Why Don’t You Have A Pastor?

As I lay here, yes I’m in bed. For some funny reason my natural doctor thinks I need bed rest and of course I will humour these doctors especially since I have been threatened by one of them who keeps popping into my house unannounced just to be sure I’m resting….well, that’s story for another day….

So as I lay here, I’m really thinking about this question above and I’m almost sure I hear you say, “of course I have a pastor” and my response to that is this story I heard a couple of years back. It is said that when shepherds take their sheep out to pasture, they meet other shepherds and along the way, the sheep get mixed up but once it’s time to leave, the shepherds need only call out and the Sheep would immediately find their masters and if in the midst of sorting them selves out, some sheep still miss their way and go to the wrong shepherd, the shepherds would simply redirect them to their rightful leaders. How did they even notice that the wrong sheep followed? Simple the shepherd knows his sheep. kind of like the relationship you should have with your pastor.

So in the light of that little story, I will ask that question again: “why don’t you have a pastor?” If you were me, many many many maaaaannnny years ago, then you’d probably answer me with, “abeg. I don’t have power o! I don’t like my pastor knowing me. I just go to church, do my bit and disappear. It’s God that I’m serving and he knows me”

Now note I said me many, many, many, many, maaaaannnny years ago…believe it or not I wasn’t born a pastor. I was once a “enter church, hear the word and disappear” kind of christian. So I know what I’m talking about. If the relationship you have with your pastor is come to church, hear a great sermon from him and on really good days you buy a cd of him that you play from time to time then you are totally missing the point…and you are just as bad as this guy


It’s funny but most of us just don’t get it. God had a reason for giving you a shepherd or as the bible puts it…


You see, there are actually pastors that make you know that God loves you and He’s thinking about you.

1997, I had an encounter with one of such pastors. You see I was raised Catholic and I never really had any interactions with priests or reverend fathers beyond the Saturday confession and Sunday homily. So when I got born-again I still saw pastors the same way. Hear them preach and only get close or go see them when you have some dreadful sin to confess or even worse get sent for when you have committed some major wrong.wpid-3-O.L.K_3_613925.jpeg

So anyway there I was having one of those ” is this how Christianity should be moments?” and yes i had quite a few of those as a baby Christian. You know the kind brought on by over-zealous lacking knowledge older Christians who place religious principles before christian love. So there I was asking myself many questions when a friend of mine went to tell “this shepherd” that she had a friend who was having an “off” day. Funny enough he was around because he had service in a few minutes, so had come out to pray before the fellowship meeting. Funny enough I wasn’t a member of the fellowship he was pastoring but he, just like Jesus even though he was on His way to Jarius house stopped to minister to the woman with the issue of blood, this great man of God stopped all he was doing to answer my questions and pray with me.

After that, and a series of other incidents which I won’t bore you with, I became a member of Christ Love Fellowship OAU Ile-ife. For the remaining two years I had the privilege of being pastored by this wonderful man of God. He was truly a pastor, a shepherd, a teacher and a prophet over my life. He took time to pray for me, counsel me and teach me. He asked questions, he answered mine. He looked out for me. He taught me how to hear from God. He taught me the power of confession but more importantly he showed me and taught me the Love of God. I learnt the cutting edge of the gospel- how to be all things to all men to save some.

Pastor Temi Odejide would ask how are you? And for some reason you felt like Jesus was in the room telling you no matter what you are going through, I’m here for you. For the first time in my life I knew what it meant to have a shepherd.



The man who guided my adolescent years ๐Ÿ™‚

Pastor temi can teach Ehn! Kai! Imagine if I didn’t learn how to hear from God, how to study the word, how to confess the word. Where would I be today? What if I didn’t feel accountable to someone? I would simply have lost it. The truth is I can’t say we were extremely close but pastor Temi was my shepherd. He knew me, looked out for me, guided me and answered my very long letters (epistles as he used to call them)

But graduate he did and since there were no phones or social media access back then I was left without a “pastor” but he left an impression on me about the kind of pastor God wanted for me.

Then fast forward to 2005, when I met and married my pk. Then I met not just a pastor but a FATHER *big big big hug* my pastor in every sense of the word. Rev Femi Albert Oduwole


Or grandpa rev as ‘ dassah calls him.

Where do I even begin with Rev? Anytime I think about him I just think if you don’t have a pastor (like rev) I pity you. Accept my sincere apologies.
Rev is such a busy man, preaching all over the world. Name the place and I bet you he’s been there or he’s on his way there. He’s what you call a TREACHER…a preacher that teaches. some preachers just preach you happy and when you leave the service you ask yourself what did I learn today? How can i use it? but rev? Rev is different. Once he holds a mic, be sure your life will never remain the same







I know I am always excited …. ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s such a father. He held my hand through those eight long years of waiting for a child and when I told him God had answered. My papa actually cried. That’s how happy he was. Then re-arranged all his meetings for the year so he could come to America to see and name my baby “Araoluwa” when she arrived. All on his own bill




Then after I came home, he cancelled more meetings so he could dedicate her in our church


the most beautiful thing about Rev is how he makes you feel like you are the only one he’s pastoring…and we are maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnny trust me. Eziaha alone accounts for like 25 people. lol! Rev reminds me of how God is mindful of me. How the whole world is hanging onto him, yet He answers ME when I call, He answers when I pray and He loves ME.

That’s how Rev pastors. Always there when I have an issue, a question, need guidance, or just need someone to talk to. And if I’m doing good, he’s the first to applaud me


Tell me again? Why don’t you have a pastor?

I’m safe in marriage because my pk submits to him so even if it were possible for him to “run mad” (pk’s own exact words. I’m just quoting him) all I need do is threaten to call Rev. :-)…..and you still insist you don’t want a pastor?


Me sha I bless God for pastors especially since he has blessed me with the best ones.

I’m married to one. To my pk. Trust me if I start on my pk. WordPress will close down lol! But me sha I love my pk


And I totally absolutely positively love the fact that he’s also my pastor.

The truth is a lot of us would be safer if we just listened more to our shepherds. Especially when ladies want to get married, they suddenly start to act like the ” love” of this new suitor erases or nullifies the Love of their pastor which was all they had in the beginning. I have so many sad stories that I don’t even want to get started. Don’t be a prodigal. Take advantage of the shepherd God assigned to you.

However if after all this long story you still say “Pastor M abeg abeg abeg, I no get power for pastor wahala, I just want to serve God. I don’t want anybody to know me” then I leave you with these profound words from President barak Obama


See you guys soon.

Sorry no post on http://journeytosizetwelve.wordpress.com yet. Like I said been on bed rest so I haven’t been working out. But watch out. I’ll be back ๐Ÿ™‚

30 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Have A Pastor?

  1. Great post Ma, I myself for many years thought so too, but for the past 5 years and currently I am a testament of the importance of having a Pastor. God bless you, your husband, children and ministry. I have been blessed by your messages.

  2. Thanks pastor M.
    A pastor is inevitably necessary in the life of a christain.
    That obama’s pic cracked me seriously..lol..

  3. Pst M, nice write-up! My experience as a sheep is a mixed one.

    Sad to say, I wish I rly had a Pst, the one who rly cares. I have gotten 2d point where I tell myself that I am just a number. A number that will come and go and nobody cares.

    It’s rly tiring that the sheep always looks for the shepherd. The shepherd does not look for the sheep. I have had experiences that could fill up a book and trUst me I am one of those People who can be dedicated to what some may call a fault.

    I am sure peeps would love to have shepherds but shepherds should sometimes look for the sheep. The shepherds these days are way too busy to even care abt the welfare of the sheep.

    1. Awwwwww hugs dearie. Can’t imagine.
      Pastor M, may I? Thank you ma. Hehehehe
      Dear Isi,
      Any chance you may wanna prayerfully make either of these decisions?
      1. Look for another Pastor aside the senior Pastor. If I attended a church like Winners Ota, I would not be looking for Bishop’s close mentorship. I will take what I can from the altar and his materials and then look for one of the many other Pastors or Pastor’s wife who are less busy and have been put in that position for reasons such as this. Maybe your senior Pastor z actually that busy… The schedule can get brutal, trust me.
      2. If this doesn’t work, or if you truly think something’s not right, hmmmmmmmmm….. You may be needing a new ‘field’ to graze and a new Shepherd to guide… Remember I said Prayerfully.
      3. Any other thing as guided by the Holy Spirit.
      I pray He guides you.

  4. Phew Mama this is me o…… In Uni days I had a pastor infact he still is..He was my go to daddy anyday,anytime for counsel, advice, when I needed sm1 to talk sense to my head Pst Wale was always there! Then I graduated, moved back to Lagos and now I am just there… In my current church my pastors are fantastic but we dnt have that “my pastor ” rshp yet.. How do I get there?

    1. Hey babe.
      Since they are fantastic like you say, the how-to z GO TO THEM!!! Simple.
      Book an appointment and visit.
      Esp with his wifey or both together. Whatever you do, don’t leave the fantastic woman behind
      Call him occasionally. Update him on your life and relationship especially.
      Say hi after service at least once a week or as often as possible
      Join and be very active in a unit. This one works like magic because most likely, that’s even the first question a good shepherd will ask you.
      Sow… A gift gets attention. It buys the attention of eminent (or if you like, Fantastic) people… Proverbs 18:16 TM
      Long and short, the ball is more in your court to make the moves. Persistent moves… ๐Ÿ™‚
      Occasionally a Pastor may take interest in someone and make all the moves, but most times, tz for us to make.
      U know where to find me for more… Hehehehe

  5. Loooooooooool
    I agree. Guilty as charged. 25 in 1…
    And no, if Rev is not your Pastor, ko le yie
    You can’t understand. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Somedays I feel like just kidnapping him and Rev Tj for myself alone.
    My respect for Rev sky-rocketed in recent times. That MEN, yes MEN, z an ara… A wonder.
    Tz even the follow up part that scares me the most. How does a MEN follow up on so many people like that? Just yesterday, I was saying I need to do a Post on ‘My relationship with Pastors…’ And behold this Post.
    Life without a good Pastor z like going through life BLIND!!! And this road is tres dangerous. You need plenty eyessssssssssssssssssssss.
    My Pastors are like my ojoro… My ‘format’ My expo for the daily exam life z throwing me.
    With how hard and complicated those questions get, who wouldn’t love a cheat.
    PS: Fine Pastors are a plus sha… #JustSaying
    PPS: I am going to do my own Post still. The ojoro here will help.


    1. Unfortunately not…. I would love to say Joyce Meyer but I don’t have her number and I’m guessing she doesn’t have mine ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hopefully when someone else does their own post I would have replicated the love these MEN of God have shown me and they will blog about Gods love through me because i am a servant of God and not just make this another gender issue.

  6. How does one begin to even top this e’s long comments ehn. Bed rest mama? you need one of my magicals hugs to get you up again,*wink* packing my bags and running home to you. And I love that I have pastors, I just wish our father mother daughter relationship started a long time ago. I love that It keeps me in check. E sugar, very nice tips..

    1. MsGiddy mama
      You know how we roll na….
      Thanks Sweets
      And I thought we already settled the ‘who gives the best hugs’ issue……

  7. This is so deep. Especially dat the whole world is hanging on their pastor, not thinking that many maaaร ny are hanging unto that same pastor who is also human,yet the Pastor must deliver. cant outrightly say i have a veery close personal relationship with my pastors (maybe its d catholic thingy too, blame it on the rain)but even the hello from a distance sef works wonders for me o. I love love love that Mama honours her pastors. We all have issues but think that our pastors are “The Terminator”, Rambo”. My long term experience as a customer service officer makes me appreciate my pastors everyday.I tell you its looooong, boring and tiresome listening to peoples problems all day and i get paid for it o and wit correct tips sometimes sef how much more FOC service offered by pastors. And when good news comes, some sheep no sabi bring thanksgiving offering. Its even then they think they should swiitch shepherd apps.. From day one i started that job hen and i solved peoples problems all day to my detriment, i made up my mind that i will never visit my pastors with my tales of woe, but visit them with only good news and God answered that prayer. think its time we look out for our shepherds too. Follow them, look out for them, protect them in their absence and honour this great people whom God has placed over us. Thanks Mama. I hope this rest will not kill the size 12 dream .June is around the corner and we need to see PK’s arm candy looking fly, spirit filled ,strutting up the pulpit tinz..

  8. I read this post and all I could see,hear or think was Eziaha….Fastforward to the comment section and what do I see?

    She’s such an enviable testimony of the wisdom in this post… Bless her heart!
    May God help us appropriate the fullness of his leadership desire for us.

  9. Pastor M,thanks for this post.I wish a lot of people get to read this.Everone sure needs a pastor..I mean a pastor one can actually talk to on a personal level.Everyone should have a “Rev” in their lives ooo.I used to attend a church where there wasn’t room for direct contact with the senior pastor…its all cool,but its better when you have a pastor that knows you and can be your shephered.I thank God for pastors like Rev!Rev is…I don’t know what to say,but he is God’s special gift to me.

  10. I love this article,it was a loaded for me, and more inspiring,full of wisdom to digest.. Thanks a great deal.

  11. Excellent post Pst M…

    God bless your ministry more and please take that rest, we all need to take a retreat once in a while to refresh, recharge and revitalize.

    Peace and love of Christ Jesus,

  12. Mama, I absolutely love this post. That obama’s pix made me laugh,I’m sure he will also laugh when he finds out what it means. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. True true anyone without a pastor is suffering big time, like being in one of them daily endless lagos traffics, intact worse def. (sorry lagosians๐Ÿ˜†). I thank my God cos I have great pastors, Pastors K & M.(hehehe) I have their numbers and they have mine. I kid you not all the blessings I have enjoyed since I got married can be traced to my connection to them. Pastor M is such a mother, I have never met anyone who loves and cares for you like you alone matter without expecting anything in return. Hmmmmm , mama I still dry learn o! Your grace is on a senior level. To cut my long story short, if you no get pastor, chai, i sorry you (this is not a speaking English matter again) pls try and build a relationship with one so your life can move forward in this our forward year.

  13. For some strange reason this post brought tears to my eyes…I can’t find the words to…
    Thank you Pastor Mildred.

  14. This is so nice , I’ve always have this mind set that Pastors have their own issues and one shouldn’t be a boaden to them. Many Pastor abuse the privilege of people looking unto them, But with this long words of yours i feel like calling my Pastor for once.

  15. This is absolutely deep. This article really got me thinking. As a pastor, can any of my sheep really write anything like these about me.
    Thanks for lovely and wonderful shepherds. And thank you for sharing.
    God bless u and increase u more and more in Jesus name!!!

  16. Pls hw do I get audio or video messages of rev. Albert oduwole’s messages? I hv some on my fone bt will really appreciate more of his messages and if possible, good messages frm oda pastors

  17. This is such a blessing ma. A very insightful and challenging piece, to me. What a hilarious end. “Ko buru”. Lol!!

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