Oh! How He loves us…

Hey guys
It’s day 3


I’m here again…did you think I had missed today? NEVER! lol!

So straight to the business of today.


Very recently someone sent me a message in her moment of sadness and disappointment and she said something that just ripped right through my heart. She said “….why doesn’t God loves me enough to make this happen for me?”

I was heartbroken because the devil just got one point at that moment. His sole aim and primary goal is to make us question God’s love for us. If he can get you to believe that God doesn’t love you, He can get you to mess up the rest of your life and destiny.

The funny thing is that his game plan NEVER changes. It’s the same principle. His method may be different but his goal is the same. He’s been doing this same thing since time began. Remember Eve? Yep! Our mother Eve. He told her God can’t be telling you the truth because He doesn’t love you. He’s an insecure God. If you eat the fruit. You will be like God and He doesn’t want that. Noooooo! If you are like God, then you will share in His power and ability and He won’t want that. So without realising it, Eve questioned God’s love and inevitably His word. She ate the fruit with Adam


Which resulted in her loss of destiny and here we are still paying for that error in judgement. I mean if not for her I wouldn’t have had to turn my wardrobe upside down this morning trying to find what would fit. Imagine the blissful ignorance of being nude everyday yet not really naked as I would be covered in glory…. *sigh*

Relentless he walks down to mama Sarah. You know her na, papa Abraham’s sweetheart. He comes up with the same story. How can you say that God loves you when He cannot give you a child.


I thought Abraham was important to Him and look at all the sacrifices he had made for God ; leaving his family behind, changing his name to be embarrassingly called “father of many nations” when he can’t even father one son. How can God love you? He MADE the heavens and earth and yet he cannot MAKE you a mother…. His “friend’s” wife? Hmmmm…..

Sarah fell for it and led Abraham into Adultery which has sadly resulted in all the wars in the middle east.
You see, no matter how good satan’s advice sounds it can never be for your good. He’s out to steal from you, kill you and or destroy you. He knows that the quickest way to destroy you is to get you to question God’s love. Once you can question his love, you will question his word and if you don’t believe his word, of you cannot say “It is written!” with confidence…if you cannot do that, you cannot have faith and if you don’t have faith you are finished because without faith it is impossible….

What is impossible? Everything!!!
It’s impossible to be happy in life.
It’s impossible to meet a great man who loves you.
It’s impossible to have a great marriage
It’s impossible to have children.
It’s impossible to prosper
So in essence what I’m saying is this, don’t ever let the devil make you question God’s love for you.
God doesn’t just love you, He is love. He has no other response to you but love so don’t ever let circumstances or situations make you pray prayers that question his love for you.

Be settled fully in this:

He says I wish above ALL things that you prosper….

God wants you to have it all because he loves you but when you question it, you either slow down the process or you totally cancel what he has for you because of your unbelief….
Because you don’t believe he loves you.

Let me ask you this …if he he didn’t with hold his son will he not also with him FREELY give you ALL things?

My darling. He loves you.
Speaking of loving you. He loves you so much that he doesn’t want the year to end the same way for you. He has a place and time he’s planned to visit you tomorrow. It’s called last minute miracles. Check out the flier for details.


I’ll see you tomorrow. I have one small gist for you

Love you.

11 thoughts on “Oh! How He loves us…

  1. Oh yes, how HE loves us soooo…GOD Truly does love us and with faith we can achieve absolutely everything because with GOD nothing is impossible…

    May HIS perfect will be done in our lives, amen.

    Well done on the consistency…cheering you on…you can do it.

    Thanks for sharing +


  2. Thanks Pastor M for reminding us of His everlasting love. And thanks for the lesson on consistency. I started doing something too when I saw your post, lol. Thanks for always inspiring me.


  3. God’s love is real and new every morning. BTW, Pastor M…this is a serious something o! True, true, daily post. Chai! See groove!!!!! I’m solidly behind you kampe! đŸ™‚ Go! Go! Go! Allez! Allez! Allez!


  4. love you too mama, just got a wind of this 30day blogging challenge and i particularly love this post, God loves and adores me! Thank you for sharing mama. mmmmwuah!

    Liked by 1 person

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