Good funny vs bad funny

I love to laugh. I totally believe like the bible says

that a merry heart doeth good like medicine

I’m one of those people that would marry a man just ‘cos he’s funny….ok so now I’m totally exaggerating but it’s a good quality to have in a spouse plus all the other things my pk mentioned in his book Who Should I Marry (hint, hint, order the book).

But you see there’s good funny and bad funny. Have you ever really thought about it? There’s funny because it’s hilarious or silly and there’s funny because it’s such a bad joke that had better not even be. You don’t get abi? Okay, let me give you scenarios

Good funny


Bad funny- you are swimming in a pool and it’s dark then you feel something rough brush past your leg and your friend standing by the pool says “ah! See crocodile behind you

Good funny- jokes cracked at comedy goes to church by Acapella and all the amazing comedians who showed up last year like AY,



Julius Agu





Bad funny- That you haven’t bought your tickets . Which kind of rough play is that? I’m not sure you understand. It will be like you are the only one at home if you miss this event. Just look at the crowd that was there last year trying to get in


And they got their ticket early. You still haven’t gotten yours? Really really bad funny.

This year the lineup of comedians is out of this world and as always comedy goes to church escorted by music and dance. Last year midnight crew


And Explicit


were in the house To thrill the crowd


This year fantastic line up of comedians


and musicians like Mk, PITA, Palmira and many more.

Speaking of many more one of my favourite MC/comedians SACO and his lovely wife Aghogho just added more to their family.


Congratulations guys on the arrival of our beautiful baby girl….yay! I’m a grandma again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of grandmas. It’s my wonderful mum ‘s birthday today. Now trust me she deserves a full post so I won’t even bother today but I celebrate her today. I love you mummy.

What she looks like? Don’t worry pictures loading….

More importantly to order your tickets or to book a table for comedy goes to church 2 call 08067010127

Don’t miss it for anything . trust me it will be one of the best decisions you will make this year. Good clean funny jokes.

…and if all this my marketing doesn’t work. Oya then just come out and support a brother’s dream. Acapella isย  my person ๐Ÿ˜‰

…plus he’s really funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Good funny vs bad funny

  1. Lmaooooo @ bad funny because u haven’t gotten ur ticket for comedy goes to church.. Mama ooooo!!! I still haven’t gotten over last year, let me confess we all sorta owe acapella plenty change because I sure say the laugh wey we laugh pass the money wey we pay. I am coming and if that means going back to work monday morning then its sooo worth it.


  2. for some reason i thought of this today…I cant remember if I sent the mail like intended, to say thank you for the giveaway ticket..i hope I did but if I didn’t(i pray i didnt)here’s saying thank you PM, I mega appreciated it and had a nice time.God bless you ma.


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