…still standing

When I think upon your goodness and your faithfulness each day, I’m convinced it’s not because I am worthy to receive the kind of love that you give….wpid-IMG_0897.JPG

I’ve never been the kind of person who makes a fuss over my birthday. In fact the usual thing would be for me to switch off my phones and sleep most of the day wpid-E...-__227863.jpeg

except oF course my pk has a special surprise lined up for me: hon, anything for your girl? (in my most agbero voice lol!) But this year I’ve decided to make a fuss….. Okay maybe not a fuss exactly because I’m probably going to switch off my phones and sleep again (I know…I can be dry) I’ve decided to at least celebrate on my blog because God has been faithful. wpid-IMG_0896.JPG

Besides this may be the most I can do since I’m on a diet so no cake or juice or anything remotely unhealthy. Too much work to throw it all away in one day πŸ˜‰ wpid-de-Mark_928919.jpeg

So let me do all my celebrating here abi? At least I can eat a large slice of virtual red velvet cake

without feeling guilty and having my fitness instructor go sinister on me.wpid-Personal-Trainer-Spokane-WA.gif

But seriously I have every reason to be thankful. Looking back over my lifewpid-3L1A5069.JPG

now, I’m convinced the devil has always had it in for me but as always he can never win. I celebrate today because after everything I’ve been through I’m still here…still standing strong. wpid-3L1A5112.JPG

I’ve had ups and downs but I’m grateful that there have been more ups than downs and for that I say
Lord I’m amazed by you…and how you love me…..wpid-3L1A5040.JPG

Like most people I’ve been through wicked seniors, mean lecturers, bad friends, heart ache, betrayal, health issues, name it…but I’ve experienced more joys




, testimonies



, faithful friends, the warm enabling strengthening love of the one man wpid-dsc1164.jpgwho has decided to make my joy his responsibility.


Why God would give me Pk and give me heaven is beyond me truly but all I know is I’m thankful.


God has made my life beautiful. He’s stood by me all the time. Never failing me once. Always holding my hand and walking me through it all. No matter what I’ve been through…the important thing is I’m still here…still standing.
I’m truly grateful.
Today I celebrate…not my birthday…but my God. I celebrate my Jesus. I thank you my father because of you I’m still here… still standing.

Now, in other matters arising, every year people ask me what I want for my birthday and I always answer very nonchalantly that I don’t know but after much thought I have decided to answer this question once for all….

Here is my birthday list.
I’m sure I will update every year….

Meanwhile please note that I am not asking for things you cannot give me like good health, long life orΒ  unrealistic things like world peace. I’m focusing on other unrealistic things πŸ˜€
#1- a full year where I am not asked questions I need to think to answer or asked to pay bills of any kind. #faithforsoulsnotforbills
#2- a debit card with unlimited funds….imagine being able to spend anything u want in this physical realm….#allchurchprojectspaidfor #omoseegroove
#3- a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t go out of fashion and that adapt to body size and change colour according to my mood. I lose weight, I gain weight o! Same size. #inogospendmoney
#4-a great fat burning metabolism so that I don’t have to diet or exercise and I can eat all the junk I want and not gain weight.
#5- a 5 bedroom house in an estate of my choice (ask me privately) in lekki. Fully and tastefully furnished please.
If you can’t make any of these happen? Then as they say, a girl can never have enough shoes,perfumes, jewellery…books, cars…oops those last two are in the wrong list abi?
Seriously a prayer and maybe a cheque is fine…I need all prayers and money a girl can get πŸ™‚
Also get asked a lot biggest lesson I’ve learnt…
Simply this:
#1- God is faithful
#2- there will be always be dark moments in life. If you smile through the darkness,


someday people will see your smile in the light


because the darkness will be over
Okay guys, gotta run. Thank you in advance for all the dps, fb messages, tweets, etc but especially for the prayers…..and cheques πŸ˜‰

Love you guys.
I will be back tomorrow with your final invite for #FEARLESS
Have you taken the #fearlesschallenge?


through it all…God was there.

29 thoughts on “…still standing

  1. hapi birthday mama! (i recently moved to DCC as my new family in the Lord). honestly i justlove, love, love u& pst.K & i just love worshippin at DCC. your life is livin proof that God has a unique plan for every one and as long as we hold on to His promises, they will manifest in due time. May God continue to equip you for His good work and take u on to even higher blessings & places He has for u. I celebrate the fact that He chose this day many many yrs ago to bring u to the world to be livin proof of His mighty handwork & faithfulness while being an amazing source of inspiration to us ladies.. Thank u for sticking to the Word and living an exemplary godly life for us to follow, both in our personal lives and in marriage. God bless you ma.


  2. Happy birthday Pastor M, I am a faithful followers and blog reader, sermon listener etc. Your life, and faith challenges me to keep believing. Finally got a chance of watching IMela ( I know, its old oooo Palmira blessed me with that Cd) meeeen, am in awe of this amazing God!! Happy birthday once again ma!


  3. Happy happy Birthday Pastor M!!
    Yes, my month birth mate(does that make sense?) but September babies always rock!
    God bless you and bless you more and more and yes, your testimonies will keep increasing..you ain’t seen nothing yet.hehehe..

    For the warm hugs you give too, God will give you more, wrap you ever more securely in his arms..yes! God bless you bigly ma’am!


  4. Happy birthday PM…your life is living proof of Gods goodness. Your life and Pk’s makes me trust God even more…Thank you for being you..just had a slice of the virtual red velvet cake too…God will definitely keep blessing you


  5. Happy birthday Pastor M. You’re just down to earth Godly! That’s all! Just wishing you are glorious year won’t do, to our wish, we should add prayer and to prayer we add cheque. Gbam! The devil can hug a transformer, lol.


  6. Happy Birthday Mama, I’m thankful to God for the gift of you to this generation…
    May the Lord bless you and grant all that your heart desires on this day and always.
    Much love!


  7. Happy Birthday to my mentor, mother and sister whom God says to me walk in her path cos she has tread ever path you\ll ever tread on. May God’s love and presence always be with you, i wish you longest life many more testimonies, and most of all may your heart of gold always be polished and prepared for greater task ahead. The world will celebrate you as a great icon soonest. I love you more.


  8. Wow!!! Mama Like No Other….
    May God Continually Increase You In Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Strength. May Your Blessings Be Limitless. May All Nations Celebrate You. I Believe Someday There Must Be An Holiday Just To Celebrate Your Day. You’re Such A Blessing & Inspiration To Us All. I’m Proud To Share Same Birth Date With You. Happy Birthday Ma. Keep Doing Exploits!!!


  9. Wendy, you will make me cry o! I can’t believe you actually remember all our conversations and you can quote me verbatim.

    I love u darling. And I’m truly happy that he gave you a second chance at happiness with your boaz

    Big kisses to my Audrey.


  10. Hbd pastor M, it is indeed a great joy and privilege to have associated to you directly and indirectly. My family is soooooooo BLESSED beyond measure to be a part of the DCC Family. May the good Lord continue to bless, protect, and be with you today and even forever more. God Bless ur EXISTENCE Dear Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.
    Love from,
    Mr and Mrs Yomi AKINDEIN.


  11. Happy Birthday in arrears Ma, u’ re an inspiration to many,
    beauty radiating from within
    You look more angelic in a real life than in pix,
    was privileged to see you live in FEAR.LESS.

    Love you so dearly,
    from Daughter from a Distance


  12. Mama i guess you’re mistaken me for someone else cos am yet to meet my boaz lol, and having a conversation with you has always been a dream yet to come through….notwithstanding am one of your daughters in church love you too mama.


  13. Happy bilated birthday mum..I see u in my dream always ooooo..ur an ANGEL pls kip being one ma’m. I tanx God I met U n MY PK


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