Hey dawleen bloghearts, hope june has already started being nyc 2 us? So I finally was able 2 stay and attend LDM in DCC 4 d first tym yesterday, trust me guys, listening 2 LDM messages is good buh its nothing compared 2 being dere live! Choi! Yesterday’s edition was on point cos I learned, I unlearned and even re learned. Yes o, some nasty ideas in my head(dunno where I got some unscriptural ideas from o) needed 2 be unlearned. Bless God 4 Pastor Kingsley’s annointing jare! It shall neva run dry IJN!

Okay, don’t bother trying to follow the link in my title, cos it aint gonna lead u to any website, nahh instead its gonna lead us 2 d throne room where we can pour out our love to Jehovah from our flowing Alabaster box! (U feel me, right? Lol am just a cray Cece winans fan).

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