The one before #Àkìkìtán

Great job E’ …..your testimony awaits

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

I am sooooooooo expectant I can hardly stand or sit still.
My spirit is bursting and rearing to go.


I am incredibly AMAZED as to what happened with IMELA last year. (The Program is actually WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP but each year there is a theme. Last year, IMELA, this year #Àkìkìtán) I am still hearing testimonies. Shattah!!! Jobs, births, business breakthroughs, relationships with God reaching an all time high, dreams birthed, etc!!! God is just incredible. I have no doubt that #Àkìkìtán this year, my Sugar Daddy will outdo Himself. Ah, I can feel Him already. He has even started dropping the miracles. I am a LIVING witness. I had a pending testimony I was going to #Àkìkìtán to praise Him in advance for and my Daddy decides to spoil me silly and land the testimony on my lap in the most dramatic of ways as I was in…

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