30 Days….

Hello people
Welcome to delightful December.


How have you been? I know it’s been a while. I’ve missed you guys but it’s been really busy around here.

Anyways I’m back and I’m back with something i’m sure a lot of you will be happy about….
This week I saw a picture I really liked and put it on my BlackBerry dp. It said ” CONSISTENCY IS DOING WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD EVEN AFTER THE FEELING YOU SAID IT IN HAS PASSED.

I’ve actually been rolling it over in my head. So I believe the Holy spirit will have me do a bit more than just think about it. So here’s my practical class on consistency Or is this the exam?


I’m taking up the 30 day challenge. What does that mean? Simply this: I will blog consistently everyday for the next 30 days….no matter what excuse I could easily manufacture.

Now here’s where I’m going to need your help.   I’m going to need lots of cheer leaders 😉


Secondly, I need us to do this together. Ok so you may not need to blog daily but I’m sure there’s a positive habit in your life that could do with some consistency.
So pick one


and maybe tell me about it so I can cheer you on as well.

Tomorrow we start with dilemma Tuesday. Come back ok?
Trust me, I’ll be here…consistently *fingers crossed*
Ok guys later

13 thoughts on “30 Days….

  1. Ok, blogging for 30days… wow!!! I should go clean up the webs on my blog *thinking about it* but I sure will cheer u on. I have missed ur posts. *excited* let’s go PM let’s go (in my best cheery voice) Hehehe!!!


  2. Yaaay! !! Pestering and bugging really works! Thank you mama for the everyday gift of your blog! And yes you can do it or else, I’ll employ more pesters😄


  3. Yay I love love love your blog! Coincidentally I started a december 30 day challenge myself. I’m writing letters to Jesus. I write exactly how I feel in a book and talk like he’s actually beside me ; like I’m talking to my bestfriend. Too cool!


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