Thank you..

Just to say a big thank you To everyone. I’m amazed at the amount of love you all showed us  yesterday. For every prayer said or every dp changed. I even saw some for the very first time



Vida is OUR testimony in the body of Christ. A sign of God’s faithfulness.

I too will join you in celebrating your victory.

Ok so  for those who know us. you know We don’t really celebrate our kids’ first birthdays. So officially there was no  party but some amazing aunties (aunty ogo and Aunty Meg) sent us a cake. Aunty. ‘dora bought us a dress. Two amazing photographers uncle Chika of KC image media and Uncle Eyo ArtScientist showed up. So even if there was no party, didn’t stop Vida from having a photo shoot.

I’m putting up a few pics but if you follow me on instagram @pastormildred you will see the rest as I get them.



Love the Pout. #modellingtinz lol


Looks like one of her daddy’s preaching stance. Lol!


#confirmedpreacher lol!


So excited to be one. Notice the teeth. No more toothless grins. Big girl


My personal favourite. Vida and her lovely cake and very pretty dress.

Do you see ‘dassah in the background On her bicycle?

Once again. I say thank you guys. Blowing you a million kisses


3 thoughts on “Thank you..

  1. hapi bday once again Davida! oh, and just for the record, u are also MY testimony! im now a member of DCC (taking my 3rd believer’s class 2moro!) ithink im nw qualified to call Pastor m my mama abi na? lol


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