Hi people,
You know how last year I had a song I couldn’t stop singing? It was like my theme song for 2013.

What?! You don’t remember it?


I don’t believe you. I made so much noise about the song, I even themed last year’s When Women Worship (WWW) after it. Now do you remember?

You still don’t?


Okay, it’s Nathaniel bassey n Enita Adaba’s IMELA. Now do you remember?


Okay, so as I was saying, this year I just got that song. It totally speaks my heart. I hadn’t even met the lady when I heard the song but I just knew she had to be at WWW this year. I had the song playing back to back on my phone. In fact when ‘vida hears the song, she stops whatever she’s doing…yep, whatever…even breastfeeding…trust me the song is that good. major thumbs up, a billion gold stars. It just makes me feel grateful. I can’t stop feeling like this when I hear the song


and then when I’m done singing I always just throw a proper ntoi to satan again


I can’t get over how God Just blesses us till we dont think there’s room for more then He tops it up.

If you have anything to be grateful for at all, then this year’s WWW – Akikitan is the place to be.

The truth is I have run out of words to express my gratitude. I’m sure that day I will just be a bundle of tongues and tears…so makeup artists be warned I am bad market for that day ‘cos mascara will definitely run

But when I look at my life today I can definitely sing alongside this beautiful and talented, anointed worshipper Onos that EVERY THING HAS CHANGED


I hope you can say the same

See you guys later, mummy duty calls 😉


  1. Truly everything has changed and I just love that line where you say you can’t get over how GOD just blesses us and we think there’s no room for me and HE just tops it up….yes and yes I agree…so many blessings, new every morning….CHUKWU bu CHUKWU, daalu Sir…+++

  2. Mama sugar, sweetest nne, my dearest one…. But you know you will nicely send me the song na, because you like to share and because *lookingoutfordassah* I am your only baby…. Everything has changed and the exciting part is that things are still changing. Clearing runway for take-off, can’t wait. Aki ki tan

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