Hello guys

I’m back again
It’s day 4…..


These past few weeks have left so many of us with mixed feelings. I heard a lot of Christians hold back albeit with a bit of difficulty but hold back nonetheless from questioning God. I personally know a lot of Christians who struggled.

I still remember that morning like it was yesterday. I woke up at 4am like I usually do to get ready for my fitness instructor who come rain or shine, hell or high water would show up at 5.30am to “punish” me. So as I got up, (I must confess I have this bad habit of reaching for my BlackBerry once I get up, either to check the time or messages) I immediately reached for my phone. And there it was on a friends pm ” Oh! Lord tell me it isn’t true…” and with those seven words I was awoken to the terrible reality that Dr Myles Munroe and his beautiful wife were no longer with us…


A lot of people cried out…
“Why are Christians dying? If a whole Myles Munroe can die who is safe? ”

“Plane crash again?! Another minister of the gospel? What is going on? ”

I heard all sorts of things. People put his picture up, quoted him,


blogged about him but in all of this I remained silent and found comfort in this  scripture

“To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. ”
-2 corinthians 5:8

We cried because we would miss him but as soon as that plane exploded, he rejoiced because he was with the Lord and probably even cried for us… cried because he felt sorry for us that we were still limited on earth and not free like him now

We asked why? Why would the righteous die when so many wicked still live?

And I am comforted Yet again and quietened by this fact that
“good people pass away; the godly often die before their time….no one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come”- Isaiah 57:1

But while we were still recovering or should I say being comforted the blackberry dps started changing again and this time it was popular radio personality and creator and host of sharing life’s issues chaz B who had kicked the bucket. 


Radio went haywire. People called in crying talking about how he had blessed them and how he had touched their lives…

….then I finally got it. I had an Eureka moment. I heard it in the spirit loud and clear LIFE HAS AN EXPIRY DATE.
Yes, whether we like it or not, we are all going to die . We are all going to  leave behind this earthly body whether in death or by rapture but one thing is for sure. We will all transit this earth at some point in time.
It got me thinking, when great men like Myles Munroe


or Pastor Bimbo Odukoya


pass on, we shouldn’t cry for them instead we should go and look at our own BEST BEFORE dates


and do something worthwhile with our lives before we EXPIRE. 

If you really think about it, everyone actually has a best before date. It’s what the book of Ecclesiastes calls the days of your youth. Serve God with your youthful strength. You are actually BEST BEFORE you die 😉
And because we don’t have all the time in the World, You do have an expiry date you know….


God wants you to make impact before its too late. Before you are certified expired


God wants you to Accelerate your excelling so you can affect and inspire as many people before your expiry date. I hear there’s a meeting you must attend to help you EXCELLERATE. It’s a seminar for business people to receive their own last minute miracles. Find details in the flier below


Also some more good news….Last Minute Miracles still continues tomorrow. it’s been extended. Ministering tomorrow is my very own PK 🙂


See y’all tomorrow.
Still pushing through…. Consistently

9 thoughts on “EXPIRY DATE

  1. Wow! Kept waiting for this. Made up my mind I won’t sleep today until you blogged. It was worth the wait. Must live for Christ and work His works while it is day.
    Consistency, watch out for us. Lol.


  2. Best before. ..hmmm. dat says it all. Before man go expire without even knowing dat uve expired. Tricia? Make hay, make hay o
    D sun can stop shinning anytime
    Thanks agaim mama for dis consistent bogging.


  3. Funny another thing that ministered to me through these deaths is that sometimes tz even the fact that we won’t also be in the same place/level/etc forever so while we are at any level, we should maximize it fully. So when that level passes and even though not physical death, we cant go back there.
    As I go through life, few regrets biko. Especially where I can avoid it

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