Hey people 
Yeah! Yeah! I know….its been ages. so I won’t bore you with apologies even though I am sorry I haven’t been here as often as I’d like to be. These days I feel like I need an extra 24hours everyday…. don’t we all 🙂 

Okay so I need to share a few things with you and they are so important that I had to walk through the dust, cobwebs, musty smell, dragons and all that have taken residence on this blog since I abandoned it *covering my eyes*

But let me start With a little story first. 

You see, something happened to me yesterday that made me realise how much we will suffer if we take the Word of God for granted. Trust me this isn’t just me preaching this is me also sharing a personal experience with you. Once the bible says something pay attention. Okay so back to the episode that got me back to blogging 😀 

I was at a very popular mall in dubai. Needed some shopping therapy


…well, alright I needed to pick up a few things and right after I had done the necessary,


I somehow convinced myself that I “needed” those perfect red high heeled shoes


…..every girl needs one right?


believe it or not I don’t have one…yeah I know, shocking right? 

 So I planned to remedy this but I had my eyes set on another mall. So I got to the taxi point and saw this scarily looooooooong queue


and I decided to be “smart” and I thought hey! I’ll “naija” it.  So I walked out of the mall by another entrance which took me 15 minutes walk to get to. By the time I got out to the road and collided with the scorching dubai sun, I knew I couldn’t stand there for long so I decided to just keep walking believing I would find a taxi and for the “perfect red shoes ” set before me I was definitely going to endure the “sun”. My sister! I walked for 2 hours…NO TAXI. After a while, the porter at one of the hotels near where I had been standing practically exhausted came to me and told me I wouldn’t  find a taxi there no matter how long I waited and advised me to do another 15 minutes walk to the metro station where I hopped on a train and finally made it home. Note that I said HOME? I abandoned the red shoes


for the comfort of a hot bath, foot rub and a warm bed. 

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I hurt all over…


then the sweet Holy Spirit whispered to me….”obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22 ” ….and that my people is the moral of the story. If i had just stayed on that queue and “dubai-ed” it rather than looking for a short cut I would have eventually gotten a taxi, made it to the particular mall, gotten my perfect red shoes and stayed out of the sun so I wouldn’t have the “by-force” tan I’m now carrying about *rolling my eyes*. 

And life is like that. It’s just better to follow the way instituted by a higher authority than to go it alone. They probably knew that I wouldn’t find a taxi outside so they had a system in place. It’s always safer in a system. You are usually protected and a lot of things have already been thought through. I learnt the hard way…in fact someone teased me that I went on NYSC endurance trekk…e for even better. I went on “sufferance trekk” that had no benefit especially since I didn’t get my shoes 🙁


I’m sure by now you know that this post isn’t really about the shoes 🙂 It’s about staying safe in the system of God’s word. There’s safety in whatever God has said. 
Just trust Him and obey Him. No matter how long and tedious it seems at the time. Trust me His yoke (system) is easy or should I say easier than your “short cut”

That’s why I’m a 100% sure that this year’s JUGN Conference is something you can not afford to miss. I remember in January I had started planning and  I was so sure  that the theme would be FUN, FEARLESS FEMALES…great theme right? thought so too. I had even contacted our speakers, I had lots of ideas. It was all supposed to be amazing. Then one Sunday morning in church. We had a guest minister and as he was preaching everything seemed to blur and I could hear God speak to me clearly. It was a clear case of “your teachers will be in front of you and you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it (Isaiah 30:20-21)” 

…I heard. write this down. JUGN Conference 2014 theme is FEARLESS. You will be the only speaker and music by Efe Nathan. It was clear as day. I got a lot of other instructions which I will share on that day…see why you can’t miss it? 

But you know what’s really amazing for me is that I got this theme FEARLESS long before the spirit of fear invaded Nigeria through Ebola. God sees, He knows way ahead of time what his daughter’s will need. He’s prepared for you. Trust me the way everything has been orchestrated I know it is one of those meetings where your life will never remain the same after it. 

Need I say more? Make sure you are there and invite a friend. You know how we do. Free gifts for everyone.



Also something to watch out for in line with FEARLESS…#redlipstickchallenge


I’ll tell you all about it on Tuesday in place of dilemma Tuesday.  

Okay guys. Got a plane to catch.


See you on the other side of the world soon 😉 
Love you. 

Those following me on i promise to update soon. The journey has been tiresome, with some hitches, cheat days turning to cheat weeks lol! But through it all, I am more than conqueror and UK size 12,  I shall be 🙂 
I give God praise though I’m not a size 20 anymore 😀
Pixs coming up soon

7 thoughts on “THE PERFECT RED HEELS

  1. She haff come and thief my spot again… The only speaker with Efe gosh, HOT combo, the devil should be afraid of the things that will happen… this month is a special one really and I have missed plenty, but Fearless has been on my mind a long time…. can’t wait. mama you don’t want to know how many kg I have added just waiting for you to blog o, the blame is on you sha, meanwhile I am still on cheat mode.

  2. If I had that 2 hours walk…in this case, it is classified as ‘waka’ since it wasn’t intended…choi! I probably would have drifted off into the sunset 🙂 This JUGN conference…I must attend by fire by force o….no time.

  3. Really great lesson. His Yoke is always easier no matter how u turn it or how it looks today. thanks for sharing.

  4. Really great lesson. His Yoke is always easier no matter how u turn it or how it looks ‘today’. thanks for sharing.

  5. Wishing …I could attend ooo….NYSC paraveoo…. mama village tinz.. need a flight… lolzzz… missed u last Sunday Pst M.

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