a-MAY-zed and grateful

Hi people,
How y’all doing?
So a lot to share and I have to do this quickly cos I only get a few minutes before some other pressing issue comes along and takes over.

Okay so I know I haven’t blogged in sooooooooooooo long but God help me, it feels like a day doesn’t go by without me blogging (in the spirit) lol!

Anyways I’m here now so let’s play catch up. So much has happened and so much to be grateful for. May is and has always been an a-MAY-zing month for me as far back as I can remember especially since May 24th 1992. That’s when I gave my life to Christ and its been an….wait for it….here it comes….yep! you guessed right….an a-MAY-zing love and life journey. I won’t even try to diminish the experience by trying to put into words what being with and living for Jesus has been like these past 20+ years. I’m just truly grateful that He wouldn’t let me go…even when I tried to run, He stuck by me Tenaciously.

I’m also grateful for May bcos so many…yep, you guessed again, a-MAY-zing people were born in May…here are just a few of my very special people. note I said a few so if your picture isn’t here, it’s WordPress’ fault (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) * straight face *


Popularly known asChigul…every other one is a counterfeit and we can’t have eet…lol! simply hilarious. So talented and such a sweetheart.


Glow…my dcc mini me πŸ˜‰ the only other pastors wife in dcc. my son’s crown and the apple of OUR eye… even though she has refused to give me fine girl with long hair like her own
…anyway the fine boys are more than enough compensation. πŸ™‚ my daughter through and through.


Funmi my darling. Faithfulness and loyalty are second nature. Beautiful inside and outside. Best weight loss partner anyone can have. Makes exercise and dieting so dramatic and enjoyable. I’m too busy laughing at her reaction to pain and her funny yoruba exclamations I tend to forget I’m in as much pain πŸ˜€

And of course


my Ada ada pekem pekem ada ada. I don’t even know where to start. this is so looooooooong overdue but better late…right? ada is special.
Once I put up a blog post and Ada and her mischievous crew ms giddy n E’ have not commented it just feels incomplete. Ada is just such a breath of fresh air. Always up to some thing, if it isn’t teasing ‘vida or dassah on their modelling career. It’s planning how to take over the British monarchy by marrying off this beauty to prince George. But isn’t she lovely though?


But Ada just out of curiosity, when she hooks up with Prince George does that make you Queen mother in law or just mother in law? Hmmmm…..

Ok so birthday mentions done.

A lot has been brewing over here but let me start With these three…. aha! wait for it…say it with me if you can… a-MAY-zing women.







What do these three a-MAY-zing women have in common? Apart from being born-again, exceptionally beautiful worship leaders?

What?! You don’t know? Okay so let me tell you then. They are the three guest ministers for the upcoming JUGN When Women Worship 2014 titled A ki ki tan


I am sooooooo excited I can barely keep still. I’m sure you know that means I’m blogging almost everyday till then.

Other stuff in the works but let me be releasing them bit by bit

So akikitan first….
get ready guys. Did you miss IMELA last year? Lots of testimonies from Imela. Do you now Want to Be told? As they say in home video ads. Grab your copy now πŸ™‚ plan to be at a ki ki tan.

See you guys later

17 thoughts on “a-MAY-zed and grateful

  1. Kai…
    Why isn’t June the month that we can make AMAZING instead… Choi!!!
    Cos June z my own month I’ve set aside and labelled AMAZING ooo, and tz not cos tz me and Joyce’s birth month sha, but even that has to count for som’in
    But then every month stays amazing so….
    I’m totally happy to wake to this Post. Tz breathing ‘alive’. Like you were super upbeat as you wrote.
    A ki ki tan??? I’m not even sure where to start. I’m just grateful wild horses can’t keep me away…
    I’m just planning EVERYTHING around that day to make sure it meets me in lag. The gist no go pure.
    May did have some amazing DCC celebrants. I agree. And Ada bekee too. The Queen Mother of Cambridge. Nne I’m with you abeg… That face is made for the Palace abeg. Kingdom royalty first and then British royalty.
    And Eky… πŸ™‚ I’m waiting for that Post. I could do with some loving mushy post abeg. Since I have a birthday post loading for my #noWords bestie, I should be able to steal som’in.
    Now #takethat Ms Giddy. I beat you to this :p

    1. You just had to sha throw in that you share a birth month with Joyce… Whatever!! *major beef*

      Good to hear I have another reason to love June.

      Eky’s post up but really didn’t go too mushy o!

  2. And E just had to beat me to eet, ohhhh!!!! Anyway it’s my sisteh’s birthday today and it’s exciting so sisteh eky, before mama blogs about it let me leave my comment here happy birthday sis, mama describes you as the face of faithfulness and it touches my heart every time, glad she has you always, for times I am not there (hehehe) happy birthday, may you have all that you need, desire and ask this year and always, love u tons.(you still owe me bra’s) just saying. Nne moi, I read all those blog posts in the spirit too and trust me to leave a comment each time, I haven’t worked out in forever because I am waiting for your tips o, so any weight gain is totally on you *thatsmystory*.

    So Ada did birthday and did not tell me, I wee do my yown back, happy belated one babe, God bless you loads and I pray that you have a year as a-May-zing as you. Choi I almost wish I was born in May o, with the way mama puts it but then when you get a feature even if it’s by name call alone with this amazing people then it means I am one as well. And to my pastor’s wife and all the other amazing ladies, let me just say knowing you is a blessing. And for Aki ki tan, I have cleared my calendar and saved the date, heaven must hear my praise.

    1. You and E sha….

      Sweetie even I have barely lost weight o! All that exercising , even got a fitness trainer who is in my opinion tireless and “mean” yet to see results … I guess it’s through faith and PATIENCE…

    2. Many thanks Ms Giddy Couture…I’m certain you like the sound of your new name???? πŸ™‚ I’m in the mood for new names this morning. Ezi, do you want one?

  3. Happy Birthday 2 all d a-MAY-zing May celebrants! And Yo! Tank God Me, Momma E and Joyce are June-born! And guess wat? A ki kitan is in June too!! Can’t wait sef! Even exams here in College of Medicine can’t stop me from attending o! Missed Imela last year, not missing A ki kitan 4 anytin! Me and oda FAB sisters are making massive preparations! ABBA must inhabit my praise!

  4. Good morning ma. I’m a regular visitor here. Your posts have ALWAYS inspired and blessed me in so many ways. I want to come for the next ‘www’. Hope I’m not late, when is it? And where in lagos is your church (the venue). Really waiting to hear from you. Love you so much ma’am. You’ve been a blessing to me tho u don’t know.

  5. Oh my days! Why am I just seeing all this posts?????? Something is most definitely wrong with my browser or gmail. I’m changing my gmail account ASAP and will be right back!

  6. Done! A new gmail account…can’t be caught carrying last on JUGN blog posts. Thank you ma for the birthday post and letting everyone know that Princess Uzoamaka will be the future bride of Prince George. To your question Pastor Mildred, yes…after all the coaching, training, education(UK education is not beans, nevertheless everything we need for this royal hook up has already been provided by Baba himself…we’re looking at Oxford or Cambridge for the final royal hook up)… mother in-law won’t just cut it. I will be QUEEN MOTHER IN – LAW. Gbam! πŸ™‚
    Her grandmother bought her aso ebi yesterday…but I wonder if that fabric will still be in vogue in the next 20 years when she marries Prince George????

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