I totally totally love this. It’s a must read for every Christian…

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

I love to observe my environment.
Not just casually, but scientifically.
Before, I used to be a participant-observer (read ‘get into arguments’). Then I got my fingers burnt some. So I flipped to non-participant observation. 
And as a Social Scientist, it behoves on me to not just study and criticise but proffer solution as much as I can. And cos I am a Sugar daughter, I’ll have to do this my Sugar Daddy way. 


So what exactly am i saying? And why all the Sociological talk? Aside showing off that is
I did some Twitter and Blog studying while I was away. In some instances, my heart bled. Bled at the sheer ignorance of some believers. Paul actually calls it STUPIDITY!!!
At this point, may I emphasize the fact that I am writing this to BELIEVERS please.


You know, like Paul wrote most of his letters to the CHURCH…

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