!

    Loved this mama. And yes LION just kinda sounds better



  3. Pastor M, its sooooooohard being a lion and throughout the year, I had moment where I felt like changing to another animal will be easier …thanks for this reminder, am roaring with my Tiaras, bold and fearless. ..


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